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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    Sal Guest


    Hi chatterboxes! Still no word from Jo, Joja or Tam *sigh*

    Ooh I am vicariously excited about you all studying! If I weren't pg I'd be doing the same thing next year. Oh well!

    Re living where you love or living near family, well I don't love where I live and am near family, but not my parents, who provide the most support. We are desperately trying to move back up the north NSW coast so that we will live where we love and also be near my parents.

    Julie, Miles is adapting quite well to the hammock. He doesn't seem to miss being rocked (we'd stopped bouncing him some time ago as he's way too heavy, the hammock was nearly on the floor :eek: ). He can flail more, but I try to tuck him in tightly. Once asleep he sleeps much as he did in the hammock. It is a real battle to get him to sleep, however. He talks, whines (but not cries) and spits his dummy for up to an hour (or even more) and so it is exhausting. Then he might only nap for 40 mins!!

    Ok I know I've missed some stuff I wanted to respond to from your posts, BBL

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    Akeesha Guest


    Laura - Great result on the STAT. Thats pretty much what I need to get in. I worry I am not smart enough to get that though
    Just have to read up on all things mathematical and flex those brain muscles.
    Any hints????
    Oh and the viticulture sounds interesting. Maybe you could do it one day..if you still wanted too.

    Sal - Did you mean Miles is adapting to the hammock or the cot??? Glad to hear its all good. Shame about his sleeping. I know how that feels
    I just had to become a hard ass. I only went into Kobi if she was really crying..and only for a few minutes at a time. It was hard..but it's worth it. If she sooks in she did this morning at 5am..i ignore it..cos usually its just 'get me out and give me comfort' and she ususally goes quiet. I only tend to her if she seems to be upset.
    You gotta do what feels right for you though. I am sure he will get better soon once he gets used to the cot more

    Ok another coffee!!!

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    Sal Guest


    D'uh! I meant cot! Preg brain.

    Hey you can google IQ tests and practice some on-line. Another good idea is to try and get a job with Coles Myer, they make you do an IQ test on-line, good practice!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hehe..I tried to get a job with Coles...but my application is in a queue. They are opening a new coles near me and they have stacks of applicants.

    I have googled and found a few things...but am juicy for more hehe.

    Do you reckon it matters if the tests I am doing online are american??

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    Sal Guest


    Nope, not unless they involve spelling tests (as we all know americans can't spell )

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    Akeesha Guest


    Jillian - my email is [email][email protected][/email]

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    Lisa, you are so motivated I am sure you will do well with the STAT. BTW, how about an updated photo of Kobi on your site!

    I'm applying to do the course externally through Charles Darwin uni (Darwin!) as my first preference. It's 4 years part-time and numerous weeks of practicals that I can do in South Australia. Not that I wouldn't mind a trip to Darwin, but it wouldn't be much of a holiday!

    Re. family and where you live - I was just feeling sorry for myself today about not having any family close by. Sometimes family can drive you crazy (but you still love them, of course!). I think i had "the grass is always greener" syndrome but in reality I might be cursing having my mum living around the corner!!!!

    Laura, sure sounds like you love Melbourne. You certainly sound like a Melbourne type of girl! (not quite sure what that is, but anyway..). Lisa's right - go with your gut instinct. It's usually right. Hope the ears clear up soon. Sometimes people say that physical things happen for a reason and perhaps there is something that you 'don't want to hear' from someone else or yourself??? Maybe to do with moving??

    Hey Jillian, hope you're feeling better, too.

    Sal, good to hear things are going well with the cot. How much did Miles weigh again? Clarrie must be a little less as he's not on the ground yet. Oh, your poor back!! Sending sympathetic vibes re. Miles taking forever to go to sleep. Is this only at night? We had this with Clarrie a while back but I started picking him up quite quickly and then popping him back. Sometimes it took a couple of times and then he would sleep and now he tends to put himself to sleep most of the time. Opposite to what Lisa said, but I guess each babe is different and you just do what seems right at the time. With babies nothing stays the same, that's for sure!!! God, I am learning this very quickly!!

    How's the tiredness going?

    The meditation classes for kids sound great, Lisa. I think that it's so important for kids nowadays (especially nowadays in our frantic society) to be able to slow down and have some sense of 'inner peace' and contentedness without having to be *doing* something or being entertained.


