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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ August/Septmeber 2006 #3

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    Hi Megan,

    Hope you're feeling ok today! I just wanted to say that I would wait for one 'normal' cycle before starting again. I feel you really need to make sure you're body's cleaned itself out correctly. I guess when I was in that situation, I kept thinking that if we did fall again before one normal cycle and then lost the baby again, I'd blame myself for not waiting longer (although I'm sure it would be nothing to do with that - it's just what my brain would make of the situation).

    I really think you're better of just taking the time to deal with your loss and come to terms with everything. It's such a difficult time and I know just when I thought I'd dealt with it all, I'd break down again. It should only be another couple of weeks at the worst, then you'll really be able to keep track of where you're at!

    Just my thoughts though - you should know what's right for you!! Good luck. Oh and as for the shorthand - I think there's a listing of it all in the main Belly Belly Forum, with all the introduction information etc - so have a search around there.

    Kelly xx

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    Hello ladies!

    Lisa, how many people have asked you if you're pg lately??!! LOL It seems like someone is asking you almost every week!! I'm sure their predictions will come true very shortly, sweets. Do you think you'll test or just wait it out? Are you and your DH still taking those awful herbal concoctions?

    Megan, welcome to our (not so) little group! You couldn't have found a lovelier bunch of ladies to share the journey with. I had a D&C a couple of months ago and it took 30 days for AF to arrive (although I bled for the whole 30 days anyway!) The reason that we want to get a BFN after a D&C is because our bodies won't ovulate unless our hCG levels go back to zero. Once AF arrives, you know that your body is ready to go again Hope that helps!

    Tanya, ooooh I'm hoping that some cheeky little boy swimmers have snuck their way in too

    Kelly (oops, I almost wrote Jelly then! LOL), how are you feeling sweetie? Has the m/s fairy paid you a visit yet? Do you have any OB appointments, etc coming up? You lucky duck being at home...I'm so jealous!

    Michelle, I'm glad to hear you sounding more positive and taking some time out for yourself. I'm sure some mediation will do wonders for you. Please don't be a stranger...we're all here to support you

    Sarah, how are you going hon? It's amazing how fast your ticker is moving along! You'll be holding your beautiful little bundle before you know it.

    Kate, it was probably just too early. When is AF due?

    Sez, where are youuuuuuuuuuu??? LOL

    Nothing to report here. AF has pretty much left so I'm just waiting (impatiently!) to O. I can't tell you how excited I am about getting to use my OPK's again...I love them!!! ROFL There is something seriously satisfying about seeing two little lines pop up

    Just off the topic for a sec, DH & I have booked a flight to Fiji for our annual Xmas holiday. We're so excited!!! When we got married there last December we fell in love with the place and people, and just can't wait to go back! Here's hoping that we'll be taking a little stowaway along with us... hehehe

    Love & babydust

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    Belle - hellooo. You lucky gal - off to Fiji. DH and I are thinking of going in March. Where in Fiji are you going? Wouldnt it be nice if you could have a bun in the oven when you go! It will be your first 'family' holiday

    megan - how are you going sweety?

    Tanya - maybe you should *not* try more often! i have big hopes for you getting that blue bundle.

    kate - its hard to resist the temptation sometimes isnt it? What cd are you? I hope its early and when you test again you see two very dark lines!

    Michelle - take all the time you need for yourself sweety and you know we are always here for you.

    Sez - where are you lovey? Did you end up doing more bd'ing?

    Paige - are you still around hun? I hope your doing well.

    Kelly - are you fully better now?? You must be excited about ob tomorrow?

    Me - Im not sure if I should test or not or just wait it out. TBH i dont know exactly which day I O'd (i dont chart) so I cant remember when it was and I have no idea how many dpo I am which might make it a bit tricky. But I do know af is due in around 4 days. Ive been having some af type pain but bbs arent sore as they should usually be aroudn this time, so maybe thats a good sign? ha - gees I have no idea, im sure if I read more into 'symptoms' i'll find some more imaginary ones and convince myself im pg LOL! But seriously the only thing I have is some sharp pains shooting through the nips - but thats all! LOL I think I just convinced myself not to test... I'll wait - if no af by monday then i'll poas...

    Im going to see the naturopath tomorrow - apparantely she can read aura's and often tells ppl they are pg without them even poas So if that is true - i should know by tomorrow arvo.

    oh and I found two lots of $$ this morning - one in a paper bag I had in the linen closet and the other in a jacket - so totalled $50 this morning! DH reckons its a sign of good fortune coming to our home. He is so funny and naive

    have a great day

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    Okay lovely ladies time for a new thread over [url=]here[/url]

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