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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ June 08

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    YAY ISSY!! Make sure you let us know as soon as you have the bt results. and here's some too

    krystielove - straight back to bed for some rest young lady

    afm - just doesn't seem real yet. It's not that I'm not happy, I definitely am, just don't think it's sunk in yet. From memory it took ages for it to sink in with my other 2 pg's so all very normal! Very much feels like I'm taking one day at a time, but that's good I think - my brain is being kind to me at the moment... the earliest I could get in for my viability scan was 16 July when I'll be about 9w. It's a bit too far away for me so I'm on a waiting list there and hopefully will get an appt in the next 2-3 weeks. I have my spare bt referrals if I need some reassurance between now and then anyway.

    Thanks for letting me ramble, but gotta fly - ds has found me hiding in the study on the computer and is now climbing all over me asking me to be a froggy... better go
    to all ...

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    hope you all have had a great weekend, i saw the doc on friday and next cycle he is putting me on clomiphene.

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    Time for a fresh start in a new thread

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    bettyboop - at last you have an answer - clomid can have a few yuck side effects but lots of people have great results :goodluck2:
    krystielove - hope you feel better tomorrow and took jenushka's advice and spent the day in bed
    sandygirl it's always hard when someone else is where you want to be (or due when you should have been). It's not that you want to take anything away from them, you just want it for yourself. I so wanted to be pg before my due date but that's not going to happen and just one more thing to deal with.
    Jen - still haven't made a decision, tempted to give it one more go on the same dosage and put up with side effects (hopefully it will be all worth it), wouldn't a crystal ball come in handy here

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