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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    Pietta Guest

    Oh Snowy- it is amazing how material becomes of no priority once you have a beautiful baby in your arms. I can only imagine how hard it must be- Some men i think really just cant see past the end of their noses- as Mary Poppins once said. I hope all works out for you soon

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    I had a great day. DH remembered my birthday with no reminders O he bought me a fab pressie and then took me shopping, me being a total nerd, I bought books!!! and then Yasin played with one of his toys for the first time. I put him on his playmat next to a turtle with bells and crunchy stuff in the stuffing and a mirror in its tummy and he started whacking it to make it make noises and then he tried to chew on its tail. He was sooo happy with himself. DH had gone to work by then but I took some pictures for him.
    Snowy, I hope you sort out your issues with DH and your business and you don't have to sell your house. It must get difficult being business partners as well as life partners sometimes. My DH came home last night and said he wanted to sell our house, move to the country and become a farmer!!!!!! :shock: :shock: I convinced him that maybe we should just start by taking a holiday in the country at the end of january. Hopefully by then he'll be over the idea. I like the convenience of the city too much to want to live in the country. At least this crazy idea is better than the time he wanted to move back to Afghanistan. [-(
    Spiddles, what a nasty Dr. We had a locum when Yasin got his needles and I didn't like him much. I felt really guilty about not being patient enough to wait until our usual Dr got back. I hope you get your loan. Do you have any particular car in mind? I would love a new car but since we always buy ours at the auctions and then do the work on them ourselves I couldn't be bothered.
    Mooshie, I hope that Lani's ultrasound tomorrow goes well. It must be so difficult to lose your precious child and then find yourself in a situation that brings up all those feelings again. :hugs:
    Iris, I hope that talking to the counsellor helps. Maybe she can help you with opening some communication channels with your DB. I think that some men have a really hard time discussing emotional issues and need a bit of help to learn how.
    Hi Tegan, I can't believe that Lily is a month already. I must be getting old, time just seems to whizz by now.
    Marcia, Is Hudson letting you get any sleep? Yasin has been sleeping really well for the last couple of days. Long may it last!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Thanks, Pee & Dachlostar. I hope it won't come to that either but I rather have a big happy family living some where for rent than put of having more kids, be miserable but have a nice beachfront house.

    When it rains it pours - another $hit day biz wise, I seem to be getting some kind of chest cold (really nasty cough, hope Wolf doesn't get it) and I've been having all sorts of weird pains in my nether-regions and have had bleeding which freaks me out since I worry about my pap result massively. My obgyn said that he took quite a deep sample for the pap and I don't know whether he made my uterus a bit angry or whether I'm getting my period again or what's the deal. Wolf didn't sleep well at all last night and wanted to feed every 2 hours. I got about 1/2 hour of sleep and I feel like I'm just falling apart - physically and mentally. If I didn't have my beautiful baby boy I would lie in bed and cry and mope but I can't do that (and I don't want to because he makes me so happy).

    Dachlostar, you made me laugh about DH wanting to move to the country or moving back to Afghanistan. Sounds like some of the crazy ideas Monkey comes up with sometimes. He keeps on having all these business ideas (definitely lots of entrepreneur-spirit there) and he gets upset when I don't get excited about it. One time he wanted to seriously buy some Mango-farm up in Queensland and become a Mango Farmer .... :roll:

    Oh, to add to the list of things going wrong for me: I also have a cavity it turns out and I will need a cap... first one ever... there go my immaculate teeth... *SIGH*

    Sorry for the monster whinge girls. I'm actually starting to dread our dear friends coming over because they have a biz in Brisbane that's going really well and are raking in the money and I fear I will get all jealous ... I really shouldn't be .. it's all just material things... but somehow I fear I might not be able to remind myself of all the good things in my life.. not with the way I'm feeling at the moment... Someone send me some positive vibes...


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    Mar 2004

    oh Snowy, I'm sending lots of good vibes your way and some hugs as well :hugs: :hugs: I hope that you feel better today. Like you say you've got your lovely little Wolf and he's better than any material object.
    OMG I hope that DH never takes the time to think about where mangoes come from because if he does he'll want to be a mangoe farmer for sure :roll:
    I just rang the hammock person because Yasin's hammock still hasn't arrived and he said monday at the latest. yay!!

