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Thread: Best Tiramisu recipe PLEASE

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    Exclamation Best Tiramisu recipe PLEASE

    MMM I am craving a yummy homemade Tiramisu.
    Way back in Melbourne I had the best one ever made by a real Nona in a restaurant.
    Anyone got a good recipe on hand that they know is YUMMO please
    Plus any suggestions with the alcohol and being preggers? Is it a significant amount or just for taste do you think?

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    I have a really great one - and very easy!
    From memory, I think last time I forgot to add the alcohol & it made no difference to the taste

    Have to run out & pick up my son, but will be back later... that will give me time to go through my cupboard & find the recipe

    Hold that thought for later today!!!

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    6 eggs, separated
    125g caster sugar
    500g marscapone
    375ml strong coffee
    4 Tbsp marsala
    about 30 savoiardi biscuits (I use one packet)
    cocoa or choc shavings, to serve

    Beat egg yolks with sugar until very thick and creamy. Add marscapone until well blended, the mixture is thick and ribbons form from the whisk. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks, and gently fold them into the marscapone mixture.

    Put the cooled coffee in a bowl with the marsala. dip biscuits in and line the dish with them. Cover with the marscapone mixture, covering the layer of biscuits.

    How many layers you do will depend on the size of your dish. My recipe only does one layer, but I use a large loaf type dish, and do two layers. You could always do indivual ones too.

    Sorry it's a bit rushed I have a fussy baby today! I wouldn't worry about the alcohol, it's small amount. But if you are concerned, just lessen the amount, or don't use any, but make up a little more coffe, because you really do use all the liquid to soak the biscuits. My Italian friends tell me this is just as good as any they've had! The recipe is from a Tuscan book.

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    Ok, I found it!

    Not really traditional, as it has layers of chocolate through it, but its really good

    1/2 cup single or pouring cream
    300g chocolate, chopped (I always add more )
    1 1/2 cups single or pouring cream (extra)
    1 1/2 cups marscapone
    1/3 cup espresso coffee ( I usually double or triple that amount though... we loooove the coffee through ours!)
    12 savoiardi biscuits (i usually use 1 packet, though)

    * Line a meatloaf tray with baking paper.
    * Place cream & chocolate in a small saucepan over low heat and stir until melted. Cool.
    * Whisk together the extra cream & marscapone until light & flufffy.
    * In a seperate bowl, pour coffee & quickly dip both sides of the biscuits in. (If you wanted alcohol in it, you would put 2 Tablespoons in this mix - I usually use Baileys)
    * Pour one third of the chocolate mixture into the tin and top with one third of the cream mixture.
    * Lay in half the biscuits.
    * Repeat with another third choc mixture, cream mixture & remaining biscuits.
    * Repeat again with remaining choc & cream mixture.
    * Cover with cling wrap and place in fridge for minimum of 3hrs (Its always best left overnight)

    To serve, take off plastic wrapping, tip upside down on plate & remove tin & paper.

    YUM! YUM! YUM!

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    A few weeks ago I did make the Tiramisu.
    I found this recipe the best.
    Tiramisu Recipe You Can Make at Home
    And this little video help with understanding how to make the Zabaglione
    How To Make Zabaglione Recipe (Food Drink: Sweet)

    The secret I found was to be patient.
    Worth all the effort definitely!
    I have photos of the two I as in the recipe, a Stand Up Tiramisu and I made it the second time in a clear lasagna tray in a Trifle style with extra liquids so it wasn't dry. YUM YUM YUM!!
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