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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Late Loss, Still Birth or Recurrent Miscarriage April '08

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    Oh, Katie, congrats on your Sounds like she's already got your DH wrapped around her little finger! I can't believe it, I must admit you had me convinced it was a boy! Tell DH that princesses not only like to play legos, but they love hot wheels, as well! So happy for you!

    Hi hammi! Am 7DPO today and had a nice temp drop this am, so it's implantation! Hope all is going well with you!

    sryan--Good luck with the testing, and getting thyroid regulated!

    hgirs--I think I would have to go to the appt. without DH if it were me. At least if you take your MIL you won't be alone. Besides, maybe DH will make it on time and you'll have double the support! I think you'll end up regretting it if you reschedule the appt., and end up going crazy if you have to wait another 5-6 weeks for some answers. Good luck with whatever you decide--and don't forget we're here for you if/when you need us!
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    Here's a list we have going in the TTCML thread, thought you ladies might get a kick out of it, and maybe even be able to add to it!

    You know you're addicted to BB when:

    1. You sign a 2-year contract and pay $60 more per month just to have wireless internet service for a 5 day camping trip! lol...

    2. Your significant other walks in on you checking the position of your cervix, and actually gets turned on from it!

    3. You resort to becoming an adult film industry advocate!

    4. You read, post, and then refresh to read again in case you missed a post while posting!

    5. You dream of being the first to post in the new thread!

    6. You feel like you are wasting urine when you don't pee on a stick!

    7. You see abbreviations in everyday life and try to work out what they mean in the TTC world (eg. DVD must stand for something like "Doing the vjay vjay dance"...)

    8. When you get excited about choosing a new ticker....oh the choices!!!!!

    9. You actually think in emoticons and abbreviations...and occasionally call your husband DH....and he says, "what the hell did you call me????".

    10. And the biggest one of all....DH actually asks if it was a light or dark "BFP" (not positive test) and whether or not you used "FMU" to test!!!! (all in abbreviations...)

    11. When getting a coverline makes you so happy, you feel as though you won the lottery!

    12. When you look forward to going to bed just so you can wake up in the morning and add a new temp!

    13. You say you are taking a break from bb and then spend 24 hours trying to do anything but log on, including cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, all the while saying to yourself don't do it don't do it don't do it before finally breaking down and getting your bb fix...

    14. You drag yourself out of bed at 6 am every morning even though you're still tired, just to have "quiet alone time" on BB while the kids are still sleeping!

    15. You get the butterflies while logging on to read posts!

    16. You keep your computer on all day long so you know as soon as someone has made a post!

    17. You know you are addicted to BB when you go to put the date on something and you end up writing 9 DPO!

    18. You're whole day is ruined just because you can't log onto BB, and you feel like you're going to go insane without your BB fix!

    Looking great so far! Let me know if you think of any and I'll add them to the list! Still hoping this is ok with the mods!
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    Thanks to all, you have helped me decide I am going to the appt on Friday, I think I just needed the reassurance I wasn't being selfish to go without DH (even though he is fine with it). On the bright side fingers crossed he gets the job done (if it doesn't rain, he is a roofer/carpenter)and should make it anyway. It has been 8 weeks now and still no AF in sight, ughhh. I have been temping and it has been all over the place, then settled down nicely only to have a jump this morning and I am pretty show it wasn't ovulation. Bring on AF!
    Sryan - good luck with your tests
    Jen805 - Ditto with your TWW, how exciting I can't wait to embark on that journey again.
    How is everyone else travelling?

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    hgirs--Good luck with your appt. today--I think it's a good idea you're going. Fingers crossed you get some long-awaited answers! :goodluck2:

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    hgirs - wishing you all the best for your appointment today. I will be thinking of you.

    Well I am 13 into my cycle and had a temperature dip this morning. This I am ovulating..... watch out DH.... he he he Lucky we did BD last night... he he he

    Wishing everyone a good day and a fanastic weekend.

    xxx Sue xxx

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    Hi all
    Thanks for your well wishes, the appointment went fairly well today. We are still not clear on exactly why labour started, but there was an infection called acute chorioamnionitis (has anyone had this)which could have been the trigger OR it could have been Incompetent Cervix, which possibly let the infection in???? Who knows. The good thing is I got some answers and a plan for next time, the DR has said he would like me to have scans done from 14 weeks @ fortnightly intervals to check on my cervix or if I wish they will do a cerclage at 13 weekish. I am leaning towards the scans as neither the DR or I am convinced that it was IC. Has anyone dealt with these issues? I am feeling very calm and peaceful about things now, I am glad I went today.

    Goodluck with the BDing Sue!

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    hello guys!

    Well, safe to say i have been MIA for awhile...i have been able to get into BB but not get my password to be accepted on our computer. It has'nt mattered what way i have tried to do my password it won't let me in. So here i am at mums on her computer and here i am typing away! figures!!!! But at least i have been able to see what has been happening with you all which is great!
    So there won't be too many personals as there are 1000 posts i would need to re-read and catch up on again!!!

    As for me..i have my 16 week OB appointment on tues which i am glad one is here again and a bit nervous as i know he will do the heartbeat check and i will obviously be praying for one to be there still. I have booked my ultrasound (the stress reliever one) for the day after as i did'nt think i could wait for the monday after. i have been feeling our baby move since 15 weeks, the first one was while i was at work and it caught my by surprise and i had a moment of slight elation that bubs was happily moving away in there and a quick moment of fear as i had felt jack moving before he died also and this is getting to around his weeks of age before passing in these next few weeks. My belly button is still trying to poke out the top not anywhere else so i have these really weird look going on with that and my belly unfortuneatly has a mini bump so small its barely noticeable! DAMN IT! The detective at work is still on the "is she /is'nt she" case and swears that she can see a bump (to our other work mate -she refuses to approach me about it yet) So i am trying still to hold out as long as possible in telling her -for laughs!
    some quick personals-
    katie - YAY!!!! for your baby girl! I am so excited for you and jen is right -it sure does sound like she has your DH wrapped around his finger already! daddys girl already??? Is it now they can hear us talking...maybe she already senses in more ways than one your guys love and hopes for her!
    hgirs - i am soooooo glad that you went to your appointment. It was too important not to. At least you have some things to look out for next time which might be a small comfort in some way as it means your doc and OB can be on the case right from the start which means better care for you guys ultimately.
    jen - happy trying! you have been busy by the sounds with tempos etc, i was hopeless and never did that stuff. i am 'a when its meant to be it will be' which may be just lazy!!!
    sryan - glad you have some answers also, its amazing what family history can bring up. its what worries me about emily now - will she have the same possibility of loss as me (even tho i had no answers) as i would be devastated for the thought even for her. Its hard - again it helps but also does'nt in some way huh?!?
    hammi - you are sounding so much better! I am glad to hear you are having an "up"! Keep it going! You are amazing!!!!!!! i hope you realize that!
    take care all! xx jo

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    It's time for a new thread my lovelies. You will find it HERE
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