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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #4

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    Oh and Clarrie is 6 months today. Hip hip hooray! He had mashed avocado and we had mud cake. And balloons, which he loves. The 6 months has gone so fast...

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    Brodie's shots went OK - I mean how good can it be to be jabbed in both legs and feel like crap - but he handled it well - came home ate a bowl of weetbix, a petit mian yoghurt (sp), and some apple juice then got in the jolly jumper, jumped around for 20minutes and then had a power nap for an hour and then skulled 240ml of formula - so i think he is OK - let's hope he doesn't get a temp....and things will be fine - he's asleep at the moment so i totally expect the 2am specialty but that's part of the job i suppose

    well hope you are all well - hugs to the bubbas

    talk soon

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    i'm so frreaking tired.
    well last night DH slept in the new bed and I thought I'd be having a glorious night filled with comfortable sleep.....

    BUT NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I was pretty much up every hour.

    Luxxe was fussing spectacularly. I'm not sure why... but she was clawing at her head hepas and I spent half the night trying to sleep whilst holding her arms away from her head and face.
    not easy.
    so tired.
    going to the optomertrist this mrning and then its going to be in bed all day.
    even though my parents are here and my nonna.....i just can't be bothered.
    maybe I need the rescue remedy.
    hmmm.... haven't used it yet so I'll give it a go.
    will come back when i'm more human

    but Happy half Birthday to clarrie.

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    Akeesha Guest



    Di - Glad that Brodies shots went well. From the way he is eating then I'd say he is going to be just fine! Gotta get Kobi's next week or the week after. Have to have a look at the schedule.

    Laura - I hope you are feeling a bit better after your rescue remedy and a bit of sleep. Try and get as much sleep as you can.

    Personally I have had it up to here with Kobi and her lack of sleep. I am so sorry for going on about it in just about every post but I just need to get it out. I have head a gutful. Last night she didnt even want to be fed and just wanted to get into bed with me. By about the 7th wakeup at 6 ish I said to DH that he had to take over cos I wanted to try and get some sleep at least. He had her and patted her bum and she went to sleep. But about half an hour later she woke up and was screaming. It was like she had just gotten a huge sudden fright or had a nightmare or something. DH reckons that it was cos she woke up and he was there not me and she got a shock. I am not sure about that cos she has woken up beside him before plenty of times.
    Urgh.. I have finally realised I am being suckered in something chronic and she isn't hungry she just wants to sleep in my bed. I mean I sort of knew that anyway but part of me worried whether she was hungry. The last few nights have proven that is NOT the case.
    I really have to gather up the strength to CC. The bags under my eyes are now suitcases with enough luggage to stay away from home for a year!!!!!

    She is crying in bed now..but I know in a few minutes she will be asleep. She has her little dolly (this teeny raggy old pink rag doll thing Tyra found in her playroom and gave her) She takes that to bed with her now.

    DH and I had a fight last night about money. Well actually it wasnt really a fight cos halfway through the conversation I stopped talking to him. I told him I refuse to discuss money with him cos it always ends up messy. There are alot of things coming up over the next few months and everytime I bring them up or suggest things we need to/could do he cracks it. We have the big o/s trip of course. But we have Kobi's naming, my mum AND my stepdad's 50th birthdays,my sisters 16th birthday and Tyra's 6th birthday. And thats just the major things. That's not all the little things like school pics and birthday parties Tyra gets invited to etc. I am sick of money and having to worry about it and fught over it etc. Drives me nuts.
    Last night I told DH that I am just going to have to get a job and put Kobi into care. There is no way I want to do that or personally even think I need to but he thinks I should. He didnt notice the tears in my eyes and the sadness in my voice when I was talking about putting my baby in care. I am not knocking those who work and have their kids in care..and I am probably just being a sook... but I get heartbroken thinking about it. I could never put Tyra in care and I don't think I can do the same with Kobi. Urgh....

    Ok enough whinging...sorry.

    Better go tend to Kobi cos she is STILL crying. Hmmm I think I am in for a bad day.

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    Sal Guest


    Hi girls!

    Happy halfway to Clarrie Gee does time fly or what?!?!

    Lisa, sending you huge hugs and also some scaffolding to help with your super-size bags under your eyes. Hopefully Kobi will sort herself out VERY soon. Maybe she's teething??

