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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, August 2005

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    pee - the meet up was great - it was good to finally put some faces to the typing!

    mooshie - has AF turned up yet? i hate it when she is late for no reason - hope lani is still doing well with her sleeps

    not alot happening here - have had a pretty quiet & relaxing weekend so it has been good - plus DP has been very helpful around the house - for once!!!

    hope everyone else had a more exciting weekend

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome Snowy and Wolf to this forum.

    Happy 9 months Wolf!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hey girls
    I am on my way home tomorrow, had a chance to catch up so thought I'd see how you all are.

    Mel- so nice to meet you and Eliana is gorgeous. Bugger AF, oh well back to the bedroom LOL

    Michelle- hope Af is still away LOL wouldn't that be amazing since you really thought you wouldn't be.

    Welcome Snowy and Wolf. Your arrival means I don't have long left in here, that's sad.

    I have had a nice time, shopping heaps, not that I brought much, just enjoyed being at the shops childless, lOL, got a haircut and new style. Am missing the kids and Arron, find I feel a bit lost sometimes as I haev nothing to do.LOL Who would have thought I'd worry about that.

    Hope everyone is well and i will catch up when I get home.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    michelle - glad you had a great time away & it was also good to meet you - funny about you feeling lost but by the time you get back home you will definately have forgotten that lost feeling!! you will have to send photos of your new haircut & let us know what arron thinks of the change - hope the kids still recognise you!

    i've decided it's time to get serious about losing some weight but because im lazy im thinking of doing one where the food is delivered to your house - will have to check if it's ok to do it while breastfeeding plus TTC - at least it will be healthy food from what ive seen on their website

    eliana is getting around a bit more - not too far but she kind of bops along on her bum - is cute to watch but generally doesn't move more than a metre or so - she is loving music - anytime she hears it she starts bopping away - am looking into kindermusik at the moment to see whether it is worth it

    time to get eliana to sleep though she is enjoying playschool right now!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    michelle welcome back to sunny melbourne NOT lol it is pouring over here today, typical lol. hope you had a really great time

    snowy welcome to you and wolf and to the little snowmonkey #2 growing in there, how are things with you.

    melbee hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. i did a thing called mini maestro's for jay when he was around 2yrs old and he did it for 2 yrs and loved it. i am going to be slack with lani, probably only put her in a playgroup for next year, only really because of the cost of things. i would love for her to do swimming but jay does it and it costs $130 per term, he started when he was 3 and is really confident now, it would be different if we had a pool but i just can't justify spending that much money for lani when she is only really learning about water familirsation. i did it with my first when she was 6mths old for a few terms but she got way to many ear infections and it really was a bit of a waste, so i just take what i have learnt from watching and we do most of it in the bath at night.

    well af arrived for me on saturday the stupid cow was 2 days late (she is never late) arrh i wasted my money on 3 tests so i am not going to buy any this month and will wait until 5 days after i am due for af YEAH RIGHT she says lol, should be a bit easier though for the two week wait as i will be right in the middle of organising lani's first birthday extravangza lol, that is what i call it 65 adults and 40 kids, invites are out so will know if a week or so exactly how many - my dh was saying as i was writing them out the other night now who else can we invite sheesh doesn't he think that is enough - probably around 1/2 is his family anyone, that is why i am calling it an extravaganza lol.

    hope you all have a good day and michelle hope you had a nice warm jumper on when you landed back in melbourne,.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    Michelle - hope that you get your BFP this cycle then, damn AF! Thanks for your advice, I have been thinking that I could be low in iron. I started AF last week and I think that made me feel so crappy, cause I am feeling more normal now.

    My mum is here to stay for 2 weeks, but she is gone everyday because she is doing a course in Brisbane. But it is good to have her here, and she is making me eat well!

    Mel - I think the food in those diets is pretty well nutritionally balanced, but because you are bf you might find you have to eat a bit more than is recommended to cover the extra nutritional demands of breastfeeding. But they will let you know about that anyway!

