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Thread: HI! Pregnant with twins.

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    Default HI! Pregnant with twins.

    Hi, my name is Autumn and I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys! I am very nervous and very excited. I have a daughter Indigo who is 2 and a half and have been married for 5 years. I lost my first pregnancy with twin boys at 16 weeks and thrilled top have made it past that date. We were living in Africa at the time so we really don't know what happened exactly. Doctors are watching me closely this pregnancy. I conceived both sets of twins spontanously in case there are questions about IUI or fertility meds. I always get asked I really look forward to meeting and getting to know you all!


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    Welcome to BB congratulations on your twins...Its a bit quite in here at the moment with christmas and all so dont worry to much about the slow replys.. I find if you find the group of girls who are due at the same time as you a really good place to start...

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    Hi and Welcome to BB. Congratulations on your PG with twins and Wishing you a H & H pg.

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    hi there congrats on the twin pg
    if you have any questions please feel free to ask away!

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    congratulations on your pregnancey - and hope your little boys hold on for quite a few more weeks yet for you

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    Hi! Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! I am 30 weeks pregnant with a boy and a girl and have a 15 month old (I know...glutton for punishment...). We re excited and yet very nervous at the same time!!! Ours were conceived naturally too, there are twins in my family.

    My best advice thus far: Take iron if you need it, the thrid trimester is killer. Buy apricot oil to rub into your tummy to help keep those stretch marks at bay!

    That's about it from me. Good luck, hope to hear how you go!


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