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Thread: asking for money?

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    this is what we had on ours
    Our request for gifts
    As we already have a home filled with love
    (and lots of other stuff - in some cases more than we need!)
    and we're becoming property moguls and wish to go travelling
    a give of currency would be appreciated

    Or a gift voucher from:
    Loot (Brisbane based stores only) or EB games
    we would love
    We had a small wedding, but ended up with enough money to pay nearly 2 months of mortgage payments of our investment property and had enough Loot vouchers to buy a gorgeous coffee table (which ended up costing us 50c out of pocket)

    Most weddings DH & I have been to since we started going out have been money trees. Just please don't use those ugly wishing wells - I think they're tacky and cheap. We had a bowl from Africa as ours, sitting on a table, near our guest book. Our guest book was a painting for people to write on - which is now in our loungeroom.

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    I like the idea of having a wishing well.

    My brother and his wife included a little poem in their wedding invite that was something about having everything in their home so they were having a money tree to go towards their honeymoon (it sounded much sweeter then that though).

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