    Hope everyone is well


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Thanks for the welcome home Michelle- it's def cold back home, 8 deg in melb on arrival, very sad, but had to come back, missed everyone. jessica looks like she's grown, must be all the junk food they have been eating while I was away, and she isn't just walking anymore, she is runningLOL. She is soooo gorgeous.

    mel- good idea to ask about BF and TTC before signing up, Good luck cos it's def tough losing weight. How cute Eliana moving that way LOL. Gotta get that on video!

    Bon- hope you work out the iron thing, and great to have a visitor, maybe yuo guys can sneak out for dinner a few times while she is down LOL. What course is she doing.

    How are you Snowy and how's Wolf?

    Dasch- how are things at your place? When does your Dad leave?

    Hope Alana is well Lara!

    I don't think I missed anyone, if I did very sorry!

    I am staying home tonight, will scrap next Monday, am looking forward to dinner with the family and cuddles with them and also with Arron, I missed him! But I am so tired as well, I was awake at 5.45am this morning and 6.15am every other morning while I was away. My BIL's car got towed on Fri nigth when we went out for dinner, the place he parked had changed their signs to say towing and we didn't realise, so I felt terrible cos he spent $95 on dinner and then had to pay $250 to get his car back. These places would be so rapt at making such easy money. And my sister just kept going on and on about it cos she was so ****ed off, I know they won't be parking there again.LOL

    Oh well hope everybody is fine
    Cheers michelle

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    mooshie - pity we can't get our money back on negative pregnancy tests- they should come with some sort of guarantee - good luck with this month - im just taking a very laid back approach & if it happens it happens - your extravaganza sounds like it will be a great day, just make sure you take heaps of photos to show lani! i know what you mean about the cost of things - luckily at baby expo i got a voucher for 1/2 price swimming lessons which i will start in a few months - still looking into the music thing

    bon - i got an email back from trim a weigh & they recommended 1400 a day to keep up with breastfeeding - the food looks so yummy & i guess after being on it for awhile will give me an idea of what i should be eating - will start next week as i need to eat stuff in the fridge/freezer to make room - hope you are enjoying your mum staying with you

    michelle - glad to hear you got back to cold melbourne - did arron like your new hairstyle? that is bad about the parking ticket - where was it? guess BIL should have checked the sign! im sure the kids are happy to have mum back

    haven't seen snowy or dach in here lately so i hope their boys are thriving & their pregnancies are going well

    im having quite a boring week so far - nothing planned till thursday then it's busy till monday - guess i should do some stuff around the house but might take eliana out for a walk - it still makes me laugh the way she is moving around

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hi girls! Here we are! I can't believe my little man is 3/4 year old!
    He is cutting his first tooth (I only realised when he bit me in my big toe Sat night, lol)
    Will have to read up on all the previous posts - so sorry for no personals atm.
    Busy packing our household - 6 days until we move!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    how are we all today

    michelle - how was last night back at home, always nice to go away but it really is nice to get back in your own bed isn't it. did everyone like your new haircut. whenever i get my haircut ds just says it looks the same bless him

    melbee - boring weeks can be good sometimes. i haven't worked now for 7yrs and i go through a real down phase every few months or so of being bored etc etc. i take the kids for walks and i think gosh it is quiet am i the only one with a boring life lol - sometimes i do miss working in the grownup world but i am so thankful and lucky that i can be at home to raise my kiddies.

    snowy - yay on wolf cutting his first tooth - they come through in blazes now - lani has cut number 6, but her cheeks are firey red atm so it looks like another one or two may be on the way - she won't open her mouth to let me check tho. and omg i just saw your ticker - 14wks gone i can't believe how quickly time goes it feels like only yesterday i was reading that you were expecting again. good luck in the move - i hate moving let alone to a different country.

    well i really should do something around the house i suppose.

    have a good day

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- IKWYM about feeling bored sometimes, seems like when I am finally not working everyone I know starts working LOL, Oh well, I will be back fulltime in 2011 so I have to try make the most of the time I have off, but I will be glad to get back than I think. All the kids will be at school and we will be poor LOL And as for the haircut, Arron said I have had a simialr cut bf so no biggie, thought that would happen lOL. I like it so that's all that matters.

