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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ November 2006

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    Thanks for the welcome, ladies!

    I spoke to a friend on the phone last night & she asked if I was pregnant again - I said maybe, tell you in a couple of weeks, then she said she asks because she had a dream yesterday night about me being pregnant again. Maybe a good omen???

    Shan - you're right about having to take notes! (I haven't)

    Chicken - have you tried the pretzel position? Do you have a copy of the Karma Sutra? After bding do you cycle legs in the air while balancing up on your shoulders? Sounds silly, I know, but it worked for me twice!! LOL Yes, I did look ridiculous... and I have no idea if that's what did the trick either, but oh well. I haven't lost any weight from Baby #1 - I'm up 22kgs still & seem totally unable to shed any of it. Well impressed with starting at 60 sit ups.

    Clare - I got a full xxx wax before we got married - yeeeeeoooouuuch! Never again!

    Well, AF is due next Saturday. I'll wait as long as I can before I become an obsessive stick wee'er again...

    Is there a list of when everyone will be testing, or are you all just brilliant at keeping up with who's where in their cycle?

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    Hello beautiful girls,

    OMG were do I begin!! It has been very chatty in here....

    Megan - babe hows it going

    Amy - fingers crossed for you hun

    Hope - Happy birthday! What a wonderful present!! sending you lots of

    Clare - Also fingers crossed for you too!

    Lisa- has the nasty af offically arrived?

    Missy - How are you feeling? having you caved in and told DH?

    Mako - LOL gee what a stupid woman!! GL for Monday

    Shan- How things hun?

    Climum- Big welcome to you sweetie

    Hindonly - hello hun

    Hmm for me well I went to the PMs cricket yesterday with some friends who are pregnant which was hard, but what I found weird is that they never really spoke about their baby or seemed very excited... strange really. AF hasn't arrived but I really feel like I have been just about to get it for last week??? I am trying to resist the urge to go and buy hpts.... maybe I will

    Hope everyone is having a fab weekend and a big hi to anyone I may have missed

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    Hey Guys!!

    Cilmum-Welcome! Sorry I didn't welcome you sooner! My mind was a little occupied. I hope your stay here is short and I'll be checking on you and your test results!

    Mako-Any more news? I don't think I would have been so nice to that lady. Some people just don't have many brain cells.

    Kez-Anymore testing? You can't leave us hanging!

    Lisa-How are you doing? AF in full force or is she staying away? I hope she doesn't show up!

    Amy-Have you tested again? I hope it was just too early for you!

    Clare-Welcome to you too! I'm so sorry for your loss! I hope you get a BFP real soon!

    Hindonly-Sometimes those BFP happen when you least expect it! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

    Lou-I so hope this is your month! The only tips that I have is to make it fun, even if you have to shop for something a little naughty. It worked for us this month!! Nothing too risky, just different. (a little confession, we went parking for the 1st time since high school).

    Well, I am feeling okay. I am having the mother of all mood swings and I am tired but else nothing else yet. I usually don't get m/s til about 6wks so I await the fun. I am still testing and hoping to see the line get darker. I told DH yesterday! He was so suprised and started crying! I think we are both in shock and scared since we had such a late loss with Dawson! It kinda makes me miss him all the more! I haven't called my midwife yet because I think I wanted to wait til AF was late and didn't want to be wrong so I will call her on Monday. She wanted me to call her 1st so we can talk about what tests to do! I think I am going to have some tests done at a bigger hospital and if everything looks okay, I will still deliver with her. She has delivered all my kids so it would be hard to switch now. Thanks for all your support! I haven't told anyone IRL besides DH so I was glad to tell a bunch of women who will be excited for me!!

    Have a good weekend!!

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    Oh Missy I think that was a beautiful response from your dh. I'm so happy for you guys. When are you having a blood test?
    You are so right about some people not having many brain cells and I wonder sometimes how people like that get good jobs. Oh well I have had a great laugh about it now.

    Chepie, I will call again on Monday afternoon when I get home from work. Don't really want them knowing whats going on. One lady I work with is soooooo nosey and very rude when she finds things out.

    Cilmum, Hi and welcome. I have everything crossed for you and I hope you get a bfp really soon.

    Hope, Happy Birthday. What a lovely pressie from your MIL. Hope the m/s isn't too bad for you.

    Chicken, I'm pleased that you have a few more answers. You are sounding so possitive which is great. I hope this is your month for a lovely bfp.

