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Thread: Babies Born April 2008 #5

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    Nettie and BJ: Wyatt had his hearing test at the hospital when he was only a day old. It helps to reduce the number of baby/children that go undertected with no hearing. (photo in my gallery)

    Nettie: What was your cot mirror thing called? I guess a cot mirror....

    Oh can someone put link up to both new threads when this one ends...?


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    Hi Sarah
    In Victoria private hospitals do not do hearing tests on newborns...
    The reason he had this one is because the antibiotics they gave him when he was in hospital a few weeks ago can cause deafness

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    Sharon All my bottles are avent ones - have no idea about BPA or whatever it is and generally don't buy into the whole this product is better for BF babies or for plastics or whatever. Have always felt all that stuff was a bit of a crock. Anyway, glad to hear that Jordan survived his avent stuff and Luke will do the same!!

    mgm I am so hearing you on the caffine allowance!!! I have decaf coffee so I can have a diet coke at lunch. sometimes I just want a proper hit of coffee, especially since going back to work.

    Clueless I tried to ration the dummy with Luke, but if it isn't the dummy it is his hand or his clothes, so I figure a dummy is fine. I know that I will have drama's later on, but I figure if it helps him sleep I don't care. I also don't intend to buy the dummies for older babies. I will leave him with his baby ones and see if he doesn't get rid of them himself. DH and I also get narky at each other. Partly because we dnt DTD as much as he would like and partly because i have to do everthing for Luke while he plays on ebay or does his own thing, We will get there!! Also, expressing is BF'ing, in fact I think it is harder than BFing!! The milk is free but you get all the sterilising and measuring and heating up dramas that go with bottle feeding. I would have told them to F off - just me!

    Nettie Good luck with the cloth wipes!!

    Second week of work went fine. Luke is still being a champion an sleeping from 7-8pm until 6-7am.. .it is truly awesome and I can tell you that I need the block sleep to keep going each day. I dn't seem to stop from 5.45am until he goes to sleep at 7-8pm. I then have to cook dinner because instead of doing that DH is playing on the computer or talking on the phone. Expressing has been fine. Some of the people in the office don't really get that while I am expressing I can't really do a great deal, but I get there. MIL is also getting used to not wasting the EBM so all going well. Anyway, Luke is squawking so better go.

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    The bismo free plastic isn't a ploy, for those interested. Plastic is a nasty substance. It is causing hormonal disruptions all over the world in women, and that's it's good point. I use medical grade plastic for my milk freezing that I got from the ABA. I'm sure they cost way more than they should, but that doesn't make plastic any more friendly. It just makes those companies cashing in on it. Typical. We may be a more extreme family (don't use microwaves, mobiles, plastics etc) but one of the first things we ditched when we had a microwave five years ago was microwaving with gladwrap on the food. Big no no. Then we ditched the machine all together, along with many other unnecessary dangerous items in our home. Not enough research done on these things, and the research that is done isn't showing any of it to be too good. Can't be too careful when you don't know enough, I reckon.

    We were offered the hearing test in the hospital and although we rejected everything (including the paediatric visit, she was rather offended. Whatever.), we took them up on that. Reluctantly. (we've had many bad experiences with the medical profession). True enough, they got soap in his eye, a big pool of it (trying to stick the wires on) and Dh abused them and stormed out vowing to trust his gut more often. I knew he wasn't deaf. In fact, I know he has wolf hearing, just like his sister. I have good instincts for these things. Can you believe that one (of the MANY) incident in my hospital experiences was DD got covered in mercury as a newborn as they came to take her temperature and accidentally smashed the thermometer on the table? Can you believe that?

    I've weighed DH three times in his life. I have no idea what he weighs now, but he is massive, I know that. Not fat, but quite long and solid.

    The goat soap looks great. I'll get it. At the moment I'm focusing on the cause, but I am interested in helping his symptoms as much as possible. Putting him to sleep is very difficult cos he is so uncomfortable and rubs his face against my shoulder and grizzles. Aloe helps the most at the moment. It's clearing a little each day. I'm taking footage and photos to share with other mothers who may need to know how to do it.

    Turkey is a better meat as chicken has been messed with so much. Plus, it has a certain protein structure that can be allergenic. So can turkey, by all means, but not as often. Chicken allergy is not uncommon. This diet allows you the least allergenic food in each food group, but no food is completely free of risk. C-section babies suffer more because of not going through the birth canal and getting the gut flora, plus any they do get is wiped out with the antibiotics. It's called c-section skin it is so common to that group.

    ETA - clueless, the dummy debate is difficult isn't it? I tried, but it didn't take. So I rock him to sleepy and then hand him his silky. He is getting better at sucking his fist. I think a dummy has some merit in that you can restrict it to bedtime where you can't with a fist/thumb. They can pull their fist out of their mouth to explore, but most dummy kids don't remove the dummy during play which interferes with their development. I am sorta glad Ci didn't take to the dummy cos I dreaded the never ending replacement thing. You can read the No Cry Sleep Solution as she has the sucking association remedy. It's no-cry, as it suggests, very gentle way of letting them have their sucking need met yet not acquiring a suck to sleep association (or breaking one if it's already there).
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    Sorry I haven't been around for ages... Trying to catch up and I've read the last two pages of posts...

    We're well and fine.. Though have had a bit of a setback in the sleeping area. I feel kind of bad being upset about this, but Lila only sleeps from 10pm-5am now that I have her in the cot. Used to sleep til 9am. I've been getting up and bringing her back to our bed. She feeds and sleeps for a few hours until I'm ready to get up. I'm really upset about it. I tried putting in the wedges to keep her feeling cosy and in place but she moved with them. I'll try putting her down in a grobag tonight, I'm sure she's waking up because she's wriggled out and is cold. Silly thing.

    CLUELESS-- Expressing is hard! You should be so proud you've done it for this long, don't let anyone make you feel bad for it. You're doing it tough. I expressed for 6 weeks and thought I would lose my mind. I was really suss about getting Lila back on the breast since we'd had a heap of problems (attachment issues, thrush, etc) and to me breastfeeding meant gritting my teeth through pain. I put her back on and started weaning her off the bottle. It's taken a few weeks but we've just had three bottle-free days in a row. It was easier than I thought to get her back on and its soooooo good not to have to mess around with the pump and bottles. And I actually enjoy it now, amazing. You keep on doing what is best for your baby and do tell idiots to F off.

    More personals soon, must go feed the Lila.

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