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Thread: Okay this is going to sound silly, but when is it to old to have your nose pieced??

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    I have had my nose done since i was 20 and most of the time forget that it is there - it is just part of me know and would never think about taking it out. My belly is done too and my OB was saying that i could leave it as long as i could during pg and if i could to keep it in the whole way through.

    I dont think that you are evr to old for something that you want and like

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    I had to take out my lip stud before I found out I was PG for work & it closed up... I got it done originally when I was 18, had to take it out for work, got it re-done, same thing, re-done.... so I got the same piercing 3 times!! I haven't been thinking about getting it re-done as I have had other things on my mind, what with being PG and all, but hearing about everybody else's piercings I'm thinking about it now!!

    It's not about age I think, it's about attitude, some people just wouldn't seem right without their piercings or their tatts or their funky hair, but then again, some people get their piercings for a certain reason, usually but not always when they're young, and at a certain age they think "You know what, I don't need this anymore."

    I'm going to really put some thought into this now, so thanks for bringing the subject up, my question to myself is how will I feel being a pierced Mummy?? Obviously I'll have to wait until I'm an un-pierced one before I decide lol.

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    I love piercings, but my body doesn't seem to.
    I had my earlobes and the higher parts of my ears done. the ear lobes were constantly infected and the skin near the ones at the top turned purple and hurt so much I had to take them out.
    My eyebrow dumbell kinda pushed its way to the outside, healing from the inside out, and actually came out completely - I still have a scar from that one.
    I love them though I wish I could have one.

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    i dont think there is ever an age cut off!!

    as long as its what you want!! im a pierced girl myself, and i would love more, except when i have 'spare' money piercings go to the bottom of the list! same as tatt's, i have so many picked out, not enough $$$!

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    Rach - dont go there with tat's hon........Jed and I keep putting them of cause of $$$ so my New Years resolution is to buy gift vouchers at the tat place when ever I have an extra $20 and put them away so I can send Jed to get his for his birthday in August.

    Id love to get a tat.....ther ear eso many id love to get..I dont know were to start

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