    Clare, I had to laugh too. I would have loved to have walked in to the surgery and showed the receptionist my puncture on my arm. I am also having stitch like pain on my left side and also have sore nipples. Who knows what goes on in our bodies. When is af due? I am due around Monday 20th which is also the day I see my gyn/ob. I definatly won't be testing before then though. What about you?

    Hi to all the other lovely ladies I have missed this time. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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    Not sure when i am supposed to officially boot myself out of here, but not ready to jinx myself yet! I am going to try and be good and do personals, but of course i went shopping today and wore myself out didn't i, so will see how it goes!!!!!!

    Missy - so happy about the double lines!! and hilarious about the parking!! Can't say we've ever tried that, but i will definately keep it in mind for next time!! I am hearing you about the tiredness and moodswings!!

    Shan - how's the job hunting going? have you well and truly settled in now?

    Lisa - please test it's killing me!! just kidding do it when you are ready if af doesn't arrive in full force soon. Hope you're feeling better and good luck!

    Mako - i hope you don't get stuffed around any more and you get the results you need!

    Lou - i am so unoriginal! I just found in the end we had to go with whatever we could be bothered with as i was so over it!! How bad is this. Heaps of baby dust to you!

    Amy - hopefully the next test is a fatter than ever BFP! You never know, make sure you try again soon!

    Kez - i have this feeling you are UTD! Go and buy those tests!! Being around pregnant people is never easy so don't be hard on yourself for feeling that way at the cricket.

    Clare and Climum - Welcome to you and i hope you get all the support you need leading up to a BFP!!

    Hidonly - i have got the bottom and have forgotten where you are at.....hopefully a good spot and an announcement of a BFP soon!

    I am sure i have forgotten people.....can i blame it on a pregnant brain??

    Well, i freaked out a bit last week as i had one spot of brown discharge, and i had a bit of that before i m/c. But it was only one spot and nothing since so i am putting it down to old implantation bleeding and will see what happens at the scan in a week and a bit. For some reason i will be more suprised if i have this baby than if i don't and i know its not healthy to think that way but i can't help it. I am trying so hard to be positive and my brain wont let me. Sorry i know i shouldn't complain.....

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!

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    Hope - i can't believe i forgot about you, so sorry!! I hope you are going ok and the BFP is sinking in. I also hope you are coping better than me! The gift from MIL is a bit of a sign for good things to come for you i think!! Enjoy the ride!!

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    Afternoon all

    Oh Missy what a truely special moment that must have been for you both, I am sure once I get a BFP DP will have me tied to the bed, just to make sure I dont over exert myself. lol

    Cilmum, OMG - XXX, really got my mind going now as to what this means. Sounds very scarey though. Maybe this is worth a go Lou! lol

    Mako, your symptoms sound very promising as well. I have no clue when AF is due for me. Going by o date I think around the 18th, and I am a serious POAS aholic I have already started testing. However saying that I only started temping early because I got a BFP with Max at 8DPO. I am doing it in secret though, we weren't really TTC this month just not preventing. Really wasn't expecting to o let alone the day after we bd.

    Chepie, I found my pregnant friends were like that too! I was constantly talking about my babies to the degree where people would start rolling their eyes.

    Me, I am just about to go down and abuse the stupid women that removed half my eyelid when she waxed me. I have a graze on my eyelid!!! Great look for when I go out tonight. I look like I am wearing red eye shadow. lol Oh well maybe I will start a new trend.
    Has anyone else had spotting through their 2WW? Mine started at around 4DPO and it's only really light (small spot on TP every now and then) This has never happened before on preg or non preg cycles.

    Enjoy your day

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    Hello girls,

    Hope everyone is brilliant............Well I caved and bought hpt yesterday and decided to test this morning and I have a feint line :eek: OMG I am shaking. I am day 34 in my cycle and I am usually anywhere from 30- 34 days...Though I still have back pain like AF is coming and I am sacred... please let this be true and if so in the right place

    Sorry girls can't do personnals my head is spinning ......

    love to all xxxx

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    OMG Kez, that's awsome. I can understand that you must be scared, but a line is a line, so they say, so i'd do another test in a day or so and see what happens, then get your butt down to the DR for a BT to confirm......oooohhhh how exciting....there's going to be a mass exodus from here soon....Good luck, and keep us

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    OOOHHHH Kez!!! SO excited!! This must be a good omen for us all to fall together. STICKY, STICKY, STICKY, STICKY VIBES!!! I have three friends who have all gone on to have successful pg.s their second time around after losing a tube the first time. I'm sure I'll be able to add you to that list!
    C'mon Lisa-- we're just waiting for you now. I can't believe you haven't caved and done a test yet!!!

