Hey All,

I am looking in to returning to the work force in the near future. I am still employed at my current job (on maternity leave) but I dont want to return, I want to look for something different. I am thinking about doing PA.

I've looked at a few jobs and what the role will be and experience is needed. I have done most things in my current job that they are asking for, I just dont have the experience of actually BEING a PA. And then I think, do I actually want to be a PA and do someone elses stuff and the things they dont want to do, but then again, this is what I did in my current role!!

So, I just want to get thoughts from any personal assistants out there. Do you like what you do? Have you had any horrible bosses that have gotten you to do some horrid stuff? Are you always doing different things or is it pretty much the same stuff over and over again??