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Thread: TTC after Recurrent Miscarriage/Stillbirth or Loss after the first trimester

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    kirsty Guest


    Go Deb & look out for your DH!!! Wishing you every success this month wonderful woman!

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    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?


    Thanks Kirsty!!!!! I am wishing for a healthy egg to meet healthy sperm and voila!!!

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    clare076 Guest


    Awesome Deb, you better ring your Ob and let her know she doesn't need to take that job at Coles! Enjoy your next 2 days ; )
    I honestly think DP is quite happy about this baby making business too, mind you he did say to me the other day, AAH your ovulating that's why you want it so often. lol
    As for the OPK's, the second line was getting darker but not as dark as the control line, but that was 5 days ago now I have no lines what so ever. My temps haven't signified that I have ovulated yet either so I don't think it was a true positive. I think they are the ovunow brand, bought off the internet.

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    Hi everyone,

    Better day today, my boss took us out to a restaurant called Becco for a kind of xmas lunch and the food was delicious and the wine beautiful. Plus I have the day off tomorrow so of course that always cheers me up.

    Deb - Swim little buddies, swim!

    Clare - Pancake Parlour has absolutely any pancake you can imagine. They have savoury ones (my fave is cheese & potato), dessert ones with ice cream or fruit or butterscotch or anything, and they even have this one that is a chocolate pancake topped with strawberries and ice cream and choc sauce..... droooooooooooooool!

    Spring - for a bfp for you, I wanna be the first to know

    Speaking of OPK's, I don't really get them either. I'm not that confident I did mine right after reading everything you guys have written about them, and seeing as we obviously didn't succeed it is possible I stuffed up. Who knows, but I'm gonna stick with them next month anyway - I think I have this mental condition where my mind takes over and I can't stop myself testing, whether it be OPK's or PG tests, especially the latter. It has become an obsession. Thankfully Spring recommended a site where I ordered heaps of both so I don't have to worry about wasting all that money now. So I just test away and figure its keeping me happy and I feel like I am being pro-active, aah any excuse will do.

    Take care all,


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    kirsty Guest


    Hiya lovely ladies time to lock this thread & a new one is started over [url=]here[/url]

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