    Snowy- good luck with the move, there must be heaps involved moving vountry, so glad I'm not doing it. When we brought our house we moved down the rd and around the corner and that was bad enough. Your Dh got a job in England didn't he?

    Mel- hope you aren't too bored and the food sounds lovely, when do you start? Arron did miss me and I missed them all too, wouldn't want to do it too often.

    Anyway, nothing much happening, I am sweating on Yvette giving birth to her twins today, waters were broken this morning, I hope things are going well.

    Catch up soon

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    well it is quiet in here isn't it - we msut all be super busy. i have been on checking out the posts but haven't found the time to sit and post myself.

    all is going well ehre - lani say's her brothers name now she crawls around saying ay ay ay for jay it is sooooooo cute. she has gone back to waking up happpy (no crying just chatting) at 7am which is great dunno what those hungry wake ups at 5am were about. and she is cruising the furniture which is all too cute today she actually took one step from the lounge to me so that was exciting although she was very unsure, so i am thinking it will be a while before she is walking yet wish she would hurry up i hate the crawling stage - too close to the ground to put things in her mouth (she had a wheel of a matchbox car lastnight in her mouth) and not to mention how filthy she gets lol.

    well i am going to bed to read a trashy magazine am scrapbooking tommorrow night so it will be a late one for me and of course i am busy organising her 1st birthday for the 11th - invites are out and rsvp's have been filtering in, have ordered a jumping castle and a face painter for the older kiddies should be a fun day - lets hope the weather will be kind to us there is no way i am having 60 adults and 40 kids inside my house lol.

    take care

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    Mar 2004

    Hi ladies, i hope you're all well and your bubs too.
    Michelle, It sounds like you enjoyed your holiday but its always nice to get home too isn't it. I'm a bit envious of you having a nice new hairstyle. I need a haircut so badly but i never seem to get time. Whenver my hairdresser is open and I ask DH to look after Yasin so I can get a cut he makes some stupid excuse.
    Mel, I hope you're over your boring week. Sometimes I get reaaly bored too but then Yasin always does something funny that reminds me how lucky I am to be a mum.
    Michelle, grrr at Af arriving doesn't she know when she's not wanted. You're going to be flat out for tne next couple of weeks with lani's party coming up. How did Jay's dress up day go? What did you end up making him?
    Bon, Its good to see you. I hope you're enjoying having your mum to stay.
    Snowy, have the floods affected anyone in your family? I hope they're all OK. You must be flat out packing now and I bet its heaps more difficult with a baby helping you.

    My Dad is getting married in England in October. My sister and I have decided to go to over for the wedding so I've just sent off Yasin's passport application. His photo looks so cute. I'm a bit nervous about making such a long journey with him and then nearly two weeks in Englad. On the flight home my sister won't be with me so it will just be me and Yasin :shock: #-o
    DH has been a total DH this week so I'm not talking to him. He's forgotten to get a present for his niece's 1st birthday and I'm not going to bother reminding him tehehe. SIL wanted $100 presents for her but she'll be lucky to get anything from us. SIL has really been annoying me lately because her daughter is a bully and she doesn't bother pulling her up on it. The staff at her child care center have spoken to SIL about it and it seems to have gone totally over her head that they've bought it up because they are concerned not because they think its a big joke. Whenever I take Yasin to play with my friend's babies if they snatch toys from each other we make them give them back but when DH's niece does it SIL just laughs at it and lets her do it. Am I being too uptight to think that if a one year old pushes another baby and takes its toy that thier mother should take the toy take away and give it back to the baby that it was taken from?

