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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #5

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    Sal Guest


    Hi all, just a quick post from me. Internet issues...again...Telstra is about to kick us off (we changed numbers) and who knows when I'll be back again.

    Laura, woohoo on the holiday, sounds great! And you are evil re the dessert pizza. Guess what I feel like right now?!?!?

    Lisa, I let Miles have a third nap, he just wouldn't go the distance. BUT if it's after 4pm I don't let him go more than 45 mins. He is grumpy being woken up from his nap, but otherwise I think he'd go into 'overnight' mode and wake up at 2am. If you can cope with Kobi being tired, then it's sure to be OK.

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    Sorry Sal!

    At least I didn't mention hot chips or sushi :P

    oh I am a bad bad bad girl !!!

    I'm just watching Kerry-anne Kennel on TV at the moment and she's interviewing a couple that are looking for an egg donor to help them in their TTC process. I really feel for the couple.... BUT honestly How TERRIBLE an interviewer is Kerry-anne! She's hopeless!!! HOPELESSS and just this kind of sensationalist pseudo journalism is so rubbish! she's just trying to make them cry. I don't know at what point making someone cry became good television. RIght - turning it off now.

    Luxxe is sleeping and I'm avoiding house work.

    I so wish I had a house cleaner..... I've been meaning to find someone but I'm even too lazy to do that.


    I'm sufering from inertia

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning all,

    Ok I am baaaaaaaaad!!! I just ate a neenish tart! You know with the chocolate jam and cream. It's not even 10:30 yet!!! Is it any wonder I am putting on weight pmsl.

    Oh well..the gym called last night with an offer so I am going in today to check out some membership packages. Why not!

    I am so freakin tired today. Kobi was awake all night again and I did the worst thing once again and put her in my bed. Lets just say we are back at square 1. She was ready to start her day at 6:30 and I was ready to go to bed Oh well..At least I know that it can be fixed and when I am ready I will do it.

    I am going out for dinner tonight so will get a good break.

    I spoke to my Mum about the formula thing too. She said that if I put her on formula then it was fine. I had given her a good run and given her a very good start to life and not to feel guilty. Its ok to be a bit selfish and make these choices. So basically re-inforced what you guys said. The thing is..there are times where I just love feeding her. So I have decided to do half and half feeds. Feed her b/m when I am at home..but formula when I go out or if she is not settling properly. See how that goes hey.

    Sal - Bummer about losing the internet. I hope they don't keep you away for too long. Will miss you!!!!

    Julie - I meant to say the other day..that I am glad your dinner went well and that you had a good time with your friends

    Ok well will go off and do some stuff. No I won't actually..I am too tired lol.
    I will go and sit and rest!!!

    Have a good day.

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    Akeesha Guest


    OK I just popped in to say guess what I have just done!!!!?????

    I just joined a gym!!

    I wasnt going to join til we got back from O/S in November but they had a ripper deal and I was plannng on joining that gym anyway when we got back so I thought why not!!
    It is costing me $549 and thats for 12 months with the option to suspend when I need to for however long with no charge. Best child care!!!
    I have a friend that works there as a trainer and he will work with me and do up my program it's going to be fun.

    DH was hesitatant at first cos he is worried I wont use it. I wasted a mebership at another gym last year. But he forgets no. 1- I was pregnant no 2- they had NO childcare and no 3- their class timetable didnt suit me. This one is the exact opposite. Plus with footy season almost means he wont train and I can go to the gym the nights he usually trains!!!

    Can you tell I am excited lol.

    Oh I also bought some S26 formula sachets today. That made me feel bad and I almost didnt buy them. But I know that I am still breastfeeding as well so thats ok. Its only every now and then.

    I gave her a rusk earlier and with those she normally gets bored real quick...I left her for only about 5 minutes with it playing on the floor..and she had nearly polished half of it off!! lol. They are saviours!!

    Ok coffee time while Kobi is nigh nighs.

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    Good on you getting the gym membership, Lisa. Free child care - that is great. Places that have that are really thinking. I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but at Ikea they have this fantastic child care - one room is just full of all these little coloured balls! The child can stay there for an hour and you get given this pager while you wander the shop.

