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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, July '05

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    Jun 2003


    Back to school today and I really don't feel like it at all!!!

    Cya tonight


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Girls

    I had a great birthday today cause DP took the day off work for me, yay!
    I got some nice pressies including an electric rice cooker/food steamer (used it tonight, it is wonderful!), plus plane tickets for me and aidyn to go to Townsville to visit my sister in August. Plus a shopping voucher. And my new mobile phone (which I actually got a few months ago, lol)
    We took Aidyn to a really nice park today, and then DP dropped me off at the shops (while he watched Aidyn) so I could spend my voucher... but I couldnt find anything! There were many things I wouldnt have minded... but I was so indecisive, I spent almost 2 hours walking around not being able to decide, lol!

    Kelly - bummer about school starting back up today Hope it was an ok day, and wasnt too hard to get back into it.

    Yvette, it is a 3-drawer filing cabintet, so we have HEAPS of spare room atm, but I'm sure it will fill up in the years to come.

    All the best at sleep school Christy!!

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    Nov 2003
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    Did the usual epic post, even remembered almost everyone and it's lost, lost forever *boo hoo*, I hate that.

    OK oneliners now.
    Ambah- Happy bday, sounds like great pressies, glad you had a good day, and gotta love new underwear. How'd the info day go for the course?

    Christy- good luck at sleep school!

    Mystifying- hope Zeke stayed dry for once.

    Michelle- yay at Kimberly's toilet training.

    Michelle(bris)- welcome but can you change your name cos there are too many of us (Just Joking)LOL

    Yvette- Crock pot makes yummy casseroles and curries, kids hate curry though! jemma refused to eat anything tonight, but grazed all arvo so I'm sure she won't starve. Angus is so cute!!!! He needs to get up there while he can, soon there'll be way less time for it. I can't believe you are down to 49 days. Wow!

    Kathryn- I love night rain, it's freezing here atm, we still had frost and ice at 10.30am. Bugger about the shuttle, I bet someone is in big trouble at NASA, hope they have another job lined up!LOL

    Lucy- so good the conference was motivating, bet you feel really good ATM!

    Kelly- hope you had a good day and things are settling down for you.

    Now I do think I missed people but I don't even have the energy to tell you anything, I guess not much is happening, just pain in the Arse SIL playing dolls house here aged 27, driving me nuts, and MIL being a bit annoying, but that's normal really. I LOL as she said when she's 65 she won't be living inn Kilmore, wants to go to warmer place. I said that when I go back to FT work that we may move somewhere else, rent our house out and buy another and she said " OH FIL said you'll never leave your Mum!" What would they know?

    Anyway enough gotta go
    cheers Michelle

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    LMAO girls.

    Ambah - Happy birthday again babe, sounds like you got some really cool things. Pity the plane tickets weren't to Adelaide

    Kelly - I hope the kids had a good first day back at school

    Christy - Was thinking of you today, I hope Matilda does better at sleep school this time around compared to last time.

    Michelle - Rofl @ being too many Michelle's I was thinking the same thing the other night. My best friend is Michelle too so if I mention the name Michelle I have to say which one I am talking about now. I call my best friend "Our Michelle" LMAO.

    Well not much to report from this end, did all the plans of stuff to do for the next term of playgroup today. I am already hanging out for Space & Weather weeks rofl.

    Andrew was home sick today, and the sun was finally shining in Adelaide. I tell you what it felt soooo good to get out of the house on a Monday. I went and did his birthday shopping, went up to mums, and went to a friends place who helped me organise the coming playgroup term.

    Had a bit of drama buying his present though. The eftpos machine went down apparently when I was trying to purchase it kept coming up with "no bank" tried again and still the same thing. So tried a different machine and it went through no problem. Didn't think anythign of it, cause I had proof that it was saying "no bank" anyway I get home and about half an hour later I check my account for a different reason and saw that I had done 4 purchases in the store all for the same price ](*,) So I go racing back there with a copy of the transactions. The store wouldn't put the money back onto my card, made some excuse about having to wait till after 6pm or some crap like that when they can call sydney and the money should be put back onto my card by morning.

