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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #4

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    Lisa - that sounds really good with Kobi. Good luck with night #3!

    We've had 2 mornings of the '3am poo' - hope it doesn't happen again and start a habit!!!! Clarrie's digestion, etc, is obviously changing to cope with the solids and there has been copious amounts coming out at that time!! Poor little thing. He seems to find it a bit distressing too but I'm sure that will pass. (hehehe, unintentional joke!)

    cheers, Julie

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    Hi, very quiet in here. How is everyone going?

    We had a rather bad night last night with Clarrie crying quite a bit. Finally put him to sleep in our bed at about 1am. Poor John was starting 2 weeks of 2 shifts at work and he scored the early shift - starting at 5.45. So he went and slept in the other room!

    I've decided on a quiet week this week to stay at home and do some gardening - getting some patches ready for herbs and veges. Your worst nightmare, I know Sal

    Well, off to bed early tonight and fingers crossed that we will have more sleep tonight.

    Julie xx

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    Hey everyone!

    Yah! - we finally have our internet back! I think i'm addicted, cos i was going crazy over the past few weeks not getting emails, and no ebay

    Anyway, I have to be quick cos D.A is asleep, so I need to get lots of things done..

    1 - Happy half birthdays to all the little bubba's! I can't believe 6 months has passed already... D.A's 1/2 birthday was on Sunday... I remember so clearly all you guys posting that you had gone into labour, was going to the hospital etc, and there I was, sitting around, huge & pregnant, and very overdue.. Which is funny, cos my EDD was the 12th... Anyway, in the end I think it was just me and Jillian posting here.. And i was so jealous of all you guys, not so much cos i cared about being overdue, but because you got to all be cuddling your little babies, and i couldn't be..

    Anyway, D.A woke up with his first tooth on Sat morning... Fri night he was up like every 2 hours, and we couldn't work out what was wrong.. Finally at 7am i said, just give him panadol (then he slept for 3.5hrs with me in bed), and then when we got up i said, maybe he is teething (more as a joke), and I felt his mouth, and there was a big sharp tooth...

    Sat night was pretty bad also, he has done like 8 poos a day and he has a bright red bottom, but last night was a bit better, only ever 4 hours or so!

    Also, i went to the dr today, and got a referral to see a colo-rectal surgeon about possible having surgery on my rear end.. At least that way i might end up feeling a bit better! Not sure what my options are, but I was really lucky, they had a cancellation for this Thursday, so i don't have to wait 4-5 weeks like normal... Anyway, my mum works on a bowel ward at her hospital, so she told one of the resident drs about me (seriously, the amount of the drs, pateints and nurses who seem to know all about me is just scary, i don't like visiting her at work cos they know all these things i don't want anyway, not even DH to know! - why does she do that??), but this dr referred this partical surgeon who i think specialises in my kind of cases... I am just so sick of being in pain every time i do a poll (sorry if tmi), i tear and bleed and can't sit down for 10 mins afterwards (dh calls it the bum dance, cos i walk around the house trying not to cry not being able to walk properally)

    Also, we are trying to train DA to sleep without being wrapped, as he was just getting too big for the wrap we had (we needed to get a special one from America with inbuilt arm resraints, as he was just too strong and would get out of every single wrap we made for him, no matter which way we tied it etc..)... So, when he got unwrapped he would wkae himself up anyway, and also would get frustrated when he woke up still wrapped and couldn't move very much.. We have dont it for the last 3 days, just went cold turkey and he seems to be going really well. The first 10 mins are hard, as he seems to keep pulling his dummy out accidently and re-waking himself up, but once he is alsspe he is fine, and also he wakes up nicely and talks to himself for like 10 mins

    Also, we have been co-sleeping for the past few months, and have decided to move him into his cot, mainly cos when i move around (just him and me in a queen bed), it makes him stir a bit, so i think he might sleep better on his own.. I think he might like one nap lying down with me, but in general i think he is better in his own cot...

    We are trying to do our sleep routine again, resettling him if he wakes under 1 hr, rather then just getting him up cos its easier.. Anyway, he have been trying for 2 hours up, 2 hours down, and being strict about being home to get him into bed, because really thats what he needs even if i want to go out.. It seems to be good for him.. i thin routine seems to help him be happier.. I don't really care if he has the same nap times each day or not, its not for me thr routine, just as long as we don't leave him awake too long (cos he can easily stay up 3 + hours and then just suddenly loose it, even if he didn't show that many tired signs before)...

    I order new glasses today... Which is good cos i hated my old frames, but i felt bad buying new ones just for looks, but i got my eyes tested and needed a new prescription, so i didn't have to feel guilty! I used to wear contacts but my eyes have been very irritated lately, my optometrist siad preg/breastfeeding hormones make your eyes dry and so thats why the contacts werenm't so great then.. he said wait til you are finished and then have another try.. I wanted to say, after i finish b/f i want to get pregnant again, so i wont be wearing contacts for like 20 years... i might get a few packets of single use contacts so that way i can wear them if i am having a good day kinda thing!

    Anyway, DA is becoming usettled, might go give him a feed and try and get him back down!