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    Forgot to mention our day today. We had mum's group and Clarrie was very upset, as he often is at mum's group. I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't like it. Thought I'd share this as I've realised that this taps into something in me - that basically I'm shy and don't feel good in groups! :eek: But I push myself to do it. So I'm beginning to feel that I am pushing him into social stuff with other babies. With adult groups he is pretty much okay, just with babies - so much noise and so many toys, etc, etc.

    Anyway, after some self-psychoanalysis - hehehe - I think I will go to mum's group but sit a little separate initially as this seems to make Clarrie feel more secure. Then he might feel better after while and be able to join in. I also thought I might try the Bach rescue remedy (John's suggestion) - Laura - didn't you say that babies can take a drop of this? Maybe I'll take some too!!!

    And if he is still getting upset after a few weeks I'll give up going for now and just try to visit some other babies and mums separately.

    I guess that I don't want to push him too much as it's important to me for him to feel secure, which he is not at the moment.

    Okay, just wanted to get that off my chest, and any suggestions welcome!!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Sal - LOL on the spelling with the American. Ever so true!! How did Miles go last night in the cot???

    Julie- The course sounds great! It will be good to do it via distance edu. I am wrapt you are doing it. Good on you! You will do great.
    As for Clarrie and the play group thing..well do you want my 2 cents? lol.
    Ok well I basically think similar to you. I think Clarrie is picking up on your stress and nervousness even though it may be minimal. When Mum's not comfortable then bubs won't be either. So maybe you do need to take a step back and start again..but slowly. Ease into things much more slowly and do it at your own pace so you are confortable. It is no big deal if you leave and come back later. He is so young he will just go with your flow. You have to make sure you are comfortable so in turn he will be. Dont worry too much about it. You will find something that you both love and then you will never look back
    I wish we were closer so that we could have coffee together. If you are ever in Melbourne...then we should catch up

    Well no news or goss from me. Just more of the same o same o. Now researching the fees side of things today to work out which way I go about paying uni fees. Once I know that then I know which code I an use to apply for the course. Gosh there is so much to know. Got a bit of reading to do and some phone calls.

    Hope you all have a great day

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    Sal Guest


    Hi girls! Miles went Ok in the cot, we are just still working out how much bedding for him so he doesn't get too hot (and stirs) or too cold (and stirs). Um, he must weigh close to 10kg :eek: Everyone says what a big boy he is, though not fat, just big and tall (isn't there a menswear store with that name hehehe?) Re battles with him to sleep, well it can be any (or every) sleep. But it's not so bad, he's not crying, just grumbling and talking to himself and dummy-spitting.

    Julie, I am a shy person, that's why I haven't joined a mum's group. I think it would be too much work for me. But personally, I think Clarrie might just find the hub-bub a bit overwhelming, some bubs don't like being in a crowd. My brother was one, he turned out shy as an adult.

    Lisa, re the payment options for uni - DEFER DEFER DEFER! It is cheaper to pay upfront (but so hard on the wallet) but deferring means you don't pay it back until you are earning over $38k (and that could be years away!). The debt increases by the CPI, so not so bad. Just my opinion

    Hi to all, BBL

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    May 2005


    morning ladies!!

    well I'm still deaf. infact despite being on antibiotics for 2 days it has not gotten any better... possibly worse actually.

    Lisa - I was just thinking about the emotional reasons for this ear thing.

    firstly - the Dr said that adults don't usually get this type of ear thing... this is a kids thing.
    SO maybe I'm being a bit childish and I think the not wating to hear something or even a feeling of not being heard is very possible.

    I've been trying to find my Louis Hay book... but can't. If anyone has one, can they look up ears and see what it says?? I think I might need a healing mantra.

    Oh just went to the book shelf and it jumped out at me. I swear I looked for it for like 5 minutes the other day.

    right - this is waht it says about ears : represents the capacity to hear (well duh)
    the mantra is: I hear with love

    for earache is says : Anger. not wanting to hear. Too much turmoil. parents arguing.

    the mantra: Harmony surrounds me. I listen with love to the pleasant and the good. I am a center for love.

    Ok - so I've written it down on post it notes and will stick them around the house. I also looked up furuncle... as I had one in my ear a few weeks ago.... turns out is has a similar thing... anger at not being heard.

