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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, that woman on the other site sounds like a right snotty cow. IKWYM re having either a teething or a little bugger of a baby! Not sure which one Miles is just yet...hmmm...

    I'm so glad Miles doesn't have any allergies or eczema, you ladies are doing a wonderful job trying to help your bubs get over it.

    Sending more *find really nice house* vibes for Dianna. Hey can I request some *DH gets job up north coast* vibes from you ladies? I really need 'em!

    Julie, I'm like you, short hair is too much maintenance, that's why I'm growing mine now even though it looks like a half-flattened bird's nest. I'm not sure you have the quals to join the 'hair dag' club, from your pics your hair looks nice! Ah yes the Ergo is great, I took Miles on two hour-long walks yesterday, with him strapped on my front. It was so comfortable, and he was comfy too, didn't whinge at all which he used to in the Bjorn. The hip position is not as comfy for long periods of time, but I just love having him sit on my side, he can see more. I don't know how long I'll be able to use the Ergo before my pg belly gets in the way, but I hope it's some months off (and I might be able to use the hip position to the end??). OK I'll try and get some photos. Will check on your website now to see if you have put any newies up (if not, I'll be back to nag, just ask Dianna hehehe).

    Ha ha re the grammar and punctuation Julie! I started a thread yesterday called "I'm loosing [sic] my mind" under General Chatter. There are people in there who have way too much time on their hands LOL. Check it out!

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    sending "Dh gets a job up North Vibes" right now!!!

    also that we find a new alternative to the fuel issue, interest rates, sugar tax (there's talk about a new tax being put on sugarey foods - WTH??) and alcohol tax (after yesterdays effort with BJ - God give me strength today because it's already started and DH got a bottle of Canadian Club duty free from his sister that is looking pretty darn good at 9.15am - lol)

    probably the only thing that doesn't hurt me is the price of bananas - I'm allergic to them but then again they are somehow all related to the crappy issues we are faced with everyday - i'm too scared to put the news on for fear of what's next....ok a bit deep for 9am but I'm just so buggered and my head is spinning and I'm trying to block the sound of BJ crying out of my head - of course there is no reason for his crocodile tears and excessive clingyingness (is that a word a wonder??)

    Hey Sal - still no updates on the web page as I've exceeded my photo limit and need to arrange an alternative and to be honest I'm just a bit lazy about it at the moment

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning everyone

    Di- I am sending you some finding a wonderful house vibes too. Good luck with it.

    Sal - I dont really know what an ergo is..but it sounds good. I have a baby bjorn and we like it...but then we dont use it as much as you would use the ergo. If we used it daily it could get to be a bit of a pain. I just like to use it as an alternative to the pram. Sounds to me like the hip carrying could go a fair way through your pg though

    Kobi had the worst night last night. She has started to go back to her old ways of sleeping. It's nothing that a couple of nights of cc won't fix...BUT I dont want to do it if she isnt well. And I cant tell if she isnt well or not!! She has a snotty nose and leaky eyes and drooling..but dont know what it's linked too!

    I also have to get her 6 month needles as well and I dont know if I can get them done while she has the sniffles???

    Did I tell you I have my first uni open day on Sunday? I am excited. DH is coming with me. Tyra will be off at a birthday party so we will take Kobi and it will be just the three of us. I am looking forward to chatting about the course.
    The other one is on the 20th. Cant wait!!

    I am applying for the 2 direct entry midwifery courses and also any div 2 nursing courses I can get my hands on as a back up. I decided..if I dont get in to midwifery then I will do the div 2 and apply the following year. Failing that..I will apply to nursing and use my div 2 for credits...and then go the long way to get it. I dont really care as long as I reach the goal in the end. I am only going to be 27 when starting the course..whichever one it is..and I think the longest I would be studying at most would be 5.5 years. Which is a long time but at least I will be very qualified!!!

    OK well Kobi has gone to bed and I am going to attempt to find some energy to tidy up. I really cant be bothered. I am getting annoyed though cos I am feeling un motivated daily! Cant be assed doing housework. I need a routine. Like an hour in the morning after Tyra goes to school to myself. Then an hour or 2 of housework....then just pottering for the rest of the day. I reckon that could work.

    I am going to give a card reading today!! Well I have angel cards and I used to do readings but I am just going to take them to my friends Mum's place and just have a coffee and a play. Not really a full on reading....just a look at the angel cards and seeing what comes up. I am a bit nervous. I always get like that before a reading. Oh well..we will see how we go.