    Sal, hurry back soon. Telstra drive me crazy sometimes. It seems that every thing that YOU think would be a very simple thing becomes something extremely complex that requires you to ring at least 2 different Telstra numbers and uses up 30 minutes of YOUR precious life. :mad:

    And Lisa, just to add about the CC and about the formula - I think that any mum that is asking questions and wanting to get advice to do the best for her baby should never feel guilty at all, whatever decision you make in the end. So don't feel guilty!

    Laura, glad you switched off Kerri-Anne - those shows drive me nuts.

    The weather has been so gorgeous - Clarrie and I have been spending heaps of time outside. We're talking about putting in a sand pit (but trying to fence it off to stop the cat going in there :eek: He is blind so he won't jump over anything now). I can't wait to go in it - not sure about Clarrie. LOL.

    Yael - how's DS going? Hope the rash is starting to clear up.

    Clarrie's eczema (I think I've spelt this every possible way and finally hit on the right one ) is still there. I'm going to buy some skin sensitive laundry detergent and trial that to see if it makes any difference. It's not too bad yet. He's not scratching it and it's not weeping, just dry and scaly. I had eczema as a child so .....

    Re. the day naps - well, Clarrie has been having about 1.5 hours about 10am, then about 40 mins in the afternoon. But then a few days he wouldn't even do the afternoon nap at all. So he went all the way until about 6.30 or 7. He gets a bit peeved by about 5.30 but then I try to occupy him with food, bath and nappy free time and he isn't too bad. I do wish he would sleep more in the afternoon!!! Today was even worse - only about 40 mins in the morn and 40 mins from about 1.30.

    Jillian - long time no hear. Hope all is well.

    Julie xx
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    I'M BUGGED!!!! - i have officially had enough - does anyone want brodie?? but he doesn't stop crying....

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    Akeesha Guest



    Julie - Sounds cool about Ikea. I have actually never been but hope to get my but out there one day!
    I hope Clarries exzema clears up soon. So far I havent really had anything like that with my girls (knock on wood) but I see it so much with kids. It just appears to be so common these days. It's a rarity NOT to have it.

    Di - ((((((hugs))))) I really hope that Brodie gets better soon. I know all about it cos I have been where you have been. It feels like a constant downward spiral and the slightest thing adds fuel to the fire. Come here to vent whenever you need to.
    Forgive me If there is something I should already know or have missed but do you have a family member or a friend that can take him off your hands for a few hours so you can get some sleep and have a rest?? I think you need a really big hand and someone to have him so you can get some sleep and do some stuff for yourself.
    It will get better, that I can guarantee. I felt like it would always be the same and I would always be miserable and always have a screamer...but its not like that. It does get better. Take care of yourself and get some help in honey.

    I went out for dinner last night but the night started out crappy. I was running late and DH and I were arguing and by the time I got there I was in a foul mood and was wishing I was at home sobbing in my bedroom. But after a short while I was ok again. I ended up dropping the girls off at the local night spot and was home 10:30.
    I miss going partying with my friends though I must admit. I wanted to cry when I got home. They were begging me to come for just an hour..but I had received 2 phone calls over dinner from DH that Kobi was crying and what should he do. I thought I had better not tempt fate and stay out! It's no big deal now that I didnt go. I think it was just the moment. Me dropping them off and them all laughing and joking walking in..and me driving off by myself. Oh well..thats enough feeling sorry for myself hehe.

    Ohhhh We are going to get Tyra's ears pierced today! She is sooooooooo excited. She came in and shook me around this morning screaming at me "I'm getting my ears pierced today mum..woooohooooo" on repeat lol.

    Ok better go. Kobi is crying and not keen on going down for her morning nap. Why is it that she goes all funny and misbehaves on the weekends and yet during the week will always go down for that morning sleep??? Too much going on maybe.

    Ok have a great weekend ladies

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    thanks for your kind words lisa

    i'm waiting for him to turn the corner -everyone keeps telling me he will but i'm not so the moment (sorry if this is upsetting for some people but i need to do an honest vent) i find myself not really liking him - YKWIM - i love him with all my heart and there isn't a thing i wouldn't do for him but lately especially this week i find myself not enjoying my time with Brodie - to the point that i sometimes dread it - it's just the constant whining, whinging and carrying on to the point of utter craziness.

    I feel like I'm finding it more and more difficult to be with him - i'm just going through the motions, feeding, bathing, playtime, sleep but i have such anxiety around him as he seems to be in a constant bad mood - hence my mood reflecting his and vice versa, by the end of the day i've had enough - sadly lately it has been the beginning of the day that i've had enough and i just get more and more down as the day progresses.

