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Thread: Babies Born April 2007

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    Hi Ladies,

    I know Ryan was born on the 22nd of March but I would like to join in with you guys if thats ok.

    I have been MIA for so long. Partly due to computer issues but mainly due to spending 24/7 with my beautiful little boy.

    I can't believe he is now 6 weeks old. He is putting on heaps of weight due to him being a complete guts. At night he still wants to be fed every 3 hours, if I am lucky 3.5 hours so I am suffering from sleep deprevaition. I need to try and sleep during the day as I tend to use that time to clean the house so when evening comes I am absolutly exhausted.

    I can't believe how big he is getting. I don't see my maternal health nurse again until the 8 week mark so I am not sure on his weight at the moment.

    I breast feed also and express so DH can sometimes do a 5am feed for me. Due to my breasts being so full I can't sleep in for too much longer though. Lately he has only been wanting to feed on one side too but I guess if he is putting on weight then its ok.

    He makes me laugh so much with his funny facial expressions and noises. They are wonderful time wasters aren't they?

    Well I hope you are all well and I will do personals next time.

    I still need to change my ticker but need to try and figure it out.

    Love Linda

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    Linda - Great to hear from you!! Sounds like everythings going great for you and your family! Yeah!! They certainly are good time wasters...It's great when they start interacting - you can just spend hours with them playing!
    Good luck getting some more sleep - A nap through the day is definitely a must - but I know how easy it is to get side tracked...Hmm I probably should be having a nap now! LOL!

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    Time for a new thread everyone.

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