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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage/Loss April/May 2009

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage/Loss April/May 2009

    Welcome to TTC after Loss or Miscarriage for those of you who have just joined us. We hope your TTC journey is quick and successful. We are sure you will find much loving support from the other women on this challenging journey.

    If you have any concerns regarding anything within this thread please email/ PM any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum (all emails/ PM's are treated equally & confidentially):-

    MistyFying and

    Their email addresses can be found here.

    You may also like to consider taking a look at the comprehensive and informative BellyBelly Conception Articles which may help you in your journey.

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    Jan 2009

    RB has arrived for me.. best of luck to you Jen (and everyone else) I hope it stays away

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    Dec 2008
    Melbourne, VIC


    Glad the move went well Shortcake. We have less than two weeks - bet this TWW will go much quicker than the other kind!!!

    It's our small boy's 2nd birthday today. Bit of a family party yesterday...but he's sick again so that meant he didn't have as good a time as he might have.

    I truly wish you will soon all know the joy of your own child's party. Whilst I'm not a praying kind of person, I'm trying very hard to 'put it out to the universe' that we all soon have BFPs and brand new small people.

    Jen ~ this might be the wrong context, but going back a couple of months (and before I think...) there was a list of things you would do to demonstrate an 'addiction' to BB. At our small boy's party yesterday it both struck me how lucky I am and how I am starting to relax more and more about 'needing' a baby. That's the huge impact BB is having for me!

    Yesterday thinking of you all here online I had cause to pause and be thankful for what DH and I have. I hope this ramble makes some kind of sense...apologies if it doesn't!

    Welcome to all the new people who have found this wonderful supportive thread. I hope your journeys here are short.

    Take care everyone,

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    Mar 2009

    Hey ladies I am new to this thread as I am going to begin charting my cycles (never done this before) in the hopes to TTC in the next few months. I had an ectopic in February and am just giving myself the time recommended after receiving methotrexate. So I hope this is an appropriate place for me as mentally I am gearing up to TTC conceive again. I hope all of you have a very good month full of lots of BFP!!!!

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Ladies I just need to remind you all - please don't make posts for the sake of posting in a new thread. We moderate these threads on a voluntary basis and it makes more work for us - and is also not what the threads are here for. They are here to support each other and share in this journey. Multiple posts after the other just to spread baby dust are not okay. Please respect this and the time and effort that it requires us to spend checking threads. Each time a post is made this thread is moderated. Make your posts about the support and friendship that they are designed for. Thankyou for your understanding. Flowerchild

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Boble - Sorry to hear RB has arrived! Hopefully this coming month will be the one!

    Teme - Sorry you are here but it is a wonderful, supportive place to be in a hard situation.

    Meh - Keep putting it out there! Im totally fixated on touching wood when I have a pregnancy thought. Each to there own!

    AFM - just a quick question, is it better to have lots bd'ing during 'o' time or once a day or every two days. Im confussed as to which is best!

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    Jan 2009

    welcome Teme - i hope you find support here...

    and thank you Sally... we may have to give it a break this month with the testing we are going to get done.. but maybe not. guess I will have to wait and see what the specialist says. They are sending out an information pack and i have to call when i receive it for further info. I have only recently been told that if you bd every 2nd day you will have a better quality of sperm, but the quantity will be less. so you will have less of them with each ejaculation but the mobility of them will be greater. So I guess that is a good way to do it. best of luck.

    Meh - happy birthday to your little man. I understand what it is you are trying to say. I too am greatful for my 9yo son.

    Im a bit disappointed to read above that tickers from our pregnant friends have to be disabled to post in this thread. I don't know about anyone else but it gives me a little bit of hope to see them ticking along at the bottom of some of the posts. I guess I will have to lurk in the pregnancy after m/c section to find that little bit of hope

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    You may find it encouraging Boble and that is a good thing - and something I can understand. Conversly many others that have just had a loss find it very very confronting. As this is a Miscarriage and Loss section of this forum our aim is to be as sensitive to grieving parents as possible. While you may be unaffected - I can speak from personal experience how confronting it is to have a ticker flashing at you at around the amount of weeks your baby "should" be at.

    My in box is constantly full of complaints about this - a rule we have always had that has been let to slide a bit lately.

