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Thread: 3 months - 6 months November 05 #2

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    Hey Kate that was me that asked about the teeth and talked about TTC again, you sure you're not pregnant again? tee he he

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    wow Kate, that's awesome!! Its great to get some time to yourself again, even if it is only to hang out the washing!!

    Fletch, that's great about Zane rolling, how many weeks is he now? Coby rolled at about 15 weeks and aparently that was early? Who knows, they all develop at their own little pace!! You've got a bright little spark on your hands!!

    Coby has had a wonderful day today, I had one of my friends over who has a baby 10 days younger than Coby and Coby slept for almost 3 hours in the middle of the day!! MIRACLE I must have my friend over more often, it obviously does the trick!!

    How are all your little pickles going today girls??

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    Hi ladies

    Our August forum is kinda quiet 8-[ \

    Brooke that just sounds like a priceless moment with Maya dancing and giggling.

    Deb Al sounds gorgeous. What a little giggle pot.

    Fletchie thats so great that Zane is rolling..what a clever little man. Sammy doesnt seem anywhere near that yet. Hes too interested in stuffing everything in his mouth at the moment. He sleeps with a blanky and just loves that in his mouth.

    Kate thats so great Kelse has slept better for you tonight and today. Lets hope its the start of more settled sleep.

    Bel thats great Coby slept so well for a whole 3 hours. Sammy sleeps for the most an hour at a time during the i race around trying to get things

    Hiya everyone else :smt039

    Well as much as Sammy has not liked his jolly jumper..he loves his fisher price swing. We have hung it outside and he just loves it and does big giggles. I cant believe my little bubba is 16 weeks today. Where has the time gone? :smt102

    Well best go and check the other forums


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    where is everyone tonight? I think Im the only one around....


    Hey - any of you lovelies live near Southport in QLD? I need to find some cheap accommodation for one or two nights there. My friend who I went to school with is in labour as I type this and she is at Gold Coast Hospital, so I am thinking about flying up to visit her once the baby is ok (like in the next few days) so if anyone has some cheap accommodation that they know of, please let me know (just a crappy motel on the side of the road will do)

    Thanks heaps!!

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    Just locking this thread now everyone. Please refer to the relevant month your baby was born to continue your discussion - thanks!

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