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    Shan and Hope - Thank you to you both!! You guys are sweeties . I keep running to the loo every 5 seonds to make sure there is no AF .

    Lisa- babe how are you going??????

    Clare - omg your poor eye, did you tell her off big time??? That is terrible. did you have a good night out?

    Megan - please stay around we all love you!

    Missy - what a beautful story with your DH I am so happy for you both.

    Massive hi to all the girls

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    KEZ THAT IS AWESOME!! Great work! Have you stopped shaking and spinning? Did you test again? The fertility gods really have been looking over this thread this month!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh Kez-- I meant to say not to worry about still expecting it not to be true. I still feel like that. I'm pretty sure I've now done about 8 HPTs.
    Megan-- You won't be alone in here. I"m really nowhere near ready to leave yet. Still don't believe I'm embarking on all this AGAIN!!

    I had some period painy sort of feelings today too and I'm still really in denial. I have little faith that this will be different from the other two times. I'm making it very hard for myself to be positive and I'm thinking about investigating hypnotherapy??!! Has anyone tried this? I hope that it is OK that I continue to hang around like a bad smell in this thread. Won't believe it is actually going to happen for us until I see that scan that shows not only a heartbeat but moving limbs!! Thanks again for all your support girlies.

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    Hi girls

    Woohoo Kez -another BFP this month Fantastic news. Keep positive hun.

    Hope - Happy Birthday. What a fantastic present.

    Cilmum - thanks for your advice. I think I may have to research the Karma Sutra. I haven't tried the bicycle legs, but have lifted my legs up for half an hour.

    Clare - has your eye recoverd yet? I never spot soon after 0...maybe a few days before AF arrives.

    Amy - how are you travelling. Fingers crossed

    Megan - I know what you mean about going with 'whatever' towards the end. But I think I may have to spice things up abit ( ta Missy) not too sure about going parking as DH is 6 foot 4.

    Missy - What a beautiful moment that must of been for you and DH. Of course we will be excited with you/for you...that's what we're here for...every step of the way!

    Lisa - where are youuuuuuuuu????

    Shan - hope you have a nice weekend? where are you cycle wise/AF?

    Mako - what a frustrating experience that must of been for you. Will you be getting the results tomorrow?

    Not too much to report on from this end. Began bd this morning, although it wasn't too romantic as I kept visualising pretzels and bicycles LOL. Still feel positive and have continued with sit ups and started with the diet. Meds have caused nausea all weekend but am just soldiering on. Spreading heaps of stickys to all of those BFPS!


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    I think that hypnotherapy would be a really good option. I have done it and it was quite incredible. I will use it next pregnancy and during the birth. I understand how difficult it can be to have that leap of faith that this baby will continue to grow.
    Try very hard to believe and allow some excitement and anticipation in. We are all here for you...You hang around as long as you like and as often as you like.

    Woo hoo!!!!! Congratulations! I am so so happy for you!

    It sounds like the eyebrow wax from hell! Are you okay?
    I remember I had my brows waxed at a hairdressers once - I couldn't get into the beautician that usually did them. It was a Christmas eve. She dropped wax on my lashes and they stuck together! It was horrendous! I couldn't open my eye and she was putting all manner of goo on it to release the wax!

    I hope you all haave had a lovely weekend...

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    Thanks Deb! I know the pessimistic attitude is just a coping mechanism. I suppose I just don't want to be hurt like that again and figure that if I assume the worst then anything else will be a bonus. Have been having some dull period painy feelings too today-- very concerning Did I read somewhere that you are going to TTC again around Chrissy??!! Oceans of Luck for this one!!! I know those sticky ones must be waiting out there for us somewhere.

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    Kez-WOW!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! Now we have 3 belly buddies! What did DH say? I hope you have a very uneventful 9 months!

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    Kez - A huge CONGRATS to you!! That is fantastic news. It looks like the Bfps are catching here,lol.

    I wonder who is next to announce one

    Lisa - How are you going? I s'pose like me you are wondering if that horrible witch will make her mark soon, grrrrr!!
    I'm half expecting her to show but of course would be very happy if she just ignores me

    Hope - I think we all know how you feel with not quite believing it. We all go through sooo many hpts just to make sure that second line is still there and not our imagination! I'm sure all will be fine with you:-)

    Mako - Be strong until the 2oth and I'll be that you get your BFP.

    GL to everyone here!

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