    Well it is now after 11pm and it still hasn't been refunded. They owe me over $100 as the 2nd purchase was refunded automatically but he must not have cancelled the first one properly when it said "no bank" which is the one they owe me for. So looks like I will be on their door step at 9am in the morning demanding my money back if it isn't there which for some reason i can't see it being. I wont be leaving the store either till I have the money whether it be cash in hand or back onto my account. GRRRR

    Tell you what after all the hassle Andrew better bloody like what I got him LOL

    Anyways as I said it is past 11pm so I should hightail it to bed. Andrew just got up, he is off work again tomorrow.


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    May 2004

    Gee you are all a chatty bunch!! So much to catch up on!!

    Amber a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I am glad you had a good day!

    Kathryn... lucky you checked your account!! I'll make sure I check mine if that ever happens to me.

    Sounds like fun at your place Mitch...lol!!

    Yvette, I hope Angus' cold doesn't get to bad... the last thing you need right now!!

    Good luck at sleep school Christy

    Great to hear Kimberly is doing well with her TT Michelle!! Emily only wears nappies at night now or if she goies down for a nap. It funny cause when we first started we would rewrd her with chocolate... now she calls the tiolet chocolate...lol.

    Emily has been going to playgroup for the last two Mondays, she really enjoys getting out and playing with thte kids and all the play equipment... it really wears her out.


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    Tanya - LMAO @ calling the toilet chocolate.... to cute, and great to hear that Emily is loving playgroup as well. I can't wait to get back myself, although by Friday i will be complaining I am tired hahaha.

    Well still dramas with getting my money I went and blasted them this morning and when I got home the manager (who i blasted) rang really apologetic etc, it is amazing how their "mood" changes when they are not in front of customers. he was a bit of a ***** in the store this morning but was really nice over the phone. Weird. Anyway he said something about I should have the money in the account or I can get a cheque by 2-3 pm today. So i informed him if I didn't I would be taking the matter further. He was trying to tell me that the purchases haven't gone through to the head office yet... what a load of crap. Anyway.......

    Andrew just got the lawn mower going so that is my cue to mow the lawns.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Thanks for the Bday wishes girls

    Well I had a SHOCKER of a night. Aidyn is teething again... and I think I must have hauled my arse outta bed well over 30 times during the night. Luckily he slept in this morning, and is having a nap as well now, so should be relatively fresh for our Qld BB meet today! - Jules is coming to pick me up in half an hour!!

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    May 2004

    Things are going ok here. Kimberley has not been on the potty again since the other day but she has taken a intrest in the toilet as i brought her some steps with a seat on it for the toilet so she likes to go and sit in that and go wee, wee, poo, poo.
    So i am hoping she will take to that.
    We have had a few nights with her getting in to our bed and some nights i just don't have the energy to put her back in to her own.

    Tanya - That is so cute calling it chocolate toilet.

    Kathryn - Hope you get your money sorted out at least you went home and checked.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    How'd things go today Kat, did they end up refunding the $$ into your acc?

    Today was nice at our Qld BB meet, which turned out to be a very small party of four (+kids) LOL!
    Aidyn was soooo cranky and clingy though, and refused to leave my lap the whole day. Oh, the one time he did get up the courage to go and explore, he tripped headfirst and landed smack of his forhead, then fully somersaulted over... After that little episode he was cranky all over again (and for the rest of the outing), but I guess I cant blame him, poor little tyke.
    Then when we got home, he was way overdue for a nap, and I thought SURELY he must conk out now.... but no... took me another 4.5 hours to get him to sleep, he was just crying cause of the pain in his mouth. He finally dozed off at 8.30 after singing him lullabyes for about 30mins whilst stroking his head...

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    Aww sound like Aidyn wasn't a very happy chappy yesterday Ambah. I am going to a meet with majority of the regular playgroup mums this morning and since Andrew is still home with the flu I told him he can look after Lachlan LMAO.

    Lachlan has now realised he can go outside into the back yard by himself so I hardly see him now on nice days LMAO. It is a bit cold out there at the moment but he has a thick jumper, pants, shoe and socks on and he has ventured out.

    Ambah - to answer your question no there is still no money in my account, so I will be going to our bank later and picking up an electronic transfer dispute form which the lady at my bank said I can fill in after 2 days.


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    Just locking this thead girls


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