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    Hi guys, I have another questions about D&C.

    My ob is CRAP and hasnt told me anything after my D&C just over 2 weeks ago. Just wandering if we are able to try straight away or if we need to wait until I get my first af. I am o ing today. I know alot of dr''s recommend different waiting times but was wandering if anyone fell straight away before they got their first af??!

    i am not going to see my ob for another week so any help would be grand!!

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    Hi Shan. My ob told me to wait one whole cycle before trying again. Basically, after the D&C I need to have 20 days of no bleeding - and then any bleeding after that can confidently be called AF. Then we can start TTC again if we choose to. I think the reason is to ensure that you heal fully, and to allow for an accurate date if you were to fall again. I asked my Ob recently if at the moment (still waiting the 20 days) I could fall pregnant, and he told me it was unlikely that my body would 'allow' me to fall pregnant. I had my D&C 1 month ago.

    Good luck and I hope you are ok. Get a new ob if you are not happy with the one you have. I like mine, but have decided I need a fresh start and have booked in to see a high risk specialist and will see him in Feb. I am feeling good about this decision.

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    Hi Shan, i didnt need a D&C with my m/c but we felt we were ready to try again straight away. I guess it's ok to ttc again when you are emotionally ready. I am still trying to fall pg again but i think there are a few ladies here who concieved healthy babies pretty much straight away.

    I'm sorry for your loss and good luck

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    Shan - my Ob told me to wait one cycle before trying both times! i didnt wait and fell preg 2 cycles later - this time didnt wait either and now waiting to find out if im preg this mth or if my 2nd cycle will arrive after 2nd MC - i think if ur ready to try again than go for it! i wasnt told of any medical reason not too! however different doctors say different things! i think its more of a emotional thing!
    sorry for your loss - goodluck with trying again :hugs:

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    I desperately wanted to be pg straight away, but wasn't possible as i need clomid to ovulate. After my D&C my Dr did tell me not to have sex for at least 2weeks to minimise the risk of infection. Most recommend to wait at least one cycle. Good luck, but give yourself time to heal..

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    Shan a lot of obs do advise waiting one cycle. If you're not happy with the care your current ob is giving, it may be a perfect time to switch.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

    I'm really shocked your doc didn't give you postop instructions. Mine made me wait 2 cycles to start trying again.

    You might want to call his office and ask, even before your appointment. Good luck!

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    Hi Shan,

    Firstly sorry for your loss .

    I didn't need and D&C, however my OB advised us to wait at least 2 cycles. I waited for AF and I'm TWW now. 1 cycle and we were ready. You may find your cycles are out of whack and may need to wait for AF to give TTC your best chance. Best wishes and good luck .

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    Default shan

    I m currently waiting for AF after loosing my angels 16 days ago. When I first lost them I thought there was no way I was going through that again. Emotionally I had nothing left. Then I decided that I needed time to mourn the loss of my angel babies. Now I am at the stage where I am looking forward to AF visiting. As soon as she does I will be watching everything, checking temps, dates everything. I also start a natropath treatment in 4 weeks so everything will be pretty full on but I am so looking forward to it.

    Amaizing how time, even what seems like a short time even though it FELT like forever..... but amaizing how time heals.

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