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Thread: Babies Born April 2007 #10

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    Disgorl, Good to see things are going well for you and Ben, hope to see you around more often.
    Well we had our first night harness free and I dont know how you guys do it. mmmmm at 4am this morning olivia woke us up crying so Adam rushed to her. He found her upside down and at the other end of the cot and cold. Then hes telling me we should put perspex around the cot so he doesnt get her head stuck. I explained that thats why the slats were a certain width...ozzie standards....then after he put her back within 5 minutes she was crying turn, down the other end, limb out.
    So my question, after months of being bless with physical restraint (joke) what do we do? I dressed her in a bonds wondersuit, should I put a sleeping bag over the top? Is this just how it is from now on? Feel like I have a brand new bub again in this department. We ended up popping her in with us and she slept well...except I got the raw end of the deal and couldnt move or I would have fallen out of bed.
    Hope everyones well
    Love Melissa

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    Disgirl - great to hear from you. Are there any piccies of Ben? Do come around more often!

    Mel - ummm yeah, that's what Pip does every nap. Not just at night You can get these thingys from Baby Buntings to put around the cot to stop them flinging arms out, I didn't bother, I just put him in his wondersuit and then a sleeping bag when it's cold. When it's warm, I don't bother with the sleeping bag. You may find she prefers sleeping on her tum - if I leave Pip asleep on his tum he tends not to move around so much. And I've put pics of him trying to escape on my gallery.

    ETA - tried that custard Kris, he loves it. Gave it to him mixed with the applecustard jar he likes, then onto straight custard. Tonight will try it mixed with the banana rice cereal and see if that works.
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    Mel- Yup when we put Phoebe in her cot without her snuggle bed she manages to get into positions where I just stand there and think "how the hell did you get there". The snuggle bed keeps her contained and she seems to like the comfort of it. Many times I have gone in and she is hugging the side lol She used to sleep on her back but just lately the only way she will settle is on her side and she sleeps mostly like that a night.

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    Hi guys, remember me seems like forever since I've posted in here. Some times I find it sooo hard to keep up LOL...but I always read the posts.

    We've just gotten back from a very nice Holiday, Coral Bay is the nicest beach I've ever been to. However due to my being extremely weak & jumping at the sight of anything that moves I didn't got snorkling, however I managed to see the amazing coral from a "Glass Bottom Boat" .

    Melissa - Congrats to Olivia!!!
    PMSL at her moving about in the cot, it can be frustrating but at the same time very funny. I check on Charlie each night before bed & think "that can't be comfortable". We had the prob with him getting his legs caught & I just use the Sleeping bag day & night & haven't had a prob since. I have a summer one, during the day he just has singlet underneath & at night a thin bonds suit & nothing else in the cot. Though he doesn't get cold it already 40 up here!!! ouch. We often have to get up to rescue Charlie when he's stuck on his tummy in the corner trying to burrow out LOL.

    Kristie - Well done to Dlyan crawling etc, wow what a clever boy! No crawling here, but lots of rolling's amazing how far a bubs can go just by rolling. Hope Dylan is more settled now.

    Jen - How is it all going with the Sleeping, hope it's going well for you. Have you tried giving him the wrap to cuddle, this is what we did for Charlie when we started unwrapping him. It's a good comfort tool also as we have heaps of them, he now snuggles it...very cute.

    Ooooh Charlie has just woken, I can hear him banging his dummy on the cot rails...that cracks me up. So quick update, he's now sitting up well...took a while but think that is due to his size. He was 9.2kg at 7months & is ahhh 78cm from memory - very long anyway, the girls in my mums group wanted to know if he needed a king size cot LOL. Ahh we've only just started with Breakfast, were only having lunch etc but have introduced this as we are now having a wake up each night. Not sure if it will work but hey, need to start some time. Charlie eats anything & everything...he also eats fairly chunky stuff - never like pureed. We've done, tuna, cheese, lots of vegies, chicken, lamb, weetbix, yoghurt...all going well. Getting very excited about Chrissy here, esp since we are heading home to see the family for the first time in 8months. Have bought & wrapped my Chrissy presents. Bought Charlie a Santa Sack & have just finished my Cards I feel very organised. Though a little upset the Sleepsuit I bought Charlie for Chrissy eve doesn't fit due to his very long legs. Does anyone know where I can get Chrissy PJ's from? Ok, thought I'd get to reply to everyone, but someone just had a pathetic arvo nap & is cranky. Talk soon, take care everyone.

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    time for a new thread everyone

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