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    mooshie Guest

    hi dachlostar

    arrhh at your sil some people grrr they honestly have no idea.

    england nice you will be fine with yasin and travelling what an adventure sheesh i didn't even have a passport till i was 19 lol.

    jay ended going to kinder as batman after all that - as it was book week they needed to dress up as a character from a favourite book, he wanted star wars but we had no book on star wars and i just could not find one anywhere so we compromised and he was happy to go as batman - and i made "bat bisuits" in the shape of bats it was good and the best thing was i asked his teacher to keep an eye on what he ate (he has a nut allergy) and she said we should be proud of him because before he ate anything new he would go up to the teacher and ask before eating it "has this got nuts in it" am so proud of my boy he must really be listening to me lmao.

    night am really going now my eyes are closing lol

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    snowy - the time is going fast - soon they will be one - how is the packing going - where in london will you be living? good luck with the move

    mooshie - that is so cute that lani is saying ay - its amazing to think in just a short time everything they learn - lol at crawling & ending up messy - eliana is exploring more (not crawling) & i have no idea how she finds the smallest piece of something - glad jay's batman was a success

    mitch4now - hope all is well with your kids & you aren't missing the sun too much!

    dach - that is so exciting to be going to england - maybe you can meet up with snowy? im sure yasin will be fine on the flight back with you - usually the air hostess (or whatever they are called now) help out -well they have on my flights with JAL

    my week didn't turn out to be that boring - i went out shopping with eliana yesterday & bought her more clothes!! only cause finally i have found some clothes i like that arent pink - DP told me the other night that he doesn't think he is ready for another baby & not sure if he wants another one (which im having a hard time dealing with) he wants to wait till eliana is 1 so hopefully her cuteness will have changed his mind by then - i told him i wouldnt go back on the pill so contraception is now up to him! i'm going to a scrapbooking party tomorrow afternoon - never been to one so it should be fun plus interesting to see how DP copes while im gone

    have a great weekend

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Michelle I'm still around. Thanks for wondering. Alana is doing really well. In fact last night we felt her first tooth coming through, Finally! Poor Frank found out when she bit down on his finger.

    Anyway not sure what is going on with me, but I am all over the place. One minute great and then the next terrible. I am wondering if its the implanon. My doctor has sent me to get some blood test etc, so we will see.

    Dach grr at SIL. And how exciting about going to England. I'm sure the trip with Yasin will be great.

    Mooshie sounds like Lani will be walking by herself real soon.

    Snowy yay on Wolfs tooth. I hope you move is a smooth one.

    Hi to everyone else.

    Got to go, need to bath Alana and get tea ready.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    gotta hurry have to pick up the pizza.

    Lara- so glad to see you, I have heard only bad things when people are on the implanon, I had an IUD once and it was good, took awhile to settle spotting wise, but my gf has had hers in for 2 yrs now and swears by it.

    Michelle- how's the party planning going, our invites are out for the 11th also, I have heard a few people can't come as they are busy, going away etc, and I am not worried in the slightest as we invited 87 adults and 32 kids, the less the merrier LOL
    Gotta go Arron is screaming at me to get pizza and i can't think
    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Ok Well I am back, I am annoyed too cos I had to get the pizza cos Arron had a few beers at the TAB! So he shouldn't carry on at me! Oh and he is watching cricket and yelling and screaming, we are in fgor a lovely night LOL

    Dasch- sounds exciting going to Eng;and for the wedding. I am sure you'll be fine on the way back,cos you will have already had the experience of flying over. I still don't have a passport cos I haven't been out of Australia yet, not likely either while the kids are little!

    Snowy- saw the floods over there and they are awful, hope you are all ok and safe, and also hope you are going ok witht hte packing.

    Mel- I am not missing the sun too much it is supposed to be a lovely weekend here so looking forward to maybe doing some wedding (I must be nuts!)

    Michelle- hope your scrap night goes well.

    Anyway I am sorry for anyone I missed, we only have 7 sleeps until Jessica's first bday! I am very sad!!!!

    Cheers Michelle

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