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Thread: Strippers @ bucks nights

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    I don't have a problem with strippers, but I don't like them at bucks/ hens nights, I just can't see the logic in saying I'm willing to make a life long commitment to you darling, by the way I just fondled/ oogled another woman preforming sex acts.

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    That's just dirty Gracie, If I knew that feral I would have slapped her! YUCK!

    Snacks - In not one of the clubs I have worked in has there ever been just one typical body type. Clubs cater for men and men like variety and have different tastes. One girl I worked with in Brisbane was a bigger girl and she was a great earner - It has alot to do with attitude and how your able to work the club with personality. I think women are their own worst crytics. I remember one girl, was an absolute jealous biatch (sorry that's irrelevant) not stick thin and not large, but she had celulite on her bum and legs. When she wasn't being a tarty mole on drugs she used to make money... but one night there were a few blokes with a lady. The lady was blind and was commenting very loudly about the girls on stage. She was saying really rude things about the girl with celulite. Obviously this girl heard this woman and started crying on stage - If you leave the stage before your time is up you get fined. So she called me over and begged me to replace her and even tried to bribe me. I was happy to take the stage without bribary and I did feel for her... Soon as I got up the lady was trying to have a go at the other girl with me, I turned around and said politely, "Isn't society a funny place? Men seem to love women in all shapes and sizes"... It's also funny because the male friends she was with were telling her to shut up and said they didn't think there was anything wrong with the other girl. High earners come in all shapes and sizes, as I said, in my experience it has alot to do with the way you carry yourself, attitude etc. Amy, I'm sure you know your a fine specimen- I think it's more attitude that men find sexy.

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    Happy to be wrong, Catherine... I shouldn't be surprised that things are different IRL to how they are portrayed by Hollywood

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    I didn't have a stripper for my hens night. I really didn't have a night. We had a girls outting - I was 4.5mths pg and we went bowling ! Sounds cheesy and not really a way to spend something like that, but we had a ball!

    DH's bucks night - he went to a strip club. I knew. It was fine. In the end, if he comes home to me and has done anything wrong, what does it matter?

    He got home, and I asked was it a good night... Just answer the question - it was his bucks night and didn't need to share. He was so excited about how it all went, that he told me everything anyways!

    It's only one night. You trust him enough to marry him, why not let him?

    Good luck with everything!

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