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    spiddles Guest

    Mooshie - Thinking of you and Lani today. Sending good vibes. Hope everything goes well!!

    Snowy - Sending good vibes your way too. Just remember no one can take the love away from you that Wolf gives. They maybe able to take material things but they can never take that away from you.

    Dacholstar - *lol* at your DH. Maybe your DH just wants to get away from all the hussle and bussle and has Yasin and yourself in mind. The world is becoming a nasty place filled with crime and drugs and may think that getting away to the country may avoid it amd your family might have a better life. I live in a major town (well it is actually a city I think due to population) but its still farming country and we still have all the convience of everything and have erything that a major city does. and no traffic Jams!!!

    We didnt get our loan but I had a feeling we wouldnt. When it was reffered the liabilities outweighed our assets. Were thinking about getting a lance VRX sportswagon 32k but the base model the ES is 6k cheaper and the bamk said they would definatly consider so,ething a little cheape so they might go for that. At the moment we have a 1999 lancer coupe (2 door) which is a pain. I have to sit in the back seat as cant fit in the front with the babyseat facing towards the back seat as takes up all the room on the passengerside and passenger front seat is as forward as it will go. Might be better once we can turn in around.

    Liam and I have been spending every waking minute together. I am so going to miss him Monday. Has been rolling to eachside from his back and then over onto his belly and is trying so hard to crawl. Tries for 5 mins and cries so you put him back on his back and it starts all over again. Have updated his website with some new pics for those interested. I will have to print out some piccies for my desk at work. Donno which ones though.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Mooshie-Yay for Lani's weight gain. Hope everything went well at Lani's appointment. Sending bigs hugs to you and Lani what ever the outcome.

    Spiddles- Shame about the Liams Dr app. Its hard enough seeing our bubbies get these needles, without having a heartless Dr. I would definitely find a new one. Bummer about the car loan. We had a two door ford festiva when we found out we were pregnant with Alana. When we went shopping for car seats we realised we needed a new car. No one could fit in the passenger front seat, unless they could manage to get the legs up around there necks!!

    Dachlostar- Yay for DH's good memory!

    Snowy- So sorry to hear that your having a hard time of it lately. I hope things start to turn around for you soon. I don't have to much positive vibes myself, but will send you what I have. Hope you feel better! Big Hugs!!

    Made my app for the councellor for Wednesday. Glad I did, had a really bad day today. DB also let me know today that we have been invited to a family thing next Saturday. Being Italian its always BIG! The only thing is I freak in these situations because of Alana. We have to be so careful that everyone washes their hands prior to touching her, that noone has colds, noone smokes or smells of smoke. And when there is heaps of people its hard to monitor. I just don't want to go. As you can tell this is one of the reasons I need to see the councellor, so I can learn how to deal with these situations as my anxiety levels go sky high.

    So sorry for my down posts at the moment. I just don't have anyone to talk to.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    hi girls just popping in to say hi & just send out my big hugs to you.

    Lara - I think councilling would be pretty important with your family. We went when my cousin moved in with us so that we could all be prepared to deal with the life changes that had to be made, which really weren't much, but I guess your mindset changes....

    Mooshie - I'm so sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia, its completely understandable that you would have similar feelings as to when you found out about dd...any illness our babies have is hard to deal with, especially after what you have been through...Big hugs!

    LOL to all the rollers & frustrated babies... it makes them so happy to conquer the evils of movement! LOL! and dachlostar LOL at your DH... they are so funny sometimes... a few months ago DH came home & said... maybe we should just open a cafe up... :shock: I just said TOO MUCH WORK... maybe remind him of the really early mornings as farmers....

    Sorry I haven't done too many personals etc... we've had visitors this week & no access to the computer...I've missed it!!! Matilda is crawling like crazy & into EVERYTHING she's not supposed to be into, & she completely ignores the toys she crawls over to get to things she's not supposed to get too... #-o its pretty exhausting!

