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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, July '05

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    May 2004

    Yep Sarah.. I took the plunge last night and gave her some cereal!! She slept sooo much better She really enjoyed it .
    Great to hear Zander is getting the hang of sleeping thro

    Fi...WOOOOHOOOOOOO @ the ring!!! Now you just have to get it!!

    Good idea about the sippy cup Nell, I did the same with Emily, she didn't get the hang of it so we went to straws... she finally got the hang of those at about 11months.
    I hope Matty is still ok after his needles.
    Well done with the weight too... good job! Here's to more coming off

    Zola, great to see you back!! It sounds like Bas is still a big boy Another kg and he'll be heavier than Emily!!!! Yay @ maybe ttc in Dec!! If I were to have another I'd be thinking about it now...lol. I am already clucky... 8-[ ....But alas, no more for me
    LOL @ the spew in your mouth!! YUCK

    Dink, good luck with your MCHN check! Yay at your good bargin!! Well done!

    Well no night time feed for Violet last night! hopefully a bit of rice cereal has done the trick. I'm not going to tell the MCHN, she doesn't need to know
    Swimming today, then I am going to meet Mum in Shep for lunch


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    Feb 2004

    Yay at your good sleep Sarah - well done Zander!

    Have a good day in Shep today, glad that Violet went well after her rice cereal, sounds like it was what she needed.

    Matthew woke up at 3.45am for a feed! He hasn't done that in a long long time so it was a bit of a shock! He is a bit grizzly today. Not sure whether to put that down to needles or not though.

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    May 2004

    Maybe your little fella is have a growth spurt, Nell? It really puts you out of whack when they wake you at night when you aren't used to it anymore.

    Forgot to mention I woke up this morn with leaky BB's because Violet had been taking so much from me, but missed a feed last night


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow! A lot to catch up on.

    Zola - good to hear from you matey. WOW! Bas has really grown! Uno he is 3kgs heavier than Gab?? Glad to hear you have settled in to your new place. LOL @ the spew in your mouth. That would have been pretty gross! Formula tastes like crap as it is without being regurgitated!

    Fi - WOOO HOOO for the ring!! I can't wait to see it. Does that mean that we can officially compliment you on your engagement?? I am so happy for you guys I hope Jenna has a better day today. Nordy miss not being good for Mummy's birthday!! Tisk! Tisk!

    Sarah - woo hoo @ Zander getting the hang of day and night. That's wonderful!

    Dinky - well done on your bargain! Not bad! I bet Hayley loves it. Good luck with the needles next Wed.

    Tanya - that is soooo great that Violet slept well for you. It goes to show that Mum knows best when it comes to starting solids etc. I reckon Gabby will probably have some Farex before she is 6 months. Maybe around 5 months?? As it is she is drinking more formula at night so I am tipping she will start feeling more hungry sooner. Yay for a great sleep for you! I bet your boobs were about to burst!
    Nell - woo hoo on fitting into your uniform. Nothing worse than trying to squeeze into clothes - it makes you feel like crap. Now you won't have to go through that! Good job! I hope Matty is ok. I'd say it was the needles that woke him up. A bit of extra comfort is needed at those times, hey?

    Not much on today. We slept in until 9am this morning so we are kind of out of whack. Doesn't matter! Weekend tomorrow!
    Neil and I are going to the movies tonight for our belated anniversary. Mum is totally stoked to be watching Gabby. She said she will make sure she is nice and tired by the time we get home. I bet! I can imagine her poking her awake if she tries to drift off. She is being a bugga with her nap this morning (possibly because she slept for 10 hours!! LOL - that'll do it!). Gotta do the groceries too.

    Neil is all excited because his work just took on a rather large client which will ensure plenty of work and good money rolling in. That means he will be able to push for a pay rise at the end of the year - YAY! Maybe I won't have to go back to work. In saying that, he was hinting that I do some casual work because he eventually wants to quit work to concentrate on his business. I guess it will be good in a way. Everyone keeps hassling him to print t-shirts. He does them but doesn't really get anything out of it except less time spent at home and on his own stuff. Once he is no longer working there it won't be a problem! Thank goodness he isn't a mechanic. Urrgh! My friend's DH is alllllllways working on other people's cars and never on his own (or spending time with his family for that matter!).

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    Aug 2004

    Hi All,

    Yay on the uniform fitting Nell. I would hate to work somewhere in a uniform I think - there would always be people who look better in theirs than I do!! Jenna has been doing the 4am wakeup the last few mornings too, but it doesn't really worry us as neither of us has to go to work, so we are sleeping in every day. In saying that, I would be much happier if she slept through!

    Speaking of uniforms, I had to pull my netball skirt out this morning, and I juuuuust managed to fit it on! And that wasn't with a shirt tucked in, so we still ahve a little bit to lose here. And I played against Shane's XW. She wasn't very happy to see us there, especially since Shane was served with intervention orders yesterday becasue apparently we have been harrassing her, threatening, stalking, abusing etc. Hmmmm - it will be interesting to see how the magistrate takes our side of the story!!
    BTW - All we did was take 4 photos of her umpiring at netball last week because Child Support told us to dob her into the ATO as she does cash work. WE need proof, thus the photos. Apparently 30secs of photos is stalking.

    Wow Sarah on that GREAT sleep!! What a good boy he is! I hope he keeps it going for you.

    Tanya - Yay on the rice cereal working Tanya. Mother certainly knows best huh?? And what the MCHN doesn't know wont hurt her!

    Deb - I'm looking forward to seeing the ring too!! Not engaged till the ring is on the finger Hope you enjoy the movies.

    Better go - she is waking up and Shane just does not understand that she needs to go straight back to sleep again!!! Grrrrrr.


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    Fi - Shane's XW is one twisted sista!! I hope that the magistrate sees sense and realises she is just trying to make trouble. What a cow!!
    Ok then! I'll hold off the congrats for when that ring is on your hot little finger (not your pinky... uno what I mean?? LOL). I am still very excited for you tho!

    Just did the groceries and Gabby had the best time. Who needs a fun park?? LOL She was smiling and giggling the whole time. I think she just loves the baby trolleys because she can watch me the whole time. It makes it verrry hard to concentrate.
    Bought some choccie bickies for when I have MG here on Tuesday. Now... we just have to resist eating them (by WE I mean ME ).

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    locking this thread now girls


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