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Thread: So I guess that tactic backfired

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    I just wanted to say that this is a great thread with so much excellent information (I've only just found it). I'd love to have read what Caro said, such a pity all her posts got deleted.

    Sam, I hope things are going much better for you and the boys now.

    Thanks again, I've really enjoyed reading all the posts here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tan32 View Post
    I had an experience similar last night with Hamish, the last two weeks he is refusing to eat anything that resembles vegetables. Last night DH cooked up shepards pie , Emma wolfed hers down and asked for more but Hamish just sat there and sulked. I decided that id had enough of his fussy eating and sat down with him to feed him. Big mistake .......... Dh had chopped up onions and cooked it with the mince poor Hamish choked on a piece of onion and threw his dinner back up at me.
    After some comforting and cleaning, we sat down and tried again, this time i took care to take the onion out, he actually ate carrots and peas. For some reason he cannot eat onion no matter how small we dice it.
    I find I cannot tolerate much onion at all, I always hated it as a child. Too much these days can make me feel very ill, so I think my childhood taste bubs were telling me something. Could be that your DS also has an intolerance as well.

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    Thanks for giving this one a bump Bath

    Well some days we have problems and others we are fine. That is mostly with Angus though. Mason has been eating like a horse for the last week and scoffing his food in mouthfuls. I am still stunned by it!

    I've been starving hungry myself the last week and have been making stews and roasts and Mason hasn't been picking or anything. He used to eat things separately also which now I know could be related to his aspergers (freak about different foods touching or had to eat them in a certain order). I suspect he must be about to sprout up big time or hopefully now that he is at school he is hungrier and his need for food is overtaking his habits/little ways.

    I'm glad this discussion has been able to help others as it is a very frustrating thing to go through.

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