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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, October '05

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    We have a tooth.
    No visitors last night so I decided that Nick should get in the roof and have a look for evidence, I don't know what I was expecting but he couldn't find anything.
    Fi: Hope you are powering throu the book, I loooved the pics of Jenna in her beautiful dress. Sounds like a hectic weekend, have fun.
    Deb: My head is thumping in sympathy, yah to mum doing a good job, maybe a overnighter is in sight
    Nell:Hope Matty is being an angel, I love having Eliza sitting up.
    Well we are off to Kew for a birthday party at least everyone wants to hold Eliza so it gives me alittle rest. Problem is if she gets restless and wants to roll around, her very excited cousins jump on her.
    Grrrrrrooooooaaaaaaannnnnnn her cousins all give the super nanny kids a run for there money.
    Wedding Anniversary on Monday so I hope Nick has planned a pressie for me. Can't see any diamonds maybe he has found a better hiding place..lol
    Have a great weekend

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    Hi All. Just a quicky to let you know that Ella is having grommets put in on Monday at the Royal Childrens so I won't be around.

    Bec - We did have a great collection of lotions and potions, but I gave them all away

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    ange-par Guest

    Bec - WOOOHOOO on Eliza's tooth finally coming through =D>

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    Nell - urrgh @ Matty getting up so early of late! You must be exhausted.

    Fi - gee... that does sound like an "interesting" weekend Yes... the single malt whiskeys were lovely. We tried Jameson (Irish), Chivas (Scotch) and Wild Turkey (Bourbon) but I had a real thing for the Wild Turkey "Rare Breed". Unfortunately there was some toss there being a twit and talking about how Bundy rum is heaps better! :roll: (though I don't mind a bit of bundy myself... there's just a time and a place!). Yay for getting through your new book. It must be good.

    Bec - woooo hooo for Eliza's first tooth! What a clever little bubba! Sorry to hear that Nick didn't find the thing in the roof. When he went up there, were you worried that he might come back down with half a face or something?? Have fun in Kew tonight. I hope Eliza's cousins don't go too feral. Happy anniversary for tomorrow.

    Ange - hope all goes well for Ella's grommets. How much better will her hearing be? 100%? Will be thinking of you guys n e way.

    Just had a nanna nap so I feel a bit better. I struggled at the pool. Gab had a good time in the water tho. I think she's getting some more teeth because she has been pulling at her ears and dribbling like a fiend!

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    Feb 2004

    Good Luck Angie for Ella's gromments being out in.

    Yay on the first - it is the first? tooth Bec!

    Thanks so much Fi - I think he is just adorable myself....

    I got to sleep in Deb, yay - I was up at 8.45 thanks to DH - yay! Matty was back to normal - 6am wake up. yay at Gabby's swimming.

    Off to a big family BBQ today, hopefully the rain holds off!

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    Mar 2004
    Hobart, Tasmania

    hey everyone,

    *insert usual poor excuses from zola here*

    I'm officially the slackest BB member on the planet! There just isn't enough time to do everything I want to do. i usually manage to pop in and check up on everyone, but run out of time to post. Since I've been back at work things have just been crazy.

    I'm glad to see happy repports for the most part though

    It's really amazing at just how quickly everyone is growing up!! Bastian has been crawling for about the last 3 or 4 weeks and his first tooth popped up on Saturday!! He's looking so much like a little boy not a baby now. It's really exciting, but at the same time quite sad... my little man is growing up

    Arrggh... I knew it would happen! He's awake now, so I'd better go get him up befpre he gets cranky. That's what I get for getting on BB after I put the washing on and unloaded the dishwasher

    Hoping that all mums and bubs have a wonderful day... and month by the time I get around to posting again!

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    Hahahahahahaaa!!!! Why do I always post under Zola??? I think we are slack twins lately.

    I started reading through this thread last night but gave up with blurry eyes and started again this morning. It was only a little while ago that we all had brand new bubs and now we are talking about teeth and crawling ekkkk!

    Jacob has been going well and has started an amazing weight gain since he has been on solids properly - he's a right royal piggy! We stopped b/f nearly two weeks ago and I miss it but he just loves his independence with a bottle and proudly hold the bottle by himself and gets cranky when you touch it.

    He's also become Mr Super Roller and tries following us round the lounge room - it's suck a cack! He's been up on his knees a couple of times rocking but hasn't gone anywhere yet.

    Well, that's about it from me this morning, my master is calling.............

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    Nat - good to hear from you. I don't blame you for getting all blurry-eyed to catch up. Still... it's been pretty quiet in here compared to what we are normally like so it must have been a relief! Wow @ Jacob holding his own bottle! What a clever thing. I keep encouraging Gabby but she just drops it and cracks the poos, LOL. That's so funny that he tries to follow you around the room. Sounds like he will be walking and talking before you know it!

    Zola - good to hear from you also. Yay for Bas crawling! There's no stopping him now!

    I'm at Mum's at the moment. Mum, my sisters and I decided that we all needed to get together and do some scrapbooking. We all did a double-page spread for Gabby's album. We had a great time! I thought I would stay the night (couldn't be bothered packing up and driving all the way home). Gab slept really well. All practice for when she stays the night at Nanna's in a couple of weeks!
    Her favourite thing to do at the moment is blow big raspberries. I think she thinks she's pretty clever. She is eating her solids a lot better now and the veges aren't so hard to get into her.
    She's still not rolling and still hates tummy time but I keep plugging away at it. I figure she'll get there eventually. Until then, I can still put her down in one spot and she'll be there when I get back!

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    Just locking this thread girls and creating a new one


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