    Hope you are all well, sorry i don't have time for personals, although now i'm online again, hopefully i'll post again tomorrow!


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    Sal Guest


    Hi girls!

    Julie, sorry to hear Clarrie has been a bit of a handful. What does your DH do, if you don't mind me asking (I'm just a regular sticky-beak!). Maybe because our bubs are all over the six month mark, their fussiness could really be teething (like clever D.A.!). Yep you're right, gardening is my worst nightmare. My mum came to stay last week and I got her out in the garden for a day, we had literally done nothing with the garden and gee she turned things around.

    Yael, ouchie on your bottom issues. Is it all a result of the pushing in labour, do you know? That must be awful, being in such pain every time you need to ...ahem... 'go', I know I couldn't put up with something like that. Hope you get booked in for surgery very quickly

    Ah that is so interesting about your going cold-turkey with wrapping D.A., Yael! I still semi-wrap Miles (I still have him in the hammock, I tuck his sheet in so tight that he can't get his arms up) as I have the same problem of him flailing, pulling the dummy out and also scratching at the mesh on the hammock (sure you and Julie know about that). Good to hear that bubs do learn to go to sleep without wrapping.

    Laura, am already jealous at even the preliminary discussion of a holiday! I haven't been to Bedarra but I've heard it's great. LOL at having to wear a swimsuit! I have the good fortune of not being in a situation to need to wear swimmers for a long time (Canberra is sooooo cold) and when I do it'll be huge preggy ones again.

    Lisa, hope Kobi is still sticking to 'the program' re her sleeping

    Dianna, thanks for wishing me no m/s, well I can report that I am utterly symptom-free this pg (last time I had tingly nipples on and off, not even that this time). Thank goodness, huh!? Changing poo-ey nappies would be truly horrible if I was feeling nauseas.

    Not much to report here. Miles is going through a whinge-y stage, it seems. Perhaps because I'm pg I have less tolerance for it...I am soooo glad when DH walks in the door in the evening, that's for sure.

    Oh! my news, if I had any, is that I think I've discovered why Miles won't sleep properly at night. It seems that he is a little heat bead and dislikes being in a warmed room. We let the room go very cold (down to 14 deg C) and he sleeps, well, like a baby! I had the best night's sleep last night! If only he had told us this, as we only heated our bedroom for him, and we have a $750 electricity bill to show for it (d'oh!). I blame the 'baby books' for this - they talk of an ideal temperature range, but this doesn't apply for Miles. No wonder his head was always so sweaty, he was in a heated delirium at nights!

    OK must go, my little grumpling demands attention.


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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi Guys,

    Hope everyone and their bubbas are doing well.

    Julie - Hope things are ok. Sorry to hear Clarrie is being a bit of a handful right now. It sounds like a good idea to stay home and rest and relax and ride through it. Plus we are always here

    Sal - Yay about the sleeping. Isnt it funny the things you THINK they need but they dont. Kobi and Tyra's room goes cold at night but it doesnt seem to bother either of them. We heat the room a bit with a little fan heater but if we kept it on over night we would end up with a bill scarier than yours i reckon.!!! Good to know what he is happy with now and it will even save you cash lol.

    Yael - Good to see you here again. So sorry your backside is causing you so much grief. I am glad you have some light at the end of the tunnel and will get it sorted. Hope it all gets fixed soon!! Oh and YAY on the tooth.

    Kobi doing heaps better with her sleep. She goes down about 7:30 and has a rollover feed at about 10:30. If she wakes in the night she usually settles herself within a few minutes without me needing to get out of bed. I feed her about 5-6 and then she goes back down for a couple of hours and then the next wake up is her up for the day. Heaps better!!! Soon I reckon she will go through..even if its once at about 6 for a feed and then back again. We are heading in a very good direction.

    I had her weighed etc at the health centre today. She is 7.25 kgs and is 64cms long. Her HC is 42.7. She is sitting pretty in the 50th percentile and the health nurse is very happy with her progress. Told me that she can start having cheese and dairy and cows milk etc in things now which I didnt realise. I mean milk can't be a substitute for the breast but she can have it in all sorts now. Makes it a bit easier cos she can start eating things we eat a bit more now.

    Heaps better with her solids and eats 3 little meals a day. I am going much better and getting heaps more sleep!!

    Just doing a hell of alot of research in regards to my studies for next year. I have so many options it's hard to know which one is the right one. Never mind. I will not give up and I am giving myself 4-5 years max...and by that time I will have achieved my goal and be a midwife!!!

    Hope you all have a great day.

    Has anyone heard from Jo?????? I hope she is ok.

    Ok off to make beds and do dishes. I might skip the washing on the line and go direct to dryer. Its terrible out there. How can the clothes dry in the freezing cold. Thats my excuse!!!


