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    Forgot to say I found the perfect cake for Coco. Was sitting talking to MIL and was flipping through this months super food ideas and there was "Coco Pops Bear". So that is it, we decided it was perfect for her, looked so cute, she's our baby bear and obviously coco pops!! Love it
    Also for food we're doing frankfurts, fairy bread, mini pies, and generally just party food. i will also make some sandwiches I think. Really simple. I found with tilly that every year I did kids part food (from 1 year old ) and the adults just loved it!!
    Better run, school starts today and it's the first time doing a run from the inlaws. It's going to be in peak hour and both there and back will be during coco's sleep times. As she's having 2x1.5 hours sleeps these days, im not sure what is going to happen, she won't sleep in the car. So basically IM a bit stressed.
    Anywya, sorry no personals again, it's just so hard to get on the computer. I have 10 mins at about 6am when coco is in bed with tim.
    talk soon and have a great day xoxoxo

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    That cake sounds great and I have to agree that adultd DO love kids party food! Especially the grandparents!! I haven't thought about cakes yet... will have to give it some thought. With the big twins I made a purple and a pink butterfly (one for each) for their first birthday. Lily's was a Winnie the Pooh cake.

    Good luck for the first school run from the in laws. Hope it is not too stressful.

    Renee, yes I have a million stories about the things the girls used to get up to and they love to hear them too. The twins favourite is a poo story and when you are all feeling not too grossed out, I'll tell it to you. It IS gross but oh so funny, one for their 21st, that's for sure. Alot of the early years are a blur but I do have some choice memories that I keep tucked away.

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    Time for a new thread fpund HERE.

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