    Laura, bummer that your first night with your new bedding arrangement didn't go as smoothly as hoped. I believe babies have their own secret manual, one that contains things like 'your parents are expecting things to go well tonight, so you have to wake up heaps and keep them on their toes' and also 'ok now you've shattered your parents, they are zombies, so better act REAL cute so that they love you heaps again'. I've asked Miles where he keeps his manual, but so far he hasn't revealed it's location.

    Lisa, $$$ is an issue here, we don't fight about it, but I do get stressed (like when we get a heart-attack creating bill like the electricity bill). If you feel that you don't want Kobi to go into care, then you'll just have to work things through with DH. No point agreeing to do something that you really aren't comfortable doing.

    Yay on the haircut Julie! Today I thought my friend was coming to visit so I put big effort into blowdrying, styling, hair mousse etc etc and it looks awful. I might as well not even have washed it!

    Di, gee that was quite a list of food that Brodie ate. I'm not giving Miles fruit juice (ever) as I personally don't like it myself and believe water is the only thing he needs. Glad to hear that his shots went as well as they could.

    Miles gets his shots next Thursday (actually on the day of his happy halfway) but my mum will be here, so I have moral support for the very first time YAY.

    Misty, hope your uni result was good.

    Hi to everyone !

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    hey there all

    some days are just tooooooo hard and i just wanted to send a BIG to you all.

    Laura take the Rescue Remedy - it pretty much works straight away and you'll be thankful for it.

    Lisa - Sell DH - that's a good way to make some extra cash ( just kidding )

    Sal - Brodie gets juice but having said that it's the diluted baby stuff (no sugar) - that's 2 parts water 1 part juice and i then add extra water to it - he hates water - so I'm trying to get him to like this stuff and gradually it will all end up being just water...I'm a tricky mummy

    As of yesterday, these are Brodies stats:

    Weight - 8.75kgs - give or take he wouldn't stop wriggling - lol
    Length - 68.5cm
    HC - 44cm - glad i don't have to push that out

    I'm pretty pleased with these results - especially given that he was 4 weeks early and only weighed in at 2.6kg at birth - i must be doing something ok

    talk later

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey All,

    Sal - I am still thinking about the work thing and if I can get in to a good carer then I am ok with it maybe once or twice a week for short periods...but still havent decided. I am not sure where I am headed there yet. SAHM's really need to get paid better money if you ask me! I am sick of always butting heads with DH about money. It's really the only thing we fight about. And we don't really fight we just get upset with each other. In my next life I am going to ask to be rich

    Di - Kobi drinks that diluted no sugar juice that you were talking about. She also won't drink water and will drink that in small amounts. She didnt like it at first but is getting used to it now. I like your trick of watering it down further and getting him slowly into the water. I think I am going to try that.

    Still not doing well re solids but I have spoken to a midwife about it and I am feeling ok. I know it takes time and that she may mess rund for a while yet. It's just a case of introducing her to different tastes and waiting for her to take to it.

    Well after my post this morning I did indeed have a very bad day. I ended up on the phone to DH crying then Mum crying then the childbirth unit where I had Kobi. I got some advice and then made an appointment to see a nurse/middy at my doctors office. In the meantime with all of this crying and such I got a return call from the sleep clinic and am booked in for an overnight stay next Thursday night. So thankfully I am getting some help there. Pity it can't be sooner but I was lucky to get that.
    My mum is coming to stay with us for a few nights and is going to help me at night with Kobi so I can at least get some sleep. DH has also said if I need him, he will take some time off work.
    The midwife basically said to me that I need sleep and I need to have at least one night where Kobi is looked after by someone else and I actually sleep through.
    So we will see how it all goes. I am going to attempt cc tonight. Tyra is in my bed so I have to be strong tonight.

    I had a bad day today (Kobi wouldnt sleep today either..managed an hour and a half in total) but I reckon things will be better tomorrow.
    I so beleive what others were saying in here about babies just being extensions of you and feeling and acting out everything we do and go through. I know that when I have a bad day she does. I will have to consciously aim for a good day tomorrow.

    On a good note the course was great last night. I felt great and it was a really good night. It's going to be quite spiritual based (not as in religion but as in holistic and looking within) so that I am really looking forward to. We did a lovely meditation and I might even do that tonight before going to sleep.

    Ok going to finish my cup of tea and then go to bed.

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, glad to hear that help is in sight re your mum coming, your DH offering to help out by taking time off in need be, and also the sleep clinic. Norty little Kobi, not sleeping!

    Re the water vs fruit juice, well apart from the early days where I gave Miles some water in the hot weather (from the bottle) I haven't given him any water since. So that's not to say he's going to take to it! But if all I offer is water, then I know he'll drink it. It's just a personal thing, with me hating fruit juice and both me and DH being big water drinkers (it's actually all I drink apart from some milk for calcium).