    Right I think I need to do some self psychoanalysis also.

    I think I've been a bit quietly angry or at least frustrated with DH lately. Not becuase he's don't anything bad... it's just that he's so busy with work and then doing work at home that I hardly get to talk to him or spend quality time together anymore.

    Actually I htink that's pretty much it.

    MAtt is so freaking awesome.. really. I couldn't hardly ask for more becuase he cooks and cleans and does chores without asking. He cares about me, he always tell me how much he loves me and I know he does.... He is supportive of EVERYTHING even all my crazy ideas... like getting a mohawk.

    the thing that bugs me is that his job is taking up his whole life and it feels like there isn't room for luxxe and I anymore.

    of course that's not true in reality... but it feels like it's true when you're stuck at home and no one else to talk to.

    He only works so hard because he wants good things for us.... but in the process, we never see him, he's working 16 hours a day... and that's not really exagerating either.

    he leaves for work at 7.30am and get's home at between 6-8 and then we have dinner and then he starts working again til about midnight. and in between all that he will be getting calls or have phone conferences etc. THis is mostly becuase he has clients that are overseas and due to time differences has to work heaps after hours.

    I said to him the other day that he loves his work more than us.... he of course got upset. I didn't even mean it... I was just frustrated.

    I think that's the only reason why I want to move back to Perth... coz then Dh would have to get another job and I'm hoping it won't be as full on as this one. Or if it was, at least I'd have family around to fill in the void.

    Oh and this holiday we meant to be going on - well the only thing that is stoping me from booking it is that Dh can't give me dates when he can take a week off. So I think I'll just have to book and tell him when we're going.

    honestly - most days I feel like a single that has no family around. IT's just me and Luxxe.

    Ok so I am angry. but it's hard and frustrating and lonely. I know something needs to change.... just not sure what or how.


    Lisa - yes - one drop of rescue rememdy for babies. you can either put it in their mouth (under the tongue if possible) or rub it on his forehead or wrists. It totally works. The other night Luxxe was so grizzly from what I assume was her teeth... and one drop in her mouth and she was asleep with in a few minutes.

    Luxxe is similar at mother's group she will very happily play at home on her own for a bit or we will play together... but at mother's group, she just either cries or won't leave my arms without screaming.

    The other babies seem to just be happy to play together... oh well. I figure it was becuase she doesn't usually spend time with more than 2 people at a time. and usually it's just me at home....I don't even have music on so it's pretty quiet at home and we just talk and play...

    I think i'm just being a whinger today.

    I'm going to try and resolve it though. I'm going to just book the holiday and I'm going to have a talk to Dh about stuff tonight.... assuming he has time... maybe I should ring his secretary and make an appointment! :P

    sorry to vent.


    ps. the antibiotics seem to have given Luxxe the poo poos!

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    Hey Laura, vent all you like! I know that I went through a real period of getting angry at John for not getting home at at decent time. And he is usually home by 6/6.30pm! I can understand that you would be frustrated. One part of my brain was saying - hey, John is soooo good with Clarrie and does so much, but on the other hand I just felt grumpy - you know - why couldn't he finish work at 5pm!!!!!

    Do you have good friends in Melbourne that you can visit? Anyone in the mum's group in the same boat? The mantras sound good. Sometimes I wonder about that stuff, but then it often makes such sense and works. So, I figure that I might as well use whatever feels right at the time.

    Thanks to you all for what you said about the mum's group. Honestly, last night when I got in the car to drive home I was absolutely exhausted and wondering why I was doing this. I'm sure Clarrie felt the same! Lisa, you are so right about Clarrie picking up on my stress. Even though I was thinking that I wasn't stressed, obviously I was because I felt so exhausted at the end.

    I think that I've been in a tizz about it because I've been called quiet and shy all my life and it ****es me off! And I was projecting my fears onto poor Clarrie.

    #4 from my Mindful Parenting book - "Be mindful of your expectations of your children and consider whether they are truly in your child's best interest" . Hmmmmmmm...

    Sal, I never would have picked you as shy from your posts. That's probably a silly thing to say. BTW, I love your wicked sense of humour. I often have a good chuckle.

    And Lisa, I would love to catch up if I ever get to Melbourne. I love Melbourne - especially the Brunswick area with so many great vego cafes.

