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Thread: Babies Born December 2007

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    Congrates Haroula on the arrival of Chrissies.

    Michelle - I must admit I loved it when I put DD1 on the bottle. DH bonded with DD by doing the late night feed and the morning feeds. It was their special time and they are so close now Plus I got to go to bed at 9pm and was not required until the middle of the night. I think I am going to delay toilet training until DD can fully understand what is going on.

    Poor Loren has been grunting and pushing all night on and off. There are plenty of fluffs but no poos Not sure what to do.

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    Hi ladies!

    Was wondering what everyone has bought as far as a breast pump goes...?! am going out this afternoon to buy one...but not sure whether to get a manual or electric.. etc.

    any ideas!

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    Time for a new thread found [URL=""]HERE[/URL]
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