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Thread: Babies Born August 2005 #17

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    Hope you are in labour Soph or close to it!!!! C'mon lil boy!!!

    Trace, Bugger about the bunks but hope you get some more to bid on soon...

    Fletch, he's prob dreaming about more more more too!!!hehehehehe

    Storm, she is a little bugger, isn't she!! She must think your cervix is a mini trampoline just for her fun!! Hope you get some sleep tonite...

    Rae, I am eagerly waiting your results in the morn!!!hehehehehe

    Cass, Yay on deciding that u and Dh want another bubba now!!hehehehe. Our bubbas are just too beautiful and adorable, that they make us want more!!

    Bec, glad to hear m/s has kept away so far.. Your lunch sounds fab!!

    Well I'm feeling good except for being extremely tired now and then. It kinda hits me and I have to rest!! OOOH, I think thats the easiest of symptoms!! hehehehe

    Have a app with doc tommorrow to work out what hosp to go too and which ob she can reccomend. I went public at the Women's last time, but now we have health ins, I want to go private so I can get my own room(for peace and quiet mainly!!) And also I will be a high risk preg again cause I have the Rhesus factor blood prob and Nick is a positive blood type so have to keep checking all the way through my preg to make sure bubs is ok..Cause not sure what blood type bubs will take. Jack took my negative blood type so he was no probs!!

    Sorry for the essay girls I just kept on typing!!hehe

    Better go and get a good sleep.. Night all..

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    Sorry ladies - STILL here!!!!!!!

    Platinum membership has run out today so no av until I get organised and pay!

    Muffet woke at 5am this morning but was asleep at 7pm. 10 hours is pretty good I say!

    Rae - Have you tested yet????????

    Lucie has poopas big time atm. Think it's teeth. Very stinky.

    Off to ob clinic this morning so will see what's happening then I guess. Probably do an internal I suppose.

    Will catch up on personals later - gotta change this stinky bum!

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    AAAAAAW Soph, this little bubba is just so comfy, maybe the internal today (always something to look forward too...) will get things moving!!! Good Luck matey potatey, it surely cant be too far away!!! I am so excited!!!

    Well I have just been sent the second chance offer on the bunks & think I'll snap it up... I have til later today to decide (but I get a lot of fun at bidding this takes the joy away! LO!!!) But silly to just want the win hey when it's perfect for what we want!!!

    Indah woke crying last night & would wake & scream whenever I popped her back in cot so she slept in my arm til 4am then I popped her back in her cot & she is still asleep... I think it's her teeth!

    Alex Lucky you for no M/s, only feeling tired is doable hey!!!

    Storm I hope the little jumping bean is letting you get some rest!!!

    Fletchy how's Zane??? does he want...More, More, More!!!!! hee hee

    Rae, PLEASE COME IN & TELL US!!!!!!!

    Bec, Brooke, Cass, Lousie etc, etc... Helllooooooo

    Thank Goodness its' Friday, I am wagging work at 11am, Iam gonna add some clothes in the buy, swap, sell thread later today of Indah' some she never got to wear!!!

    Ok Soph, sorry I am so impatient!!! hee hee Just bloody hurry up!!!!!!!!

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    OH SOPH!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited ...scrolling down so quick and each time it wasnt you I was like ..OMG OMG! But I am sure you are way more disappointed then I am hehehee

    Hi to everyone else...Rae are you testing today?.

    We have some friends in from Melbourne today so I have to get to it and try to finish a little early.

    Trace...enjoy your wagging!!!!!!


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    Time for a new thread Ladies!

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