    YAY for Brodie's stats - you couldn't tell he was premmie!

    Well, I have to very tentatively report that Miles has finally seemed to turn the corner with his sleeping. We haven't done anything different (except not give the late night/middle of the night bottle) and he is just sleeping almost through the night, I wake to rock his hammock a couple of times, no big deal. Of course, now that I've written this, he'll become a nightmare again LOL

    Jillian, how're things with you and Immy?

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    Ooh I think I might have the heaviest bub now :eek:

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    He was 8.9kg when he was weighed on June29th!

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    hi all,

    well i have the internet set up again (thankgod) so i should be coming to visit more regularly.

    this weekend looks to be a busy one, we have to get jelly's six month shots, get her baptism dress made for next weekend, attend a welcoming at the church and i promised my younger sisters i would go to the movies with them sometime this weekend - on top of this the house needs a drastic clean and i have several loads of washing that needs to be done. lets hope i find the time (and the weather is more conducive to washing then it has been).

    i am sorry to hear that some of you are having problems at the moment - financial or otherwise, i hope everything works out well for everyone.

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    Sal Guest


    Jillian OMG at the nurse! Luckily for you, you have BTDT with 2 other kids, but pity the first-time nervous mum who believes that nurses advice to be professional and sound

    Yay on Imogen getting moving! I wish Miles would start moving about more LOL.

    Re the solids, I am totally unfussed by how much/whether Miles eats on any given day. I am still just doing the one meal a day with the solids attempt. I just think, how many 5 year-olds do I know that only drink breastmilk/formula? None! All kids get there in the end, so I'm not worrying about it anymore (I was getting all worked up, feeling quite panicked about the whole thing: am I giving enough variety/texture etc etc).

    Lucky for you the sun's out. Here it is grey and blerk. Don't think I'll head out at all today

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi everyone

    I have been trying to get in here for a few days and my computer has been running slow so I havent managed it til finally I got in today YAY!!!

    I havent missed much which is good. I don't have heaps to read lol.

    Sal - Great to hear that Miles is sleeping better. That's got to be a load off your mind and making things a bit easier for you.

    Jillian - Yay for Immy getting into the solids. Kobi is still fumbling but getting more keen now. Before we know it they will all be chomping down on everything lol.

    Misty - Great to see you. Glad you have interent back on and that we will see you more.

    Ok well my update...sorry if it is long.

    Firstly I applied for a job. It's just casual/part time work at Coles supermarket. There is a new one opening up near us. I need to do it for my own sanity and some extra cash. I am hoping to get night and weekend work but if I do need to work during the day I will restrict it to a few hours here and there. I am happy to put Kobi in care with someone if its now and then and only for a few short hours.
    I have also been thinking alot about going back to school. I have for ages and have wanted to do Midwifery for the longest time. I have decided to bite the bullet and apply! I may not get in for a while or I might get right in..who knows but I am definitely keen. I am not sure whether I will start next year or the year after though. Its a 3 year course direct entry to Midwifery so I dont need to do nursing...unless I choose to do a double degree. I won't now..but may go back later and do nursing if I choose to. It's full time but I will probably only be at the uni maybe 15 hours a week and the rest will be study etc. I know someone who is doing Div 1 nursing and her full time hours are only 12 hours a week. So I assume it will be about the same.
    The uni I am looking at have an open day on the 20th August so I am going to that but I will be taking a squiz at some other uni's too. I have until some time in September to apply for next year so have time to browse. Good thing is DH is supportive of me finding a career I am passionate about and knows it's something I want to do. He said he will support me in every way while I do it. So I am not getting to ahead of myself cos anything can happen in that time but I am ready to do something in my life thats different and follow my heart!

    Now for Kobi's update. We have still got our appointment on Thusrday for the Sleep clinic but I am hoping by then it's just a formality. We have been CC since Thursday night and it's been going well. She still wakes but not as often and settles herself within 2-5 minutes. I feed her once in the early morning at around 4 or 5 and then not again til she wakes for the day. Its going pretty well so I am hoping that by the end of the week she is only waking once or twice if at all.
    Her day sleeps are good now too and she is giving me 2-3 decent sleeps in the day. Usually at least an hour and a half in the morning..then the same in the mid avo maybe a bit less..and it's anywhere from 40 mins to an hour and a half in the late avo/early evening. Then she goes to bed at 8:30. So we appear to finally be getting there.
    As with her solids...she is starting to get into them more. She still isn't used to the spoon but will get there in time. She is really liking her custards and doesnt mind her mixed vegies.