    I wake each morning with a positive attitude but as soon as that first whine starts i feel myself tensing up - i feel awful for having these feelings and probably worst part is that i'm a crap mum (i must be as i can't even control my 1 child let alone several...) - i'm just so upset.

    i don't have much support around either - dh works long hours and his answer for everything is "take him for a walk" - he obviously doesn't understand that I'm not interested in going anywhere, my parents currently vacationing overseas (as if they really needed a holiday anyway...sorry this is a sore point with me) and my sister - although she would love to help struggles managing her 2 children already - so i can't burden her with a whingey baby - she loves Brodie but has also suggested i seek further help with him as she doesn't believe that his constant nonsense is normal - she means it in a nice way.

    He's not interested in rolling or doing anything mechanical - all he does is cry all day long - it makes for a long and yukky day - trust me - i've put up with this for a long time now and I AM OFFICIAL OVER IT!!!

    Ladies - please don't read my post and be worried about me harming Brodie in anyway - i have no agression towards him - just love and warmth - but he doesn't pick up on that energy from me it's all just negative.

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    PS - sadly i have been blaming eveything on teething but now i'm starting to doubt myself

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    Akeesha Guest


    I would NEVER think you would do anything to hurt him honey!!

    All that you are feeling is normal and there is nothing wrong with you. You are far from being a crap Mum. If you wouldnt be here worrying about it and seeking help and venting it. You wouldnt give a toss! You are a wondeful mother, it's just a difficult time.

    Ok so we can establish family support is not really possible for the time being. Can I suggest seeing your MCHN or your GP? He/she may be able to put you onto someone you can chat to or a service that you can perhaps get a bit of assistance once or twice a week. Everyone needs something and some sort of outlet.

    Dont feel that you cant ask for extra assistance if you need it ok hon.

    Also don't ever feel that you cannot be open and honest in here. In the whole time here in this forum I don't feel I have ever been judged and have never been made to feel bad or awful for anything. Vent til your hearts content.

    Personally today I am absolutely livid with the ppl that live behind us. They constantly harass our dog by throwing balls at the fence and we have come home before to find things like lighters and pocket knives in our back yard. At one stage one of them actually jumped our fence to get a ball without even bothering to come and ask for it. Today Jess (our dog) had been barking like a trooper and it's no wonder. They have had their ball go over twice. The first time they were prepping to jump the fence but I went outside so I busted them. Since then they have thrown something hard at the fence and knocked part of it down into our yard. The ball has come back over but this time I have got it and they are not getting it back. I also busted them throwing a really sharp bit of wood at the dog when I was watching them from the corner of the yard they couldnt see me in.
    I told them if I ever saw them doing anything like that again the cops would appear on their doorstep!
    Would you call the cops??? It's harrassing Jess and constantly drives us nuts. I really hate it cos I dont want problems with the neighbours BUT they are ******* neighbours!!!
    What would you do??

    OK I can hear her going off at the again. I am on a mission to bust them in the act so I can go off my tree. This is not good enough!! Btw they are only kids like about 16 years old. My aunty used to be good friends with their Mum and I see her now and then. Thats the main reason I dont want to call the police. I don't want to cause problems there. Oh well..I have to look after me and my family I guess.

    Ok well I will go and sort something out. I wish DH was home.

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    Sal Guest


    hi girls just a quickie...

    dianna you are a great mum being taken to the edge by a difficult baby. its ok to not like your baby when they are driving you up the wall. lisa is right, try to get some assistance, the problem is BJ but you are being dragged down as well. i wish i lived nearby i'd come and babysit him for you. vent here as much as you like, we've all felt the same way at some time.

    lisa go talk to the parents, let them know what the $#!#@@ kids are doing, and that you'll be forced to call the police or rspca if it doesn't stop. i hate people who torment animals and those kids need to have their backsides kicked to stop doing it.

    sorry for short one-handed post.

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    Dianna, Lisa's suggestion of the MCHN (I guess its the same as Child & Youth health nurse here in SA) is a very good one. I remember mine saying that there is a support system in place if things get a bit out of control. Some sort of buddy system with a volunteer?