    Okay, better go. Julie xx

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    Sal Guest


    Laura, you poor thing, being left alone (Ok with Luxxe so not alone alone but YKWIM) for so many hours a day. If my DH works even a bit late I'm beside myself, normally he's home at 5.40pm each day (yes I am lucky, I know it!) and I am so exhausted by then thank goodness! Is there any way DH can pare back his hours at all?

    Julie, LOL at not picking me as shy! You'd be very surprised if you met me, I am actually VERY shy, I find social events exhausting (even wider family ones). I've done various personality tests (as part of my psych studies I had to participate in honours students' experiments) and I am about as introverted as you can get. But on the internet I can really say just what I want (and believe me in some other threads I am quite the controversial one hehehe). I think that's why I love internet forums. I really hope that Miles isn't so shy, as you'd know it's no picnic being shy. I'm glad you like my brand of humour, it's not to everyone's taste that's for sure!

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    May 2005


    isn't is amazing what we will put up with for money!

    HOnestly I think I was happier when we were earning half the money and Dh didn't have to think about work once he got home.

    THose were the days....

    anyway - this morning I gave luxxe the mirror that was attached tot he play gym thingo. it's a chunky plastic thing with a mirror in the middle and she can chew the edges etc.

    SHE LOVES IT!! she just played with it for nearly an hour. she was so in love with herself hahahaha

    I also pulled out some fisher price blocks that I bought ages agi and forgot about... she's loving them too... mostly coz she can chew them an bang them.... and they easy to wash - so that's good too.

    How do you all wash the baby toys?
    if it's mostly plastic I just use really hot water and give it a wash... if it's plush toy then I put tit int he washing machine on the rinse cycle and then spin it on high and dry it on the line.

    My friend Beck used to wash the baby toys with pinocleen. that's a bit keen for my liking.

    what do you guys use?

    chicken and broccoli stir fry for dinner tonight.

    I'm so craving cheesecake. but I'm waiting til I'm all well again as I don't want to feed the germs any sugar and give them more fuel to stick around.


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    Oh Jillian, isn't that funny but after months of no problems I've had a lumpy, sore boob today as well! But I've had Clarrie on it heaps and it feels a little better now. Fingers crossed xxxx.

    The tea tree oil is a great idea. I am a bit lax with washing the toys. It seems that they are forever going on the floor. With the soft toys I've just put them in the washing machine for the whole cycle along with his clothes (coloured stuff).

    Laura, the little mirror sounds great. Clarrie cacks himself whenever we look in the big bathroom mirror. I might have to get one of those little ones that he can hold himself. A real hit are my glasses! He is so gentle with them - he folds them up and unfolds them (perhaps by accident!). the look on his face is utter concentration. I'm going to find an old set that he can play with me next to him, but not feeling quite as anxious as I am when they are my current set.

    we had a lovely day today doing this and that and planting out some trees for revegetation. As John is down in town for the TAFE course he is doing, Clarrie and I had a relaxing time looking at the fire (always a favourite, better than Tv) and he had a little massage then a bath and lots of nappy free time. He is usually really happy being on his tummy without his nappy on - a bonus as then the pee doesn't fly all over the room. Those of you with girls have just got no idea!!!

    Hey, Sal - this has got me thinking about what shyness really is. I guess you've done some on this for your psych studies. Because you wouldn't think that a shy person would look at being a primary school teacher! But I love kids and when I am the one in control (well, so to speak...) I don't feel as shy. It's really social situations where people sit around talking that get me. I just love doing things as then I feel less awkward.

    And sometimes you hear of actors being very shy/introverted and you wouldn't normally think that either. Or people that talk incessantly often do so to cover lack of confidence but would you say that is shy? Shy people are not necessarily lacking in confidence.

    Anyway, enough of all that. Ciao for now, Julie

    PS, Lisa I've been trying to work out the fees stuff and it is so confusing. I've had to email for help already :eek:

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    Sal Guest


    Ooh I was wondering when the topic of cleaning toys would be raised. I am very slack, I don't bother (unless they fell in dog poo or something). Honestly, babies need to be exposed to germs, studies show that babies whose mothers retentively clean and sterilise everything are actually more susceptible to allergies. I'm a bit Darwinian in this respect. Although I do have to say that neither myself, nor my DH, nor any of our extended families, have ever had an allergy to anything. So I come from a position of having no worries.