    So all in all things are going well here. We are busy and have lots going on but for the most part everything is going well. I am still sleep deprived but not half as much as I was even a week or 2 ago!

    Oh and Kobi has been waving too! If I say "Hi" to her and flap my arm up and down in a waving motion then she will copy me. I love these moments.

    Ok better go. She is rolling around on the floor so I am going to go have a play with her before picking Tyra up.

    Have a great day

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    Akeesha Guest


    You guys posted while I was typing out my novel lol.

    Just wanted to say omg Jillian what a ridiculous comment by the nurse...scream it out??? Somne ppl have the weridest of ideas dont they.

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    Hi all, just been catching up on what's been happening.

    Lisa, Well, so glad to hear that Kobi is sleeping better.

    And great news about deciding on the midwifery course! Fantastic. And do tell a bit more about your PD course if you have the time. I'd love to hear. I try to do some sort of meditation/relaxation thing each day, but have been really off it for the last few weeks and yet I know that it helps me feel saner. I just did some last night and felt heaps better today.

    Money - yuck. Too bad we have to have it. I know what you're saying about putting Kobi in care. Hope that all works out if/when you start to work.

    Sal, glad to hear that Miles is sleeping through as well! Are you going back to study next year? How's the pregnancy progressing?

    Brodie is doing so well, Dianna. We'll find out next week what Clarrie weighs.

    He is going well with the solids - avocado, rice, sweet potato, banana. God, I even stewed apples tonight. That must be a first. I'm really getting into the whole thing, but I'm sure it won't last...

    Jillian - Imogen sounds like she is on the move soon. Clarrie is still happy to lie/ sit.

    But he is starting to pull his legs up a lot while on his tum. Hope he doesn't crawl too soon! Our house is so NOT-baby proof it isn't funny :eek: I've made a half hearted attempt to sort out the kitchen so it is not as much of a disaster for when he does start to crawl.

    Laura - I've had that rescue remedy in the past. I think it works or maybe it's just mind over matter. Who cares? Hope you've got some sleep one way or another.

    Misty - good luck with the baptism this weekend.

    We went to a garage sale on the weekend and bought a $10 futon mattress and have plonked this in front of the fire with a rug on it and now we all lie on it (dog included, OF COURSE. They always know the comfy spots).

    Had a good day today. After all the visiting the last couple of weeks I've decided to have a 'home' week and today I didn't go out at all. It was great. We just mooched around and had a great time playing and going for a walk. I even managed to finally turn the car seat around to face forward!! Tomorrow I've got to do some shopping, go to the physio for my neck, and then Mum's group. But the rest of the week is free. Yay!

    Okay, better go. Big hugs to everyone and their bubs, Julie

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning all

    It's Kobi's halfway birthday today!!!

    Happy 6 month birthday Kobi Jade!!!!

    Cannot believe I have a 6 month old baby and not a new born anymore...i know that went a long time ago now but 6 months is like a turning point isnt it. It just changes the game ever so slightly hehe.

    Kobi slept from 8:30 last night to 4 am!!! She stirred for about 2 minutes and then didnt want to wake up again and be fed til 5:30. I tried cc on her for an hour or so but it wasnt going to work cos I htink she was just hungry so I fed her. But needless to say...I am impressed with her sleeping til 4. It's been ages since she has done that.

    Julie - I will fill you more in on the course each week as I learn more and more about it. We have another class on Wednesday night. The whole course is going to basically cover the soul/spritual side and getting to understand ourselves on a much deeper level. Loads of meditation...which I need. I am really looking forward to it.

    Ok better go. Kobi is screaming the house down..needs a feed and bed.

    Have a good day all.

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    can't talk - I've still got cleaning to tend to from the weekend - i'll bbl to give you the low down - but needless to say my house looks like a rubbish tip and i just need to clean it....

    gotta do it NOW!!!

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    Sal Guest


    Happy halfway Kobi

    Lisa, that is great that Kobi is turning the corner with her sleeping, and a huge YAY for you, deciding on studying! I think if I was younger I'd consider doing midwifery, I think it would be such a fulfilling job. Who cares about the shiftwork when something wonderful is always going on?!?! Fingers crossed you get in to the place you want and start studying it next year!

    Julie, Miles is doing the legs up thing a lot too! What does it mean?

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