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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss - July 2006 #2

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    Got hold of my hcg levels today, no suprise to be told they are less than 2!
    Im not too sure how i feel about it.

    I dont think Rick is able to get time off work unfortunately, he rang earlier to find out what time it was, and when i said 10.10 he asked how long it went for and i said anywhere up to 2hrs, he asked if the time could be changed, and i was like ah ah nope, it was hard enough getting in at that time, but told him not to worry about it, that i'll be fine! Which I will be, im sure!

    Amym - October isnt that far away (as thats my bday month!!) i should know lol We will all be here to support you when you decide to come over here. luv you now and always xxoo

    Shan - im not too sure what that means at all, i hope its good though iykwim

    Jayne - yes my app is for tomorrow at 10.10, yes having a dildo cam is pretty funny, especially when that hos i explained it to Rick! LMAO he was like WTF??? it was hilarious! prehaps he didnt want me to be dissapointed iykwim? i rang and got them this morning though, being less than 2 i really have no chance of being pg, unless i caught the egg when i o'd last week! but doubt ful, but im sure i'll have all the answers i need tomorrow!
    Bugger about you not finding out your hcg levels! and yeah for having a day to your self!
    I hope you enjoy it, and dont feel sick the whole time. Wishing Friday will come faster for you!.

    A really big hello to everyone else

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    Jayne - I'll send your request to Caitlyn for a *sleeps through the night* baby. I just wish she would hurry up and make her choice for me - there's fussy and then there is FUSSY!!! I know AF is not yet here but you know what it is like. How many DPO were you when you tested?? No AF is a glimmer of hope but I really think they will be here sooner rather than later. Just so damn depressing. I feel like the sand in the timer is running out. And yes, I cried throughout the SBS show too. Far too close to home for me, especially when I *knew* AF was on the way last night. I hope your washing machine tummy settles, but it is still a good sign!!

    I'll be back to chat to you all later.

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    Hi lovely ladies time to lock this one now & move on over [url=]here[/url] to keep on chatting.

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