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    Question Naming day... help!

    Hi everyone!

    I am looking into a Naming Day for Oscar and would like a few ideas if possible please?!

    I am wondering if I should have it at home or not?! There are many gorgeous places around where I live (I am next to the beach) so do I risk having it outside or should I have it at home where I know we have plenty of room for everyone incase of rain etc?!? We are looking at April for this to happen....

    I had a few more questions but I have gone completely blank!! Will BBL when I think oh them

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    A girlfriend had a naming day at their house. There place looked directly over the beach. But, really, won't everyone be wanting to play with Oscar, look at him and talk to you rather than admire the location of the event? I would, I'd be more interested in having a cuddle with the bub

    Our friends had a simple relaxed day with a cake, a video playing shots (like powerpoint presentation) of respectable bits from the birth and photos up to the current day.

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    We had a naming day for Cooper...1st I did a search and looked at some sample ceremonies ect. there a lots to choose from...tree planting, wishingwell, magic dust ect, the celebrant should come to you and hubby before hand to let you decide on wording ect for your ceremony, we chose to have mentors rather than Godparents and one of them chose to read a poem, we also had a canle lighting as symbolic to his naming. we then had a buffet style lunch afterwoods and just asked our guests to supply their own drinks, we had ours at home which was lucky as it decided to be windy and rainy on the day. If I can help in anyway let me know

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    We had ours at home, which was perfect when DD needed a sleep after all those cuddles!

    We didn't use a celebrant - DH and I both said something, as did the Godfather and her Grandma.. It was pretty low key, but a very nice day. We made a time capsule of 2007 for our DD and instead of gifts we asked everyone to bring something (a letter, magazine, newspaper, junk mail, music etc) to go in the capsule.

    I went on a crazy baking spree, and we just had champagne and cakes on our deck. It was realy nice!

    Have fun!

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