thread: Has anyone used clomid?

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    Jan 2012

    Has anyone used clomid?


    I have been trying for a second child now for 17 months, in this time, I have had two miscarriages (of which still very raw) and been checked out by a fertility specialist and given the all clear.

    I just wondered if anyone ever used clomid, how you found it and if you were successful.

    Thank you all..

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    Jun 2010
    District Twelve

    Yes, I took it for six months. It worked in that I ovulated but I did not get pregnant.

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    Jul 2010
    Marsden, Queensland

    Has anyone used clomid?

    I used clomid when I was doing iui's last yr. we used it around Christmas last year and we couldn't have an iui done as we ended up away at the time, we did fall naturally which i contirbute to the help of clomid, but unfortunately m/c. My SiL also used it and in her first month fell pregnant and is now 16wweks.

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    Sep 2007

    Yep, tried clomid, ovulated, didn't fall pregnant. Clomid is only useful if you aren't ovulating properly (and sometimes for LP defects) but it can actually CAUSE problems if you take it, like drying up your CM and thinning your lining. Unfortunately it isn't the golden ticket to a baby.

    I am very very sorry to hear about your miscarriages .

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    Jul 2008
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    Yes I used it and was lucky enough to fall pregnant on my 2nd cycle..

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    Jul 2010

    Hi Nicolab

    So sorry to hear of your losses.

    I fell pg on the first cycle of Clomid. I was already ovulating but it kinda gave me 'superovulation' and evened out my cycle. However, the pregnancy also happened shortly after a range of investigative surgery so I'm not sure if it was the renovations or the drugs that did it.

    Clomid can have side effects for some people e.g hot flashes, headaches, super-charged mood swings etc but I didn't find them that bad.

    Has your FS suggested it to you?

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    Jul 2010

    I used it for 6 months and ovulated every time, but didn't conceive. Actually it was the first cycle after I stopped clomid that I fell pregnant, but unfortunately M/C. I had hot flashes and bad ovulation pain, but other than that it was fine

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    Mar 2006

    Yes, I used it and was extremely lucky enough to fall pregnant first cycle

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    Jan 2011
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    Yep, I used it after 3 years of trying.

    Fell pregnant on the second cycle

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    Jun 2011

    I LOVE Clomid. We were blessed and fell pregnant first round. I also had a laparoscopy & hysteroscopy 3/4months before. I can't remember any major side effects... Bloating, bit sweaty, bit moody.

    I'm sorry for your losses. I hope you have success with clomid.
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    Feb 2011
    New South Wales

    We have fallen pregnant twice on clomid, both times on the first round. I didn't ovulate every month prior to taking and had 21 day cycles. We now have a 2 1/2 yr old, and I am 15 weeks pregnant with no 2.
    First time I used it, didn't have any side effects but the second time I turned into a bit of a monster and had hot flushes.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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    Aug 2011

    We tried clomid for 4 months last year. It did help in terms of evening out my cycle, as I ranged from 40 -60 days. It unfortunately wasn't the answer for us though, as I'm still trying for that elusive BFP!
    I suffered from awful night hot flushes, as well as nightmares. Otherwise, it was pretty easy.
    Good luck!

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    Nov 2011
    SE Melbourne

    Unfortunately, while it did help me ovulate, it didn't work for me.... but I know three people who have fallen pregnant on Clomid - here's hoping you are one of them!!!

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    May 2009

    Clomid was a nightmare for me, but at the time (2008) you had to try clomid before you could move on to FSH injections (not sure if that's still the case, you'd have to check with your Dr or the PBS). I ovulate without medications, so it really did nothing for me (except cause horrendous side effects which had me begging my doctor to take me off it).

    My BFF has a clomid baby, so it works wonders for some. She had zero side effects (as did my other real-life friends who have taken it). Fortunately (for others), the side effects I had are very rare (less than 1% chance).

    I'm sorry to hear of your losses. FX your next BFP brings you more happiness.

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    Jul 2006

    Yes, I took it for six months. It worked in that I ovulated but I did not get pregnant.
    Same as N2L

    So sorry for your losses Nicola

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    Oct 2009
    In a House in a Street

    I also tried clomid.

    I did 8 cycles in total and had a chemical pregnancy on cycle 5 then I had a laparoscopy and fell pregnant on cycle 7 only to M/C and by then cycle 8 was just to keep my cycle regular in prep for IVF.

    So was it successful? Yes it was successful. It made me ovulate. It doesn't make you get pregnant it makes you ovulate. The rest is up to mother nature.

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    Sep 2008

    Yes, worked for me. First cycle for my DD and second cycle for my DS. I was bloated, emotional and had night sweats on it but was all worth it for my 2 babies. Gluck!!

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    Nov 2008
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    We were very blessed, and conceived on our first round of chlomid.

    I got very bad hot flushes (sweating through work shirts and suit pants, etc) a dizzy spells, but it was a small price to pay.

    The ovulation was then a hidden one - my temp didn't spike, and the internal ultrasound suggested that two folicles had swollen well but not released - but I obviosly did ovulate, because I conceived that cycle.

    Good luck