    Hope you all have a great day.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Di - Just saw your post. My friend reckons there are plans floating around to convert your car to run on water?? Not sure about that but will see what happens in the furture!

    I was actually going to say...I might put a link in here of my photobucket so you guys could see me and the girls. I just have to get some updated pics.

    Will get organised.

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    Sal Guest


    Dianna, hope you haven't hit the Canadian Club as yet (wait til after 11am ) IKWYM re dreading to put the news on. Where to start to fix the world? Even Stephen Hawking doesn't know :eek:

    Sending *be a nice bub for your mum today* vibes for BJ and Kobi.

    Woohoo Lisa, open days to uni are great! 27 is YOUNG to be starting a new career! Don't say you're old, otherwise I'll have to put that blue rinse through my hair and start using my cane!

    Oh and re housework, I cannot be bothered. Just do a frantic clean before guests come over/stay (which isn't often). It helps me get through the day!

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    I'm with you Sal about the housework. Besides, it is Murphy's law that you can be neat and tidy and then the 1 time you don't do that mountainous pile of dishes and put away the laundry someone will 'pop' in. I guess that the main thing that I try to maintain is to put things away in their proper place. E.g. all the toys in the basket when Clarrie's finished with them, just so that it doesn't end up looking like a bomb's hit at the end of the day. That makes me feel better even if the floor still needs a vaccuum and the toilet needs a clean

    This will have to be a quick post as I am in 'extra busy' mode today as I'm going visiting over Balaklava way today (3 different stops!) and then by the time I get back it will be time to hand Clarrie over to John and go out to the Friends of the Library 20th birthday plus AGM. On the way I have to pick up the cake as well. And of course I've just realised that I don't know what I'm going to wear.

    Of course this is just a diddle compared to if I was working during the day! I take my hat off to people that are doing this.

    Sal - lots of vibes for DH to find a job a bit further north. What does he do?

    Lisa - enjoy your open day. And like Sal says, anytime is good to start a new career. I'll be 50 when I start actually doing some teaching!!! Well, not quite, but close enough. :eek:

    I reckon electric cars are the way to go - rechargeable. I'm sure this will really start to happen in a big way now that the fuel costs have escalated so quickly.

    Lisa, re. the shots - I remember that Clarrie had a cold for the 4 month shots and the doc said that you could still go ahead as long as they didn't have a high temperature, but I declined as it was his first cold and I thought it was all a bit much to put him through. I think you just go with what feel right. Is Kobi not sleeping well because of a blocked nose? Hope things improve again.

    Dianna, likewise - hope Brodie calms a little for you. Maybe he should have a nip of the Canadian Club??!! LOL. Not sure if this will help, but I always find that putting Clarrie in a sling when he is being a bit grizzly and i'm not sure why. (terrible sentence there, but you'll get my drift, I'm sure). yesterday he was a bit that way and I did that for a while, and then went outside and planted some trees and he was fine in the pram & the rug for AGES. I think because the wind was blowing and the trees were moving and he loved it.

    Okay, better get on and get myself organised. Hmmm, still haven't done the !!**? census form, either. But I'll just check your thread about loosing your mind, Sal!! Anything to put other stuff off....

    Julie xxx

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    Sal Guest


    Julie, DH is now a public servant, doing sort of financially-type stuff (don't wish to put all readers into a coma with details). Before this he was a quasi-accountant (works as one but doesn't have an accounting degree). We are hopeful of him winning a job in the NSW public service up in Coffs Harbour or, if we're extremely lucky, Lismore or Murwillumbah.

    Cool name - Balaklava!

    Oh, agree totally on electric cars. I have an electric-powered bicycle, it is wonderful (I used it to commute in Sydney, amazingly only had one serious accident, given how dangerous the roads there are).

    Hmmm, the sling solution for a fussy baby! Never tried it, now I have the Ergo I will see if it works.

    ...I'm a census nerd, I filled it in the day we got it (I knew no-one else was going to be here last night)

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    Akeesha Guest


    I got DH to do the census last night when he got home from footy training. There was no way I would have even sat down to do it til bloody 9 or 10 and I was not going to start then! Though he did it pretty fast.

