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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, August 2005

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    iris - i was shocked to read about alana getting hit in the face - kind of scary to think that could happen & what a dreadful child to do it to her - did alana's tooth come through yet? hope it was trouble free

    michelle - lol about the pizza - men can be so impatient! how's the party planning going - only a few more days & you will be out of here

    we had a good weekend - well i had a good weekend - went to a scrapbooking party on saturday & i am soooooooooo hooked - it was so much fun & good to get out by myself though i did have to go find a handbag as i didnt need to take a nappy bag DP had fun watching eliana - he gave her vegetables instead of yoghurt for a snack but she got her own back with a huge poo & then weed all over him (would have loved to have seen that but it was a huge eye opener for his single mate that was helping him out) sunday we went to ikea & then to DP's mum but i went to spotlight by myself & stocked up on scrapbooking things
    eliana looks like she might finally start crawling soon - she is moving like she is interested so will see how she progresses during the week

    hope everyone had a great weekend

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    hi girls

    michelle can you believe it was 12mths ago when we were sitting there on belly belly counting down the days and complaining about being preg lol, i can't believe it has gone so quickly. i was thinking the other day hmmm this time last year i technically had 1wk to go - i was so sure i would have lani on her due date 5th sept, little did i know she had other ideas lmao. so sad jessica is turning 1, really this year has gone quicker than any other - i remember when my jessica was a baby the days and months just dragged on - i guess that is just part of being a first time mum for me dunno i suppose now i am so busy running here there and everywhere that bang it is time to go to bed lol.

    larai to read on poor alana being punched, am so glad you told the little **** off, arhhh some people just let there kids run wild they ought to be kicked up the backside. also huge congratulations on your engagement lovely news for you all.

    melbee oh no sounds like you have caught the scrapping bug lmao. there is a forum on scrapbooking now - so you can get heaps of info there, also michelle and i are seasoned scappers lmao, i have been doing it for around 2yrs now, i think michelle has been longer. i mainly do creative memories stuff, i love there cutting system and there albums are nicer imo - only downside is that they are more expensive - but i just save $20 a week and allow myself $100 a month on supplies when i go to a workshop. sometimes i get stickers and card stock from lincraft, spotlight and scrapping shops but mainly creative memories - they have some really nice new stuff out now.

    had a great night friday night scrapping - did a double page on christmas 2001 - i was quite teary when journelling as there was a lovely family photo and poor jessie was in the middle of chemo when it was taken so she looked quite sick - i teared up and couldn't write, i didn't want to put a dampner on the night so i took a few deep breathes and grabbed a coffee. that just goes to show there is no way i could attempt jessica's album yet. i got home at 1.30am and i felt like i had a hangover on saturday, even had a nanna nap lmao and went to bed at 10pm with a trashy new idea magazine lmao. yesterday i went with a friend to jells park it was lovely we pushed the pram with the girls and the two boys rode their bikes, then we had lunch at the tea house, my girlfriend's baby is 6wks younger than lani (her name is alana) and they both had the same pink pumpkin patch tracksuits on = they looked like twins lucky i had the camera with me - took some lovely pics.

    well not much else to report lovely washing day here today so must get on with it. dh is going to be walking around with a big smile on his face all week as we are right in the middle of bdancing time lmao.

    have a good day

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    mooshie - it was with creative memories that i did my scrapbooking & have been looking on ebay for their tools etc - i can't wait to do more pages - i started with photos of eliana from birth (just the hospital ones) ended up doing two pages in the class cause i had so many photos!
    sorry you were sad doing your christmas page but at least you have heaps of precious memories of jessica & when the time is right you will be able to create the most beautiful album now i will go find the scrapbooking forum - at least it has taken my mind of the fact that DP wants to wait till next year to TTC

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    mooshie Guest


    just be careful when buying scrapping stuff on ebay - i know a few people who have paid higher prices especially with the creative memories stuff. alot of the creative memories stuff on there is not available in australia but it comes in a few months after i have seen it on ebay - for example one girl on friday night was showing us her new punches she brought of ebay - two cost her $60 including postage and they cost $20 each through creative memories - she got hers a few months ago and creative memories have them now. my girlfriend is now a creative memories consultant she is really good and has fantastic ideas and we go to her place once a month for a workshop - last friday she had 12 girls so it was quite busy, but i love it, and i do heaps at home usually on the weekends after the kiddies have gone to bed.

    sorry your dh is wanting to put of ttc until next year but just think if i do fall prg again soon then by the time you get prg and have your next little one i know for sure i will be clucky all over again and want to do it again lmao. good things come to those who wait eh. and enjoy the time you have with eliana now cause once you have another you wonder what on earth you did with all your time with just one lmao that's what happened to me anyway. if age was on my side i would ideally be waiting until lani was at least 3yrs old before ttc as i had 21mths between my first two and it was good but time consuming whereas having 4 1/2 yrs between jay and lani has been great, it is like having one child again somedays with jay off and kinder or friends houses and i am really enjoying the time i am spending with lani and jay understands the hard work babies can be sometimes, not to mention she will only take solids off a spoon from her big brother lol - so great to be able to cook tea and have jay feed his sister.

