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Thread: Corporate Wear for Pregnancy...advice?

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    Chalalan Guest

    Question Corporate Wear for Pregnancy...advice?

    Hi lovely BBers!

    I am currently TTC and have got myself a new job that I start in January. I need to buy a new work wardrobe and I'm not really too sure what to get. I want some stuff that looks really professional for an excutive position but can stretch a bit to take a sweling belly if I'm lucky enough to fall preggers in the next couple of months.

    I'm currenly overseas at the moment, so in your replies can you describe items / styles / fabrics rather than give me names of good shops to buy? I'm going to do some shopping here (Buenas Aires) as it is much cheaper than Aus but the quality is still there.

    My background is mining so I am coming from steel caps and cotton drill so any advice would be appreciated!

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    Wrap-around skirts which you can adjust as necessary?

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    I found it was good to have a couple of suit jackets.... can cover a bump in the first few months if you're not ready to share your news

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    I work in a law firm, so our dress code is very corporate. I always got by with two pairs of good quality black maternity pants and two stretchy 3/4 length skirts - one black, one charcoal grey. I wore my suit jackets with these as long as I could and then I just found that the skirts with my normal work shoes and pantyhose or the black pants looked fine.

    In summer I just wore normal maternity tops with these skirts and pants.

    I think that people understand you need to be a bit more casual when you're prg.

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    Chalalan Guest


    Thanks Willow..will look out for stretchy skirts and fabrics. Jackets sound like a good idea too for hiding bumps.

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    I agree with Willow. I work in IT, and with some things I could get by with just getting a size larger than normal.
    One thing to keep in mind is that from your ticker its your first time TTC? Everyone puts on different amounts of weight when pg, I put on 30+kg and need the maternity clothes, but a lot of my friends only put on between 6-10 kg, some even less, and found they didin't need all the expensive maternity clothes, so maybe don't go out and get everything all at once, until you know whether you will in fact need it - you might saty in your regular clothes!

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    I was one who didn't put on too much weight at all & found I was in my normal clothes for some time. Esp the skirts, or I could buy what I normally would just a size up. This was cheaper than maternity clothes & found a lot of maternity stuff was just way too big for me.
    Skirts with elastic are great, I still wear many of mine now. The current fashion is really good if you are pregnant, lots of babydoll tops that would go nice with a pair of black pants. Black pants are a must, & I would go for ones that are not too long as you prob will not want to be wearing heels too much. The smock top/dresses are great too & all can be dressed up with a nice belt.

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    Yep, have to agree with the girls. None of the tops I brought this time around were maternity tops, all just cheap stretchy ones or baby doll ones.

    I put on the same amount of weight both times (around 15kg) but this time I was HUGE and needed maternity skirts and pants etc. I was in maternity pants by 12 weeks this time too.

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    Chalalan Guest


    Thanks ladies. I have had a quick look in the shops here and they dont really have what I want. I think I've been looking in the too trendy section of town and need to go some place else for dressier work wear.
    I love all your suggestions and will be taking them on board when I do start to find what I need.

    THANK YOU!!!

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