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    mooshie Guest

    well hi there everyone hope you are feeling good

    went for lani's ultrasound today and everything looked good, the sonographer said everything looked normal but i will still need to see my doctor when they get the films. i had a feeling this morning everything would be ok, i really think i felt jessie around making sure everything will be ok (that is my theory anyway). so mum, lani, jay and myself went shopping to celebrate - target had a sale on kids clothes and i bought some cute little outfits for lani seeing as melbourne is in a cold spell and she has no warm clothes lol.

    this afternoon the mind went tick tick ticking when i got home and i wonder if everything is ok why did the health nurse and a gp say that her left leg/hip was loose - if it is not hip displacia (sp?) then what is it?? also i was checking her legs out after her bath and i thought one looked longer than the other, and when i fed her i notice she cries abit on the left side (is her hip bothering her??) ohh i don't know ](*,) , i am pretty confident things are ok as both hips/legs looked the same on the u/sound and the sonographer was moving her legs quite firmly and you could see the ball was still in the socket, lani was great she giggled all through the lovely little thing, ds was in awe that we could see the bones inside the body lol.

    i have an appt with my gp on 18th of this month to get all the results and i will talk further with her, also lani will be getting her 4mth old shots, i am getting a nasty mole taken from my back and ds will have his chicken pox vaccine seeing as he is off to kinder this year and still has not had them - so i gather they would have booked out the whole morning at the doctors lol.

    spiddles - grrr at your doctor, i know after every vaccine we have to wait at least 15mins in case of reaction - definately being changing docs. and good luck with the extra dosh for a newer bigger car.

    snowy - big hugs i hate having down days and they worry of business/money is such a pain i know having our and our childrens health is so much more important the anxiety with other things is a pain.

    lara - big hugs to you to i really know what you are feeling - you will be fine you are doing the best job in the world raising your special alana.

    christy - lol at matilda crawling everywhere - it is cute but can be a pain i really never knew how dirty my floors where until my kiddies started crawling lol.

    dachlostar - lol at hubby and the imagination and good on him at remembering your birthday without reminding - oh btw happy birthday

    sorry for the epic and lack of personals - thought i should stop now as i could probably go a few more pages lol

    thank you for the concern for lani

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    mooshie i am glad your appointment eased your mind a little.I couldnt even begin to imagine the worry you must have gone through and snowy owning your own business is stressful! I should know,as we also own one and at one stage we were in partnership with my hubby's parents and hubby and i always arguing,as i felt they were not running the business equally and were ripping us off.We are no longer in partnership with them,one less stress! Wish i could help!
    Why is it that babies play up at a certain time of day.Millana has been crying on and off since 5pm and it is now 8.Everyday this happens!
    Hubby is no help sometimes.he is fishing with my father at the moment.Lucky him to be able to do what he wants.
    Millana now weighs 4kg and she is just over 5 weeks.Child health nurse says this is good but i know your boy snowy is alot heavier! What was everyone elses at this stage? gotta go she is crying again!

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    ps: you can check out millana below at babies online .I think she is a cutie but i am biased!

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    Mar 2004

    Caddie, Millana certainly is a cutie. I think that Yasin was about 4.5 kg at 5 weeks but I wouldn't worry about comparing Millana's weight to other babies just as long as she is gaining.
    Mooshie, I'm so glad to hear that Lani's scan came back ok. Some of Yasin's joints are a tiny bit clicky. I think that they stay loose for a while.
    Iris, good on you for making that appointment. Please don't apologise for your posts we are here to support each other and for as long as you need to vent feel free to do so. I don't like going to DH's family's gatherings much either. There are so many of them and they all speak Dari (Persian dialect) which I don't understand.
    Spiddles, bummer about not getting your new car loan but maybe they will let you get the other. I like your taste in cars. urgh at having to go back to work on monday.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    just a short one as it's past 10 p.m. and our guests are asleep on the couch while I'm typing this (same room - but I guess they are jetlagged and would sleep with a train going through the room)

    Caddie, IKWYM re. crying at the same time every day. Wolf has that too - every evening he cries and cries and cries... what I have started to do is carry him around for an hour or so, give him a feed around 6, then entertain him a bit more (or if crying, more carrying around), DH and I have dinner (usually in shifts - lol) and then we go into the bathroom for some naked time on the bathroom floor and after that a bath with daddy in the tub. Then he has another feed around 8 - 9 and then I put him to bed. He usually goes to sleep within 30 mins without fussing at all. I discovered this by total coincidence (or better desperation). Nothing seemed to work one night, so I decided to give controlled crying another go. Put him in the cot and was prepared to a tantie that never came. Since then he has gone to sleep at 8-9p.m. every night. Sometimes we need to replace the dummy several times, other times he just lies there without it and looks at the wall quite happily. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks now and I hope it stays that way. It's the only time he goes to sleep without much fuss, while the daytime naps are a completely different story.