    anyway better go and get organised

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    mooshie - thanks for the tips about ebay - ive only been looking at creative memories things that are in the book & price list i was given so i have an idea what they are worth - ive booked a class for the 10th at my place so hopefully will get 8 so i can get a free album - can you please tell me where the scrapbooking forum is?

    i know it would have been alot of work having the babies close together but i knew i would have coped - two years apart will be good - i just worry about all the stuff you hear being over 35 etc (im 35 in nov) i was just so looking to being pregnant again (which suprised me considering i had bad m/s & panic attacks) its all still a bit raw & i feel numb but at least i have something to look forward to

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    Nov 2003
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    Hi girls

    Melbee- you're in for it now, once you start scrapping you never stop cos it makes you just take millions of photos, that is if you don't have that many already LOL, I LOVE taking photos and didn't think much of it until I started scrpping, now i take series of pics which will be a page LOL. If you look carefully on ebay you can find some good bargains, you really need to know your prices. I too love cret mem custom sutting system, but I can't afford the albums etc. While it is disappointing having to wait for ttc no.2 at least you will get that alone time with Eliana, cos Michelle's right it is busy with 2 close together. Arron wasn't happy that Jessica and Jemma were 18mths apart cos he was worried Jemma wouldn't get the same attention that jordan and Joshua did, they were 5 yrs apart and there is 3 and a half yrs bt Joshua and jemma. They still get al the hugs and kisses they need but I am way tireder having them close. I'm sure it will turn out the way it's supposed to.

    michelle- I blinked and 12 mths was almost gone. Not fair! I get teary just thinking about my baby being 1! I am not doing much party wise yet, just waiting to see how many I will have and then I'll do it in the week bf the party. It has turned out that BIL is arriving the day bf Jordan's bday now too, so we won't be having hordes of people here so that's good for us! The page you did sounds lovely. Giving yourself time before doing Jessie's album is a very good idea, you will know when the time is right and in the meantime you can keep taking pics of the others, if you're like me you won't run out ! how are you going party prep wise? Good luck with the bding Fest!

    Lara- how did I miss the part abuot Alana being hit? How'd the tooth go?

    Hello to Snowy- hope the move is going well, and Dasch- hope you are feeling ok and Yasin isn't being too cheeky and running all around the place yeT! and Pee- hope Things are good for you too, and that Ryley is behaving, his bday is not far away too, how are you feeling about that.

    Anyone else I missed!
    Jessica had her first play outside yesterday after the christening (we ended up going), she had an absolute ball, she will be hard to keep inside once she works out how to open the door!

    have a good day everyone

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well and your babies too.
    I bought Yasin his first pair of shoes on saturday so that I can let him walk outdoors if he wants to. He's so funny in them. He sits down and refuses to stand up and when he does finally stand and walk he start picking his feet up really high. I geuss that we won't get much wear out of them #-o . The lady who fitted them said he had fat feet :-s which is a bit wierd because the rest of him is very skinny indeed. He eats like a horse but he just stays skinny. Every time he gets plumper he seems to lose it all within a week or two.
    DH and I ended up not going to SILs party. I don't know what excuse he made (probably work - his family must think he works 24/7 ) but we spent a lovely day relaxing, doing a bit of shopping and watching movies.

    Michelle, IKWYM about being a bit teary because Jesssica is almost one. Sometimes I feel a bit the same way especially since Yasin is in such a hurry to do everything. He's walking more and more now. He hardly ever crawls unless he's in a real hurry and this morning he walked in a hurry so I geuss that he's almost over the crawling.

    Mel, I'm sorry you have to delay TTC for a while. Sometimes I think I should have waited because of the hard work aspect and also because I feel a bit sorry for Yasin that he'll suddenly have to adjust to having to share his parents. On the other hand I'm really looking forward to watching Yasin and his sibling growing up together. I geuss that whatever the gap is between siblings it has its pros and cons.

    Michelle, good luck with the BD fest. I hope we're reading about your BFP in a couple of weeks.
    Sorry to hear that the Christmas photo was so upsetting. One day you'll make a gorgeous ablbum for Jessie.
    How are your party preparations going? I'm not sure what to do about Yasin's party. Its in the middle of Ramadan so my original idea of a picnic is out and I have to plan something for night time. my house is too small to have a big party here so I'm kind of stumped for ideas that don't involve hiring a function room. Maybe a BBQ by the beach would be nice but most places turn off the BBQs at dusk.

    Lara, I hope that you have recovered from the punching incident. You've got to watch out for those first teeth. They're sooo sharp. I found that out when I got my boob bitten. I was scared of losing a nipple every feed for a week afterwards.

    Snowy, I hope that the move is going well for you. I hate moving - I always manage to lose something and injure myself trying to pack. DH and I are planning to move somewhere bigger in about 6-8 weeks so we'll have to start looking soon. I'm hoping that DH can move us while I'm on holiday. It will keep his mind off being lonely. He's planning to go to QLD to play golf with my brother and his best friend but that will only be for 3 days so he'll need something else to keep him busy for the rest of the time. I think he's going to miss Yasin like crazy. He misses him when he has to work late so I'm not sure how he'll cope with a long seperation.

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    Feb 2004

    Mel - welcome to the addictive world of scrapbooking - lol HERE is the scrapbooking forum, it's in House, Home and Money.

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