    OMG my kid is literally screaming the house down right now.
    I have her in bed cos she is due for a nap. She is fighting is sooooooo hard. I know she is tired but the avo sleeps seem to cause all sorts of fuss for her!
    I feel so bad listening to her scream..but I know she hasnt slept properly since waking up this morning at 11:30 from her first nap (she had a catnap this avo in her pram). I know she needs it.
    She is starting to go quiet now...hoping she sleeps.

    I think I will ring the doc and just book her in for her needles. If they have to reschedule then so be it. She is getting better now so thats the time she goes she might be over it.

    As for the not sleeping I am not sure why she isnt. I think it started cos she had a night or 2 of pain and a blocked nose..and now she is back in the habit of waking. We will see how she goes but CC might have to start again tonight.

    Oh I am so glad I am not the only one who doesnt feel energetic enough to be totally domesticated!! I know some ppl whose houses are perfect..they sweep/vac and mop daily. I just can't do it. I go nuts when someone is coming over....or every now and then will do a big spring clean..but daily..I try to just keep it half decent. Too hard with all the other stuff I have to do.

    Ok need some junk food!

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    if only i had time to vacuum, mop and dust daily - but last time i looked i had a 7month old who hates the world including his mum and enjoys a good scream also - i'm with you Lisa - i can totally sympathise today in regards to yukky constant whinging/crying - i even called my sister and tried to swap Brodie for her 2 girls - she heard him whilst i was on the phone negotiating and she chose not to accept the offer - smart girl if you ask me....

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    Akeesha Guest


    Lol Dianna..I would have him for you in a heartbeat if we were closer

    Well last night I was so tired after my course and I came home and tried to relax after the course.
    Kobi was awake by 10:30 and then at 1 and then at 6 and then at 7! Not good. I was actually going to CC but it failed cos I gave in right away. I am weak!!! Ahhhh I am sick of talking about the same thing..and you are probably sick of hearing it. Sorry ladies.

    Di - Joining you in a Canadian Club brunch ok!!!!!

    I have been thinking lately ladies about slowing down on the breastfeeding. I am confused. I will explain what I mean:
    Basically I feel like I am missing out on so much (selfish I know) but I feel like I cant really let my hair down and be myself. No eating really spicy foods and all of that stuff. I realise it's selfish and I am not saying they are good reasons...but thats part of how I feel.
    Though on the other hand..I do enjoy that time we have together...and I dont want to stop I don't want to stop giving her the best I can. I do worry that she isnt getting enough and I am unable to express barely anything anymore. Last night when I went to my course I left DH with 20 mls! It took me 20 minutes to get it as well. Now THATS depressing and makes me want to chuck in the towel.
    I have been thinking of feeding her b/m whenever I am home and for all her usual feeds and if unable to express for when I have plans or go to work then give her forumla. What do you think?

    Does anyone have any advice in relation to all of this. Now don't worry..I am not going to stop feeding yet and I am not going to stop just so I can go out an get ****ed or anything. Its just that I am having a tug of war over all my feelings. I felt comfortable expressing myself in here cos you guys are all so easy to talk to.

    OK I need to drown my self in a coffee and some more vegemite toast!

    Hope you all have a good day.

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    Sal Guest


    Ooh veggie toast, yum!

    Dianna, poor you (and poor little grumpling BJ). I think you can still return them to the hospital for a full exchange within the first 12 months (well that's what I threaten Miles with anyhow).

    Lisa, no we don't get sick of discussion of sleep deprivation - I think it's the most topical thing for all of us at the mome.

    Re the BF, well I was a failed BFer so I am mightily impressed at how well you've done. I don't think you should feel guilty for any decision you make, 6 months is a super effort and you've given Kobi a great start regardless of whether you introduce formula. Just my 2c worth!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Thanks Sal - That has actually made me feel so much better. I think I have just super high expectations of myself. I would never expect anyone else to live up to them..but I force myself too! Go figure.

    Glad you arent sick of me talking about the sleeping issue. I am sure I would be kicked out of here otherwise lol..kidding.

