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    Im getting married very soon infact in 11 days, I was just wondering what people did to get over being nervous walking down the aisle? I'm so not used to all the attention or anything, I have this fear of falling over in my dress.. any ideas? is it normal to feel this before the wedding?? oh yeah I leave thursday lol weddings on the 24th November.. Hiya to SOUL! MISS YOU!

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    hi kazzles.
    sorry I have no idea! maybe a glass of champagne beforehand lol!!
    congratulations for the wedding! I am sure you will look beautiful and everything will go to plan and if not, well at least one day you can look back and laugh.

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    Yeah it's normal! I was 34 weeks pregnant when i got married and i had this fear that i'd go into early labour or my waters would break right in the middle of the ceremony. It didn't of course. I was also scared of people looking at me lol. I don't like to draw attention to myself. I was so scared that i was trembling. DH thought i was about to cry lol. I very nearly did too.(very hormonal)

    Didn't really do much to get over my nervous. But just wanted to let you know that you're not alone!

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    LOL! Thats the one thing I fear too is crying! what if i break down before the ceremony begins? arghhh LMAO Im glad its normal to feel this way! someone said to hum a song LOL...

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    Perfectly normal! I was really nervous, shed a few tears in the car on the way. I just kept thinking to myself 'don't ruin the makeup!', that worked for me lol

    BTW, congrats and have a great day!

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    ROFL Kazzles.... are you sure you weren't at my wedding watching me and this is where you got your ideas from?!? Hee hee. I was so nervous before I walked down the isle... My Mum literally had to push me out from the doorway. I just felt so nervous about everyone staring at me and I was already crying because "our" song had already started playing so I was bawling my eyes out being dragged down the isle

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    Should I make my makeup artist put clear mascara on me then? LOL :P hahaha thanks for the advice everyone =) I hope to have a great day =) Im just getting excited about it all hehehe

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    How exciting Kazzles! Wishing you all the best for your Big Day!!!

    You could try some dep breating exercises to calm your nerves when you're nervous (concentrate on your breathing. Breathing in counting to 10 and then breathing out to 10 - taking 10 seconds to breath in and out).
    You could also try thinking of someone or something else.
    As you're walking down the aisle - focus completely on your DH-to-be and hopefully all else will fade into oblivion.

    It is completely normal to have fears about your big day. And don't worry - I DID trip over my dress! I just laughed and continued down the aisle with Dad holding my skirt up a little off the ground! I think I laughed the whole way down the aisle. I hate being centre of attention and get giggly when I am. My fav photo from the day is the one of Dad and I walking down the aisle with my arm hooked in his and his arm reaching over my skirt to hold it up so I couldn't trip again! LOL.


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    Hi, Congratulations on the wedding!!
    I went for a massage the morning of the wedding. I took my maid of honour with me and we did the whole "girls-thing" thing. It did wonders and I was so relaxed and at peace and totally in control of myself afterwards. When we stopped and just before I got out of the car, I saw my man, looking all dashing and smart in his suite, staring at me from the patio (we got married at the beach) my heart almost bounched out of my chest with love, but I just breathed, smiled and got out of the car.
    And about feeling self-consious ... YES YOU MUST. Everyone will be looking at you, because you are the beautifull bride!!! Just remember that it's family and friends at the wedding. So what if you trip over your dress. Just laugh and walk on - like MG said. They are there because you invited them and you want them there.
    And remember it's YOUR day. If you cry, so what. (have your maid of honour carry some powder and emergency make-up - for touch-ups before pictures) If you giggel, great. You are getting married to the man of your dreams and THAT is nothing to be nervous about.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy!!!!!

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    Hey guys I'm back from my wedding and it was sooo fantastic!!!!!!! It went so well I'm so proud of how well it went thanks to my mother and father! I didnt even get the cold feet or jitters either, i was nervous when I walked down the aisle but that was from fear of tripping over. Here are some pics David And Karina's Family Page by =D lol im so in love and he's the man of my dreams thats for sure. Thanks so much for y our advice I've read and noted them all

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    You look gorgeous Kaz! I love your bouquet.

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    You looked very lovely... and so happy!

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    Thanks darls, the bouquet was soooo heavy lol

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