    Michelle - the U/S should really be accurate and if the orthopedist didn't see anything wrong with it, I can't see how there possibly could be. I am sure Lani's legs are equal length - I once thought that Wolf's were a different length but it was just the way he was lying.

    Thanks for everyone's support and good vibes. Feeling lots better today though the cough has gotten worse. Bought some cough syrup (all natural) and that made me cough up some mucus and lose my voice for a bit in the evening but now it actually seems better... I hope it will stay like that. Might have another cup of tea just to be sure.

    Oh Christy, I can't wait for Wolf to crawl... it must be so exciting (though you have to keep a close watch then on your baby unlike now where they just stays where you leave them)

    Lara, I hope the counselling works for you. I know how you feel about big families and people with colds etc. I was totally paranoid at Christmas when my brother was there with his family and his wife and 2 kids were all sick... made everyone wash their hands before touching Wolf and totally isolated him in my old room.

    So much to a short reply.. I seem to be incapable of that...

    Okay, definitely going to bed now and leaving our guests sleep in peace.


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    spiddles Guest

    Caddie - Welcome and what beautiful pics on Milana's website.

    Liam use to do the crying thing in the afternoon too but have gotten around it by keeping him up until about 5ish and putting him down for a nap. Midwife told me too is that babies usually get more hungier around this time aswell (she didnt know why) Maybe he is hungry??

    Liam was 4.95kgs at 6 weeks. Couldnt fit me in for a 4 week appointment. Just Remember too Caddie girls dont seem to gain as much weight as boys. 4kkgs is great!!

    Mooshie - Thats wonderful news about Lani.. Maybe the reason why you are noticing more things and worrying is because you are aware of it now.

    Lara - I so NWYM about the 2 door cars!! We did give one of DH friends a lift one day as was desperate and is knees were up on the dashboard in front seat *lol* I hope everything goes well on Wednesday for you!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Mooshie great news about Lani's U/S results. I agree with Spiddles, its probably that you are aware of it. The MHN said to me Alana had a little flat spot in the back of her head. Now I always notice it. And it seems to be getting flatter! :roll:

    Caddie I Milana's weight is fine. But I understand the worry. Just remember every baby is different. And she is a cutie!

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    Caddie - I hope you like your new avatar


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Yay! Me and Lily have finally made it to one month today!! The time has just gone by sooo fast. It's unbelieveable. Details are as follows...

    Forum Name: doe_like_beauty
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 11/12/04
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Lily May Ellen
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/l/lilymayellen
    Health Concerns: None yet
    Notes: 1 week overdue. Induced because of Pre-Eclampsia. 5 hour labor. Drugs used were Gas and Pethadine. Vacuum Extraction used because of Shoulder Distocia.

    Yesterday we saw the CHN. Lily has put on 700g and grown 6cms since birth. The CHN said that she has very good neck control. One concern was though, that the rolls on the backs of her legs don't line up, which is a common sign of Hip Displasia(?sp). So have to ask GP to check her out again at my 6 week check up, in 2 weeks time. I sooo hope she doesn't have it as i have two cousins that have it and one wasn't diagnosied until she started walking, had to have lots of operations and wear casts and a brace for a few years and she'll always have a limp in one leg. [-o< my baby will be alright!

    Look foward to chatting to you all!

    Take care,

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Wow, Kaleb and I make it to one month today too! IKWYM Tegan, it has gone seriously quickly! I really hope Lily is okay - fingers crossed for your 6 week check up.

    Had a rough couple of days as Kaleb went from sleeping pretty well, ie. doing a 5 hour stretch at night, and a couple of 3 hours through the day, to never sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. Coincided with DH going back to work - I swear, babies are very intuitive when it comes to these things! Anyway, have been trying everything and last night put a radio in his room & tuned it to static, turned it up fairly loud, and it really worked! Did two 4 hour sleeps. Hope I'm on to something here and it works again tonight.

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    Pietta Guest

    Welcome officially Beth and Tegan!!!
    I hope the 6 week check up is all good- I think I want a new I mean an avatar too!! I might have to save a bit of money and join!! hehehe
    Now to find that link to join.... (hint )

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