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    Lisa, I'm with Sal, we'll always listen to talk of sleep issues! Hope Kobi settles down again soon. And you are not weak re. the CC! Sometimes it's just not the right time. (OMG, I have been reading this thread that Sal started on spelling, grammar, etc and now I'm paranoid about it all -LOL! I forgot to put the apostrophe in it's. Sal, you have a lot to answer for with that thread - )

    Today we checked out the local playgroup in Watervale and Clarrie seemed to be pretty happy even though it is in the church hall and very noisy with all the kids. I think it's good for kids to be with others of different ages so we will keep going from time to time. It's 9.30 and he sleeps usually at 10.00am (yes, believe it or not there is a little ROUTINE happening here!!) for 1.5 hours so that makes it hard.

    Re. the B/F, Lisa, I would do what feels right for you. As Sal said, don't give yourself a hard time as you've already given Kobi a good start. BTW, I do drink from time to time (more than I used to, probably 1-2 glasses a week sometimes) and I have spicy food all the time. And actually I have never expressed, so I can't comment on that.

    A big fat kiss for Brodie and hoping that he is happier today. I know it's been said before here that the bubs pick up on what you are feeling and it's so hard when you get more and more frustrated with them and then, in turn, they get more clingy and upset! Hmmmm, deep breaths and I reckon that Rescue Remedy is great (and it's got alcohol in it, too!! Bonus.).

    Had a great night last night for my Friends of the Library 20th birthday do. Clarrie is so beautiful & accommodating sometimes - we got home about 5.30 after all my socialising in the afternoon (well, it was almost counselling, as 2 of my old clients from work had lost their partners recently and I wanted to visit as they had been very dear to me. Some clients are just like that, even though you're meant to be professional about it all, of course) and then I left again at 6pm for the dinner.

    Enough raving on, Julie xx

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    Hey guys,

    need to be quick, at my mums on on my way out to the drs

    DA has had a rash all over him since Sat, which i noticed like 1 hrs after giving yoghurt - so i stopped that thinking it might be a reaction, but he still has it

    Went to the health nurse today to show them, said it might be rubella or roseola...

    He has been a terror these last few days.. having 30 mins sleeps 3 times a day, and thats it.. he is so overtired but wont sleep (at least he sleeps at night though, so knocked out), and had a terrible terrible nappy rash (apparently related to body rash), and that was stopping the sleeping.. Got this fantastic cream made up specially from a local pharmacy, dr recommended it, its got like tar & anti fungal stuff it in, fixed it overnight, and his bottom was as red as a tomato, so i'm very impressed with the cream!

    Anyway, at least now i know why he isn't sleeping well, i hope he is ok!

    I'll let you know when i get back from the dr


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    Akeesha Guest


    Yael - I hope everything is ok with DS. Good luck at the dr's.
    Last edited by Yael; May 20th, 2010 at 09:40 PM.

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    thanks girls - he's just teething and yukky at the moment - oh let's face it he may even have a little cold but it's not bad enougth to come out in runny nose etc he may just have the body ache part of it + i think his skin is annoying him - it's all dry and his lips looked all chaffed also - i'm just smothering him in cream but that's not easy either as he hates the feeling (ironically so do i) and tries to rub it off or suck it off - whatever is easier - IYKWIM

    I just keep telling myself it's gonna get better real soon and that it's all worth it.

    Lisa, in regards to your query on the BF - again your'e talking to someone who failed in that dept. and given my Canadian Club comment the other day it may be a good thing (LOL) but in honesty i think that you have done fabulously well to have lasted this long - even if i had been able to BF i was always intending on stopping at around 6months - that wasn't to be but you shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to have some of your independance back - but then again what do I know (I'll probably have docs at the door any second based on that comment) - you should be proud of your achievements to date and not be so hard on yourself

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    hi guys!!

    well firstly i just have to share my very very exciting news!!!!!!!!! I just booked and paid for our holiday!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're going to Club Med on Lindeman island!! I'm so freaking excited... you have no idea!

    This is my first proper hiliday in about 10 years... and I htink we will pretend it's our honeymoon too as we didn't have one of them either!!

    Anyway - I'm bursting with giddy joy at the moment.... plus my folks are coming over to housesit and puppy sit while we're away so I don't even have to stress about that!

    Yael - Hope DS is ok. I guess the upside to him having rubella etc is that he won't have to have the needle for it. Keep him warm and out of the cold air. Apparently that's important for rubella/roseola/measles. Did the dr take any blood to confirm the diagnosis?

    Di - poor you and poor Brodie definitley give the rescue remedy a try. You'll hopefully be happily surprised by how well and quickly it works. Poor little babies and the big nasty teeth. I cried when my wisdom teeth were coming through....I'm so not looking forward to when the front top teeth come through (which is next i think isn't it.. like on the teeth agenda??) that seems to me that it would be REALLY hurty.

