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Thread: Less than 7 weeks - waaaaah **Sooky vent**

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    Unhappy Less than 7 weeks - waaaaah **Sooky vent**

    It's less than 7 weeks until Term 1 2008, and my official day back at school.

    I just got my grade list for next year sent to me by the girl who I am grade sharing with. I have a lovely grade 3/4 grade at my old school and am only doing 2 and a half days but still, the thought of leaving my little booby monster - who is growing up so fast every day is still making me sad.

    I have so many worries, mum will feed her everything under the sun (including sugar and fat ) So I need to control that somehow, what if she walks for the first time and Im not there to see it? Uuugggghhh what if she ends up wanting to be with mum more than me (not as silly as it sounds - I saw it happen with my nieces ) She's still not taking anything but booby.

    Waaaaaahhhhhhhh why can't we win lotto!
    Thanks for reading my little sook and whinge.

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    Me too, Tan! I want to win lotto! I go back to work after nearly two years off on maternity leave and for the last few months was looking forward to it. But now it's only 5 weeks away until I start, I've changed my mind, I don't want to go back now! *Waaaaaah*

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    Hi Tan!
    I know how you feel. I work 5 days, MJ is with mum for 2 and daycare for 3.
    I can tell you that in my experience, for all the threats and taunts of giving him this and that, she's not done it once. When I am there its a different story and she will try to sneak him stuff, but I know from his behaviour and the fact that his skin hasn't broken out that she isn't giving him junk when we arent there.

    As far as the attachment stuff goes, it differs widely from one child to the next (you probably know from school some kids are more prone to this than others) but I haven't noticed it. Sure he is very comfortable with his carers at creche, and very close to my mum and dad, but I don't feel that its affected his relationship with us IYKWIM? Especially when Grandma or Grandad says no! ha ha

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    It's awful isn't it - in my head I knew I had to go back next year and she'd be "about 8mths" but it was aaaages away so didn't really think of it - but she's 7mths next week and once Xmas and New Years is all over with that's it

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    I hear ya... I work fulltime, 5 days a week... Lexy gets dropped off at my friends about 7.20am & I pick her up about 6 at night.... I just soooo wanna be a SAHM...

    Bring on Lotto here too!!!

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    I'm sure she'll always love you best of all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dachlostar View Post
    I'm sure she'll always love you best of all.
    Too right, Dach. No one can replace Mummy, Tan. Enjoy the next 7 weeks at home with your precious one!

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