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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, now that you've decided what you want to do, the rest is the easy bit! Re using the dryer - I NEVER go out to the washing line, I use the dryer all the time

    Julie, quick Q for you. You posted in a thread about slings for heavier babies, I've asked a question there but in case you don't see it: would you rave about the ergo sling? Does it really not hurt your back/shoulders to use? I've looked it up, it looks good but DH thinks it's too much like the baby bjorn (it isn't, the BB can't be worn on the back or hip, and squashes the baby). I want one!!!!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Sal - I dont know about the rest being easy haha but giving it a red hot go. So much to consider. Its not the studying or the end result or anything I am worried about. Its more the nervousness about not getting into the course. Becuase I have no VCE and no other academic qualifications that makes it a little tricker. But then again...even if I had VCE it would make no difference as I would be applying as mature age anyway.
    Have to sit a STAT test which is apptitude and fill out a special form and also a seperate from stating personal reasons why I want to do the course. Hopefully that will be enough...but we will see what happpens and if it isnt then I will worry about it later. I have decided not to admit defeat and think about all the things to do if I dont get in..I have decided to focus all my energies on studying things that will help me get in and help me in the course.
    I will keep applying til I get in!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good night.

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    Hi all,

    Clarrie had a fantastic sleep last night (we all did!) - from 7 til 6am with just a couple of little murmurs but he didn't wake up. Then he went back to sleep from 7am-8am (as did I, just don't tell poor John as he was at work from 5.45 . Sal, he works at a winery supervising the bottling line and they are just flat out at the moment and have had to do double shifts for 2 weeks to get through the orders.)

    And tonight I went to a yoga class and am feeling proud of myself for actually getting out and getting there (only 5 minutes late, too).

    Somehow I didn't manage to do any gardening today, just housework. Sal, I think I feel about housework the way you do about gardening... moan, moan, moan....

    Tomorrow we have our 6 month check-up and probably Clarrie's shots as well.

    Lisa, good to hear your enthusiasm about your course! I think a little bit is rubbing of on me. Re. the tests to take as a mature age student, maybe there is someone that you know that can be mentor/help with all that? I've done some uni study and I can't believe how confusing it is just trying to find out information about the teaching courses I'm thinking of doing. It's a minefield out there. You've just got to wade through it all and ask lots of questions. Good luck!!

    Sal, re. the Ergo - we just love it, but haven't tried a Baby Bjorn at all. I've heard a few negative comments about BB, but also a couple of people I know have like it. I think a lot depends on your baby and your body shape. Miles couldn't be that much heavier than Clarrie and I really don't find him heavy in it at all. I walk around everywhere with him in it and we have a very steep, hilly property! That said, the HugABub is still fine as well. It's just that the Ergo is soooooooooo easy to get on and off!!

    Yael, so good to hear you are 'connected' again. Sounds like things are going really well. It must be exciting to have a little tooth through! And like the others, hope things go well with the surgery. I can't believe you have been putting up with that pain all this time, you poor thing.

    And Sal, good to hear about the room temperature. Hopefully in Canberra you won't have to worry too much about keeping the room cool for the hot little man in summer!! I have taken Clarrie out of the sleeping bag thing we have been using lately and just using a wool blanket as i think he was getting too hot in it. I know what you mean about about the scratching on the mesh of the hammock. that is so funny. Sometimes he seems to do it in his sleep!!!

    I've finally got into reading again after a month or so. I was trying to read The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood and just couldn't get into it, then I picked up The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult from the library. This is very easy to read and quite a page-turner. About a 14 year old girl who gets date raped, but a very complex tale.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Haven't heard from Jillian for while, too.

    cheers, Julie
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    Sal, forgot to say so glad to hear that you haven't any other physical stuff from the pregnancy other than the dreaded tiredness.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey all,

    Julie - sound very happy and thats great! YAY on the good sleep. Kobi had an awesome sleep too. Must have been something in the air. She slept from 8 til 7 and Tyra woke her up at 7..she would have slept longer!
    So glad I can inspire you to study! I know about the questions's doing my head in lol. But I will get there. Just refusing to give up!
    Yoga sounds good...good on you for going.

    Sal - I have the BB and I really like it..though I never used a HAB or a sling or anything so can't compare to anything else. It gets heavy after a while..but its easier than a pram all thetime and she gets to face outwards and see everything. Plus I love making DH wear it so he can feel pregnant pmsl!

    Ok thats all for goss. Just actually revelling in the fact I feel normal becau I am sleeping again!

    Have a great day!

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    hi all,

    the christening went really well. it was a really good day. my family also held a christmas in july on the same day (because my elder sister is moving to england and won't be back for at least a couple of years). it honestly felt like it could have been christmas (with a lot less presents, as we only done a $10 secret santa).

    actually everything is just going great at the moment. and even thoughi have now go my internet sorted out i haven't been around much because i have started to get a life! it may have taken me six months but i have finally started to make friends here in canberra - playgroup is a real life saver (as are swimming and weight watchers). there are so many nice mums with bubs where i live.

    now i can't remeber if i told you or not but jelly is now saying 'mum' (not mama but actually mum). or rather i should say that she started saying it all last week but over the weekend decided she no longer wanted to say it - its back to bubba now. DH is so jealous - but thats alright because she said mum first! god they grow so quick don't they.

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    Time for a new thread found HERE.

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