    Lisa - I just wanted to say that you're not weak for not CC. I think you're strong for having done it in the first place. I guess if you've read my blog you'll know I don't agree with CC but that's just for me and my situation... I just figure that they're babies and they're meant to cry and not sleep through the night and I'm meant to comfort her and feed her when she wants me too. I'm probably not helping much...but I thought that if putting a different spin on the situation can help then I'd give it a go. Just remember that she's not a 'bad baby' or a difficult baby or any of those things..... She's just a baby and she is not being difficult on purpose. All she knows is that mumma makes everything better and that until she can speak english, yelling is her only means of powerful communication. It's just a bummer that life is so busy these days and you have to spread yourself thin to satisfy everyone else....motherhood is bloody hard! but being a baby isn't all roses either.

    I totally understand the whole "give me something that's just mine" sentiment. Like being able to have a ****tail or three and to eat a burn your face off vindaloo and not worry about how it's going to affect the baby. It's a tough call and I hear your dilemma re BF. there are pro's and cons on both sides... I would make a list of them and see how it works out for your situation. Lists are good.

    I think i'll keep BF til she weans, but i'm so very much looking forward to wearing a nice sexy bra again... and not having giant nipples...and not having to only wear clothes with easy boob access etc etc (you'll have to put those on you list lol)

    what's everyone having for dinner? boring but delicious pasta bake here... made from scratch though.

    We decided to budget for 2 non home made meals a week. Friday dinner and one more on the weekend. I'm already dreaming about yummy wood fired pizza for dinner tomorrow. The place we go also does the most totally yum dessert pizza. It has a sweet dough base and then nutella and strawberries on top with a sprinkle of icing sugar. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and their normal pizza is amazing too. I always choose plain margherita though.

    now i've made myself hungry.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Thanks ladies in regards to the support on my choice of continuing/not continuing b/f. You guys are absolutely amazing and I am so happy I opened up about it. It has made me feel alot better. I still want to b/f a little longer but at least I know that I am not a bad person for thinking or feeling the way I do and when I do stop whether it's next week or next year...then my decision is ok.

    Laura - Wooohoooo on the holiday. How exciting. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. When is it???
    Thanks for the comments on the cc. Last night I had full intention on it but when she cried I just thought "I want cuddles and I want you near me" Thats why I didnt do it. I didnt want to. I wanted to be close to her and she wanted to be closer to me. DH gave me grief over it but I dont care anymore. While at the time I thought..urgh I just want some sleep...I don't regret it.
    Budgeting for 2 non home cooked meals a week is good too. During footy season we do the same. One night a week, which happens to be tonight, we go to the club for dinner. They put on a variety of meals and they are scrummy. And usually Saturdays after he plays we get pizza or something. Though I must say...they don't make anything as delicious sounding as that dessert pizza! OMG it sounds divine!!!
    I am spewing that footy season is almost over It puts an end to going out for tea. Though I should still make DH get us take away once a week I reckon.

    Yael - Got any info on DS yet??

    Di - I can totally understand all that you are saying re Brodies grumpiness and stuff. It's so hard when you dont know exactly whats wrong and how to fix them. Just keep giving him love and know it will get much better soon. We are always here to vent too.

    Ok I am chilling out a bit tonight. Kobi is having a nap and I am going to chill out for an hour before going out for dinner.

    Hey question for you all. Kobi had worked out she needs 3 naps a day. The first one is around 9:30 and she sleeps til at least 11:30. Then by about 1:30 she is due for another small one which I give her.
    Usually she wakes at around 2:30- 3 ish which she has to anyway to get Tyra from school. I know she wants to have a third sleep and I used to try getting her down at about 4 but it never worked. Its too soon after her other nap. Now by about 5-5:30 she is absolutely due for another nap and I have avoided putting her down cos I think well why put her down now when her bedtime is 7:30 anyway. But she becomes grumpy and sooky. Should I just give in and let her have that late third nap and then put her to bed at her usual time anyway? I hesitate to give her that third nap in case she wont sleep. Would you give in on the third nap?
    I suppose it is a silly question really..and I already know the answer...just curious to get some outside advice. I guess I could always give her a later nap time hey.

    Anyway soon.
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