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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ September 2006

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    goldilocks Guest


    OMG, I disappear for a new days and look what happens!!! :eek:

    CONGRATULATIONS SEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am absolutely thrilled to bits for you, sweetie See, I told you it wasn't such a bad thing having a crazy chart LOL Wishing you the most wonderful and healthy eight and a bit months, honey!!!

    Girls, I'm soooooooooo sorry for being has been out of control and I've been down in the dumps to top it off. I seem to be crying myself to sleep almost every night...just not coping so well with having to TTC all over again, not in a good head space at all. So even though I've been flat out, I also didn't want to be a downer for all you gorgeous girls.

    I'll try and get on tomorrow for personals. Your news has really cheered me up, Sez. You've given me hope!

    Love & hugs,

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    Congratulations Sez! Thats wonderful!

    Now Belle and SO Many others (sadly too many of you all to list right now) need to get going along that same track as Sez.... see if we cant empty this place very quickly!

    Bubba Dust to all!

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    Lisa, I'm still not convinced, I guess we'll all just have to wait it out! Let us know what your np says. GL

    Belle, so glad you are around! Sweetie, that's what we're here for, to help each other through the bad times. Although we have some fun on here, helping each other on this road is what it's all about. So don't ever feel like you're going to put a downer on us! Stay positive hun, I'm sure it's all going to work out for you and Anthony.

    Megan, I know what you mean about being relieved. Our baby too had a chromosomal problem. Although it's very sad, at least you know that there's no reason that you shouldn't go on to have a H&H baby in the future (hopefully the very near future!). Good luck with your blood tests, hope they shed some light on why the witch is staying away just when you don't want her to.

    Keen, so glad that you're okay, you had a few people a bit worried there.......don't worry, I'm shaking round so much babydust it's not funny! We're going to have a mass exodus from this thread!

    to everyone else, be back tomorrow! (Or maybe later tonight knowing me! I have to check in on Lisa!)

    Kate, you'd better stick your head in tomorrow........!

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    Megan76 Guest


    Heaps of you seem to be seeing naturopaths...i was thinking about it but not really sure what they do, can anyone fill me in??
    Belle - I'm hearing you with that head space, my mind is consumed at the moment!

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    Paige and Sez,
    Soooo glad I'm not the only one with over-indulged pets!! We have a very fat six year old torti cat (Porsche) and an eight month old pomeranian pup (Stelly) with ADHD! I love their guts out-- they always know when you're upset. Stella in particular just always seems to have a smile on her little munchkin head! (I've just realised that anyone I know who reads this will be able to identify me now-- I've just come to feel very comfortable on BB now so I suppose I don't care anymore).
    Have decided to start poas (OPK) tomoz as I had some little twingy pains today. I'm not holding out much hope for first month of TTC'ing but charting and poas at least lets me feel like I have a little bit of control. I've not done it in that past but I really needed to feel like I was being proactive this time around.
    I don't think we've "met" but I totally hear you on the TTC all over again. You can't help but feel RIPPED OFF and constantly say "I should've looked like this now...I should've been a mum by now, etc,etc". I feel guilty now about whinging about feeling sick but I'd be sick as a dog for nine months if it meant there was a bub at the end if it!
    Sticky baby dust to all,

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    Awwwwwww Belle!! Don't feel bad about feeling down. We have allll been there! That is why there ia group just for girls who have been through it, because we understand.... so vent away. Your chart is a lot like the one I hade were I had spotting all the way up to O. I went to the Dr and she said to wait a couple of cycles and if it is continuing I should comeback. She did offer a pelvic u/s but I didn't think it was necessary at the time. I did eventually have an u/s due to a few clots in my AF and got the all clear.
    Just thought I would share that with you.

    Lisa, so sorry you got another BFN But even so, AF hasn't arrived yet, so you are not out of the race!!!

    AF should be here tomorrow (I had a huge temp dip, so she WILL be here! ) And we are back into it!!
    OH Please let this be it!!! LOL... I am soooo tired of it all... (I am so sorry for complaining)

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    hello girls

    Belle - oh sweety im so sorry you are feeling down. What happened to the girl with lots of go and get em attitude? I know she is hiding inside you somewhere, you have to bring her back. But IKWYM the ttc thing can get to you at times, but you will feel positive again hun, it all takes time and you will have your highs and lows. Chin up sweety, it wont be long til you join Sez in announcing a bfp!

    Megan - how are you doing sweety? You can PM me if you want more details on my naturopath but she uses herbs and accupuncture.

    Hope - I know EXACTLY what you mean about being sick as long as it means you are pg and have a bub in your arms, I always say to pg people, dont complain, Id give anything to have my head bowled over the loo for 9 months!

    Tanya - you very clever chicken....I hope when your new cycle starts, it all systems ready to go for that blue bundle. Oh hun it has to be our turn soon!!

    Keen - glad to hear from you sweets. I hope the universe is working its powers to grant you that bfp you so deserve!!

    Paige - hows the bd fest going? Is dh exhausted yet??

    Michelle - I hope you have found some more peace within yourself sweety. I pray that you are blessed with a bfp so very soon that it takes you by suprise. Thinking of you....

    Sez - how are you going with all your hormones raging?? Hope your feeling much happier today hun. Can you believe it? Do you keep looking at the hpt's?? I know I would be!

    Sarah - how are you going hun?

    Kate - did you test? Im keeping everything crossed for you sweety.

    A big hello to anyone I missed out

    Me - still no af.....I cant get hold of my NP - but I rang my Obgyn office and she suggested I have a blood test to confirm one way or the other. Now I think I might go to the drs tonight and get one done. I was reading that some women dont register a positive hpt until 2 weeks after af was due and that is because some women produce lower amounts of hcg in the early stages and it all depends on when implantation occured. Having said all that Im not really confident of a bfp and even i got one now at this late stage I will be terrified as it may signal that something is wrong with the pg. I know I shouldnt stress but its sooo bloody [email protected][email protected] thanks gals for letting me have that little vent

    love to you all,

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