    Ouchie on your sore bbs girls, may they get better quickly.

    Julie, I take with a huge grain of salt stories of actors being shy! Honestly I can't see how a truly shy person would happily self-promote. But being shy and being a teacher is not incompatible. Both my parents are very shy, my mother was a school teacher who ended up being school prinicipal (and having to put herself 'out there' socially). She was fine being a teacher, as you say you are in control and not having to drum up a conversation (about 'nothing') with adult strangers. Mum found being a principal very stressful, however.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Ok there was a lot I missed!!! lol..

    I tried to read it but am getting distracted watching Maternity Ward on Foxtel. A baby was just born ambiguous They have to decide what gender it will be. Man that would be sooooo hard.

    Ok well lets see:

    Laura - I hear you on the DH thing. Andrew finishes work at 4:30 but usually gets home 5:15-5:30. Thats not so bad BUT 2 nights a week he comes home..gets changed and goes to footy traning. He doesnt get home til it's bedtime for the girls. Thursday nights we meet him down the club now though cos they put on a meal. So I am not cooking and they can feed me!! Then all day Saturdays he is out playing. That's why I hate footy season. We dont see him all that much and it's hard. He does do alot for us in alot of ways..but I still get peeved off bigtime and take it out on him when I am having a bad day.
    I often say that If I were single I wouldnt notice a big change.
    Oh and also..if you ever want company..I am around I live in Werribee but I am sure we can share visits or meet in the middle. If you ever want to..then let me know.

    Jillian - bugger on the blocked duct but glad to see its better today. Hope you have a lovely night tonight with your friends. Enjoy yourself and I hope you find a nice pair of shoes Actually Kmart and Big W are having sales at the moment and have some nice stuff.

    Julie - OMG the uni fees thing is hard i agree. If you look up the going to uni website it had info there..but i still need to speak to someone. Sal said to defer the fees so that will be the plan. But I am not sure which deferrment option...

    Sal - When you say defer the fee's which scheme did you mean?? They are all different now. There is Fee-Help/Hecs-help/CSP etc etc. Its so confusing.

    Oh and as with the toy cleaning..I use a laundry bag and a gentle cycle for cloth toys and with plastic ones I just wash them in hot water with a bit of dishwashing liquid then let them air dry.

    Oh Kobi started waving properly yesterday!! She has been waving for ages flapping her arms when you do it or when you say "hi". But yesterday she had the proper hand action happening. I think she thinks she is the queen lol.

    I think she has got the sleep thing down now too. She slept through the last 2 nights. She goes through now from 7:30 to 7ish. Though Tyra woke her at 6:30 and I got annoyed at DH cos he just got her up. She probably would have been ok if he had of left her. But men are silly. Never send a man to do a womans job. They will always stuff it up!

    I inquired about kids meditation classes yesterday. I am going to get some more info about it in the next few days. They are looking at opening a new class for younger kids under school age. I think Tyra should start in that group to get used to it..even though she is old enough for the other one. The classes will only be half an hour and will involve small meditations and then some drawing. Then if she likes it she can go up to the other class...but we will see how she goes. She told me this morning she wants to do art classes as well. I told her we can try everything and she can pick what she likes. She does tennis as well so she will be busy lol. I dont mind running her round to these places as long as she is happy and enjoying what she is doing. I love the fact she is tapping into her creative side and am very keen to nurture that in her.

    Ok I still havent eaten today and I am going to tidy up a bit. Have a friend coming over. Though I dont know what time cos she hasnt returned my sms's which is a bloody pain! Dam girl needs a home phone.
    -ok friend just messaged..not coming til 12:30 so have time to chill first

    Have a good day everyone.

    (oh the baby is a girl cos they did some tests and she has a uterus..phew)

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, I've seen that episode! That little girl has a long path ahead of her, with operations etc. They named her Abigail or something like that, didn't they?

    Oh! re the schemes, they must have got together and kids LOL as last I knew there was just HECS and PELS. Sorry, I am zero help to you on that one.

    What a clever little girl Kobi is, waving like the queen The only thing that I can brag about Miles doing is that when I am dressing him, he nows knows when I place his arm near the sleeve and say 'push push' that he needs to push his arm through it. I'm sure that that's the only English he understands, but hey every little bit counts!

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