    We need to be as sensitive as possible to the most members we can. If this alleviates some peoples pain then I think that is a good thing.

    If anyone has an issue with it - please take it off the forums and contact me by PM.

    Thanks everyone...

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    Feb 2009
    Griffith N.S.W

    Happy Monday everyone Sally I am glad you got the Opk+ my fingers are crossed for you this month I am crossing my fingers for me also it's been 10 weeks this week.
    Welcome all Newbies it's good to have you could join us on out ttc journey but I am so sorry for your loss I understand the desperation to be pregnant again you will find many of us share the same feeling so best of luck.Have a great day everyone I have decided to read a book today it's my day off and it's a real tear jerker I think it's what I need and it's raining yay.

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    Oct 2008

    Hi everyone,

    Mannie - Thanks sweetie. I'm feeling a lot calmer. You are only 9 DPO so I hope it is too early to test

    sally - Hope you caught that egg We started to BD every 2nd night rather than trying to BD as often as possible during o - it worked for us!

    Greenslw - Sorry you aren't feeling the best, but as you said it is for a good cause and hopefully this is your month!

    Lulu - Welcome. Sorry for your loss/es I am so glad you have found this thread inspirational, it really was my saving grace! In saying that though I hope your stay here is short.

    Susiet- Welcome. Sorry for your loss . Hope your stay here is short.

    ferrals & sparkles - Just want to give you ladies a big cyber

    Boble - Sorry RB has arrived! I you get your BFP soon

    Meh - Happy Birthday to your DS! Hopefully by starting to 'relax' about having a baby then your BFP is just around the corner - that happens quite a bit! You sound like you are in a really good place, well done sweetie

    Charm - Sounds like you have had a well deserved relaxing day, good on you!

    Jen - How's the chart whisperer, I see you have another one to stalk!

    Big hi to everyone else and sending some baby dust and no AF vibes to this thread. May it bring as many (actually more) BFP's than the last one!

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    Jan 2009
    A Pirate Ship

    YAY I'm back from an amazing 3 nights camping with DH and I missed BB like crazy!

    Jen how funny is your camping story

    Flowerchild Thanks for the amazing job you do moderating

    Welcome to Missymoohoo,teme, Susie-T, LuLu, Sparkels and Ferrals4 I look forward to sharing the journey with you

    JackJack I dont' think we've met but welcome back

    Boble and Shortcake what a bugger to see AF arrive I couldn't wait to see if there were more BFP from you two!

    Mrzbaby... COngrats honeyon your BFP! Wow there has been so many lately!

    Hello to everyone else

    AFM we got heaps of practicing in for this coming weekend of ttc hehehehhe I'm in good spirits and looking forward to my very own bfp in about 3 weeks YAY

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Cherished - GLad you enjoyed your camping! Im just starting my TWW (I think) so nervous and excited and everything!!! Im slightly nervous we have bd'ing too much... WIshed I had waited and didnt bd everyday since thursday... I was nervous I would miss the window. WHat will be will be I guess!

    Charm - Looks like we might be TWW buddies (almost).

    Boble - I hope the info is helpful and you never know you might not be out for trying this month? Fingers crossed!
    Bugger! I was all nervous I wouldnt know when I o'd so we covered all bases since mid last week daily.., Hope it helped and didnt hinder!

    Back to school tomorrow... Shame the holidays are over!

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    Jan 2009

    Hello ladies! Time for some persies this morning!

    Boble- Sorry to hear that RB arrived. She arrived for me yesterday too. Looks like we are cycle buddies this month! Hopefully next month we will be Belly Buddies!?!

    meh- Our last 2 weeks in the old house went quickly. I hope your move goes smoothly and I hope the birthday party went well.

    teme- Welcome. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Please feel free to ask any questions on your TTC journey. I pray that it is a short one for you.

    Sally-I was told from my DR that its best to DTD every day or every other day depending on your DH sperm count. We were told we could do it several times a day and it would be fine for us. HTH.

    mel- When are you going for your first scan?

    cherished-I'm glad you had a good time camping. I'm praying you get your BFP this month from all that practice!

    WELCOME! To all the newbies. I'm very sorry for all your losses. You have found the most wonderful women in the whole world who truly understand you.

