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Thread: Babies Born August 2006 #5

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    hi sarah, good news about DH, i know what you mean they know how to make a nuisance of themselves when they are home for a while huh!

    Emilia spends most of her time on the floor cause she loves it. she also sits in a bebe pod a lot of the time as well. last feed is at 7:30 - 8:00pm, sometimes a dream feed at 10

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    Hey all!

    Sarah - Lucas spends the majority of his awake time on the floor! we bought him a big activity mat for xmas, so I lie him on it, put a heap of toys all around him and leave him to it!! I said to DH, that I think getting the mat really helped Lucas roll - before we had the mat he was under his activity gym and there really wasn't the room to on his mat he rolls all the time, and spends sooo much time on his tummy which is great :-)

    So what does William do when he's awake? do you have to hold him a lot?

    Your other question....Lucas's last feed is normally around 7pm - he'll have a bath before that, then his feed, then straight to bed, and that is him until anywhere between 6am and 8am! is William sleeping throught the night?

    Leah - that is great you met some other mothers :-)

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    We went to the beach today as my mum is down there for a holiday and comes back tomorrow, Had a good time, I am getting Charlotte a new car seat this week, as i just found out that all car seats need to be replaced if they have been in a car accident, and i have been drinving around like this for 18 months, but AAMI are going to refund $200 so i am going to get the Safe and sound car seat, i can not remember which one of it is but it is one that you can turn them around up 12 kgs.

    I also have been feeling nausious the last few days, after i eat and this morning i was throwing a banana in the bin and that made me nearly throw up, I hope i am not pregnant, but if it contunies i am going to buy a test.

    Sarah- Charlotte normally has a feed about 6:30 and 7pm and will go to sleep after that but she still wakes up normally twice a night for a feed, she also spends alot of time on the floor, she has just descovered that she can roll again.

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    Kelly - OMG if you are pregnant - you'll be in the 3 under 3 club like me!! Its hard, but always worth it

    Hey to everyone else. No personal tonight, very tired, and worn out... its hard being a single mum to a 3.5yo, 22mo, and 7mo... but i can do it!!

    Looking forward to our meet

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    OMG!!!! Kelly!!!!! could u be? have u had ur AF back???? OMG!!!!!

    hi everyone... just a quickie b4 I head out to the gym.... Havin a councellor come over today and my doctor gave me meds to take yesturday but Im kind scared to take them...duno why? I spose I just think If I take them Im kinda clasin my self as a fruit cake or something... I jsut neva thought I wuld b in the position?! Im the one who makes everyone happy!!!! not the other way around...

    ah well gota run...

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    If the meds are going to make it easier to cope, why not take them?? i was on ad's after declan (i had ante natal and post natal depression) and during my og with Anneliese. just make sure you have good supports in place, and dont expect too much from yourself - baby steps in the early days hun you will get thru this my email is [email protected] if you need to chat... or even just to vent bout anything...

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    Time for a new thread girls!

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