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Thread: Babies Born August 2007 #4

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    Emma is booked in to start swimming lessons in February. Glad 2 hear Ela is doing well.

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    kim - belated birthday wishes kim!!! hope u had fun. i know what u mean abt moving bub. i thought it was going to be tough but the earlier u move them the easier it will be for hayden to get used to it. i think the best would be to put him in the cot when he's falling asleep so he doesn't realise. i had to move ella coz she was getting to long for the bassinet n that was more than a month ago so she didnt realise anything! lol =P

    mollygirl - hi molly!! welcome. never to lateto join the group. well, most bubs are doing all those stuff but not mine! =P she's taking her own sweet time n i aint complaining. hehehe....nice to have the baby-ness for a little longer but i dont think it will be for long. abt the feeding - i think it sounds abt the same for ella too so we must be doing something right! perhaps a growth spurt? anyway. ella sucks her thimb when she goes to sleep n at first i was not happy abt it until i realised that its just her way of self soothing n makes life easier for me too! i dont have to run to n fro to give her the dummy.

    sonia : haha...that's funny - driveby rollovers! =P

    campari : i give her water every now n then but most of the time she wont take it. but even a few sips will do with the hot weather. i was told that bm will chage with the weather so it's not really necessary...just try it, i dont think it would hurt. as fro drinies...i made sure i ebm first this time. dont want a seedy baby anymore!!! =P

    sehra : hi sehra!! wb. wow, one tooth already. so cute!! was she all whiney n grumpy n all that as the teething was happening?

    o well, happ ynew year ladies!!! by the way, we didnt go to the park....ella slept thru all the bangs n booms of the fireworks!! so we just stayed home n watched the fireworks on telly.

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    Hi girls!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just poppin in quickly to say hi. Welcome to Molly - My DD Colby is also born on the 3'rd. Born 2.44pm weighing 9lbs 7oz and 53cm. Whats you little girls stats???

    We all good. Had an ok chrissy and not so ok NY's. Long story!

    Girls are both good.

    Lots of rollling for Colby. All around the lounge room in fact. She can also sit on her own for a little bit. No teeth though. I do suspect they are'nt far away though. Lots of gumming and dribbling. I have also been giving her rice cereal mixed with some tin apples. A few weeks ago i tried it too and she still had the sucking reflex so i gave it a miss for a while. Tried her again yesterday and was greeted with a wide open mouth for the spoon! Lots of laughing and giggling. Just a beautiful happy baby all round.

    Hi too you all. Happy 5 months to Ela! I can't believe our babies are going to be 5 months this month already!! Time just goes so quick!

    Hope you are all well. I will be back for personals in the next couple of days.

    Take Care!

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    Hi Ladies,
    Ela wasn't grumpy or anything like that whilst teething her first tooth. She had and still has lotsssss of dribble. I change bibs like 5 times a day, she has that much dribble!
    Does anyone's bub want to just get up? Ela uses her elbows to support herself up, once she was lying down, head on a pillow and she used her elbows to get upright. I swear this bub is going to be walking by 9 months! Ela is turning but not quite rolling as yet.
    Sara - great to see Colby is feeding well too. Yesterday, i gave Ela some mashed food rather than pureed and she took that rather well too.
    Take care all

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    Time for a new thread found [URL="http://"]HERE[/URL]

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