As Muming's Doula, I just have to post and tell you all just how much of an amazing story this is.

From my point of view it was an absolute honour to be present to witness this amazing woman birth her beautiful baby girl. What Ing had to endure for her "care providers" was nothing short of bullying. The amount of angst and negativity she had to endure in order to listen to her body and trust her instincts was amazing.

It was finally after gaining a 2nd opinion from a very experienced Ob who supported her wishes that these so called"care providers" began to take her seriously.

Ing, from me to you, hun I am sooooo very proud of you for staying strong and true to yourself. You strength and determination was truly wonderful to watch.

An yes it was definately sweet revenge when the duty registrar could do nothing but stand in the corner and watch while you birthed her beautifully. Alwyn was an angel, if only we could duplicate her many times over. She was a wonderfully woman centered midiwfe.