    AFM- RB is here is full swing. I really thought last month would be it for us! DH and I decided last night that we are going to try this month on our own yet and if nothing happens talk to the DR about trying clomid. Does anyone know what the success rate is for clomid? And if it does sometimes make it harder to conceive?

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    mummy_of_3_boys Guest

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    Mar 2008

    I love you back, MO3B!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Will be back later for persies...

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    Mar 2008

    I hate Mondays! Especially Mondays! I'm also really bad with change... I've PM'd you 3 times, Flowerchild... sorry, just had to get it out!

    I've only got a few minutes, I have to run to the grocery store before DS's lunch, as I had nothing to pack him! So this will be brief, but I'll be back later for more!

    charm--Hope the Preseed works and gets the job done!

    boble--You're so sweet to offer that deal, unfortunately and this is going to sound very "Deal or No Deal"-ish, but.... NO DEAL! More spotting today, cramps, and major pms... RB will be here today full charge no matter what... Big *hugs* cycle bud, looks like we're just a couple days apart (again!)

    sally-- Thanks, you did it! Great job! Woo-hoo for the +OPK, as well! Saying prayers for your Pearl! Hey, just want to add that you should also chart the -OPK's, as well! Then about the BD question, I've read that if there's no issues with DH's swimmers, then there's no reason why you can't BD everyday. The more opportunity the better, I say! If there are issues with sperm function or supply, tho, then I understand the need to have a day or two in-between for those little to restock!

    Sorry, I know that was brief, but I'll be back later for the rest! Gotta go!

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    Jan 2009
    A Pirate Ship

    Morning friends

    Jen I can see you are spotting God dam RB! I mustn't have stalked your chart last night in the 10 mins I had to go through all those post I missed!

    Sally I think many dr's recommend bd'ing every 2nd day but as Shortcake and Jen said everyday is fine if dh's swimmers don't have a supply problem. The cycle we got pg we had a bd'ing marathon! But we did have a day break (which happened to be the day before the +OPK) This cycle we are going to bd the day we get the +OPK and the day after (which seem to be the W & EW CM days) and try to leave a couple of days break before then. I am excited for you honey I hope you get your BFP. Whilst the tww can drive you insane it is still so exciting... Like waiting for the best present in the world!

    I'm just wondering if our pg friends are easily able to disable their tickers (in their signature or something)??? It would be horrible if we never hear from them again... Girls if you are lerking please drop in and say hello or can you do a group pm to us if you add us as your friends (if we're not already your friend) to let us know how you are going? Or are pm's moderated also? I'm still not completely sure of all the bb functions!

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    Oct 2007
    Hunter Valley, NSW

    to the newbies - I'm so sorry that you've had to join this thread. You've found a wonderful place for support. The ladies in this thread have offered so much to me over the last 18 months, without them, I would be a total mess. They have laughed with me and cried with me, they have sympathised with me and more importantly shown me that my feelings are normal and natural. Yes, it is normal that you feel jealous about other being people becoming pregnant. although it's not a normal jealous feeling, it's more wishing that you were pregnant too. I hope and that your time in this thread is short and that you are able to move over to the PAML (pregnancy after miscarriage and loss) thread shortly.

    MO3B - back at you. Love ya. Hope all's well down the bottom of the country. Catch up soon.

    Jen - GRRRRRR - I'm sure that wasn't in our plan. You were supposed to join me in PAML. Remember "I believe in miracles" There's a chair waiting with your name on it when you're ready. Thanks for the link to that song, it was beautiful.

    Cherished - Feel free to pop over to PAML and catch up with us there.

    Shortcake - Sorry that RB has shown up at your place too. As I said to Jen - miracles can and do happen. Hold on to that thought. I was only told at the beginning of this month that I wouldn't fall pg without IVF. Little did I know at the time I already was.

    Sally - We bd every second day this month, and on my chart (which doesn't show up here) it shows bd about 2 days before O and the day after O, so not sure which one of them worked. I also get really bad O pains so know when I'm about to O. (hope that helps)

    Anyway, running out of time awfully fast, starting work in half an hour and so much still to do. I'll try to pop in and keep an eye on this thread.

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