    I'm glad that you felt that you could be honest with us. And whatever you do, don't think that you are a bad mother, or that Brodie has something wrong with him. We have all been there, believe me. All sorts of thoughts go through your head sometimes - I just blame some of it on the hormones, tiredness, etc. The crying gets you down and then it just keeps spiralling downwards. I do remember reading that some kids just cry and there is no known cause, but they do grow out of it. You just need to get some support for yourself at the moment.

    Hey Lisa, hope you get those neighbours sorted out.

    And Laura, forgot to say a big hooray for booking your holiday. Sounds fantastic!!!!

    Julie xxx

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    Di- this is a great book - 100 ways to calm the crying by Pinky McKay. But don't bother reading it until you get a bit of a break for yourself and some support from MCHN. That's what they're there for.

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    Akeesha Guest


    I just wanted to pop in to say I had a great day today!!

    Went to the open day at Vic Uni and it was good. I came away feeling quite positive about the whole thing. I mean it is competetive and what not but I feel very good about it and looking around the room I thought..I stand just as good a chance as any of these girls here of getting in!

    But she made the whole course sound totally fantastic and I am really excited about it! I did forget to ask some of my questions but she gave her email address out with a brochure so I will just email her. YAY!!!

    Tyra got her ears pierced yesterday and was very brave. She said ouch and was ready to cry..but the promise of an ice-cream was stronger than the pain evidently lol.

    Oh and DH sorted out the neighbours. Long story but basically they were in the yard about 7am and DH went out there to survey damage from the party they had last night. There were glass bottles in our yard!!! So DH went up to the fence and said "Oi, whats with all these bottles?" And threw them back over their side. Then proceeded to tell them in a very forceful way that if he ever caught them harassing the dog again there would be hell to pay. I am putting it quite nicely too I might add. They denied it and aplogised. DH made them aware that it was not good enough and wont be tolerated and that was their first and final warning.
    They were absolutely packing themselves. Interestingly Jess hasnt barked all day!!
    He made them very aware of the kids we have and how dangerous it was and how good would they feel if they hurt or killed a pet of a 5 year old little girl..or even worse still..hurt a child! They seemed to respond so we will see how it goes.
    I am still going to have a word to the mother so she is aware and then just have the cops number handy if anything else happens.
    Fingers crossed all the crap stops cos it's been going on for a very long time and I am beyond over it.

    Ok I better go. I want to do some tidying up before tackling dinner. My god I am sooooooooooooooooo tired today!

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    hi Lisa, glad you had a fab time at the open day and are feeling very positive about it all. Sounds like you might have the neighbours under control... hope so!

    Well, I'm pretty tired, too, and have told myself that I must go to bed early tonight. So, just a short post and I will catch you all later.

    Julie xx

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    Hi all. Sorry it has been such a loooong time since I last posted. We have been one very busy family. Our social life is so much busier now we have kids than what it was prior. Plus my work and DH's work - just a really busy time for us.

    On aplus though, Declan and Rylee have been great. They are such good kids. Although we had a really rough time at the start, things are a realpleasure now. We still haveour moments but allin all they are great. Declan and Rylee are eating their solids reallywell. They have their 3 meals aday and eat whatever we eat, so that makes it easier. They are in 00 to 0 clothing now too. They have dropped a sleep during the day - so only 2 day sleeps now - but are still sleeping all night. They go to bed at 6.30pm, we wake them at 9.30pm for a top up and then they sleep through until about 7-7.30am. So we really feel like we are in some sort of a routinewhere we know what we are doing and the babies know what they are doing.

    As Imentioned we haev been socially very busy, which means we have been out at night on a few occasions. The babies have still gone to bed at their normal time and have been a real pleasure while we have been out.

    Also things just this last week have been exciting as we have had 2 +ve pg tests. I am about to go to the docs now for a blood test. This was a real shock but great all the same as we were told that it would be unlikely that we would ever fall pg naturally. But I will fill you all in once I am back from the docs and know the results of my blood test.

    Chat soon.

    PS sorry I have not had time to read all the posts. Will try to catch up.

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    Sal Guest


    OMG Tam! wow! congrats!

    Lisa, YAY on having a great open day and having the course confirmed as being the one for you. You'll get in, I can feel it in my waters!

    Dianna, I hope you're doing OK (well I hope BJ is settling down, you are just reacting to him). Have you been able to get in touch with someone who might be able to offer some help?

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    to let you guys know that my FIL passed away at 10.00am this morning during heart surgery.

    I wont be around much this week


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