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Thread: Babies Born January 2006

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    hello all,

    just quickly checking in. i am in canberra, we just signed a lease for a house today (thank god - there is such a demand for houses and they are so expensive, we were begining to think we wouldn't get one). DH is heading back to armidale to pack up the house for the removalists - jelly and i are staying in canberra at my parents because the trip back to armidale is simply too much for jelly, it took her days to recover from the trip here.

    i hope everyone and their bubs are doing well. jelly has really bad tummyaches and hickups for about an hour after each feed, but otherwise there are no complaints from my end. she has been such a happy baby today, she didn't even cry when she woke this morning (which is definitely a first) she just lay there content, despite a wet nappy.

    anyway i gotta go, will check in again another time.

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    Hi! I just popped in to say hi and see how you all are going.

    Oh Teena HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday!

    I understand what you mean. this might not be the same (ok, might be totally off track), but my hubbys birthday in on the 14th December, and he tends to be ignored a bit because its right near Christmas. All his family tend to join his bday and chrissy pressies in one, not making them any more special than pressies they give his brother and not seeing him/calling him on his bday. So he gets a bit upset around his birthday sometimes when the family dont really make an effort.

    Ladies, im so jealous you are all talking about your bubbas! I really cant wait till i can do the same. I remember reading all your birth announcements, it feels like yesterday.. and now your bubs tickers are going up so fast! 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks...

    ok, anyway, sorry to be a spy and intrude!

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    Hi all,

    Tam & Misty - Good to see you both again. It's been so quiet and I miss chatting with everyone like we did while pg. I know it's different and we are all so busy but I miss you all anyway.

    Teena - A very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am sorry you had such an ordinary day. Hoping you are feeling much better about it now.

    Not much new here. Kobi still all good, just having issues with not being a big sleeper. But we'll get there.

    I cant wait to get back into the gym. I have a few kilos left to lose and starting to get a bit annoyed with them. I want to lose about 7 kilos. Most of which is hanging on pg weight but also some of it is stuff I wanted to lose before hand. I am getting back into the gym at the end of this month. DH and I made a deal today that I can get new runners for the gym. (the pair I like are $200!) And if I am a good girl and go to the gym and achieve what I want to...then I get to go out and buy all new workout clothes. Like the really nice Running Bare stuff and what not. So I feel good and look good. So I am even more determined now cos I want new clothes lol.

    Hey I have a question for all of I usually do haha.

    What did you all do for a living pre baby?

    I was just doing crappy menial jobs that I hated but did them to get through. I am wanting to go back to work (not for a long time but down the track) and doing something I actually like. I am thinking of studying but seriously dont know what I want to do. I just want something that I like doing an get something out of. Something I like getting out of bed for and I can interact with ppl. I am really not sure and I reckon I need career counselling lol.

    So I am just curious to see what you all do/did for a living. And also while I am asking that..what kind of work you have always wanted to be in?
    I know this may seem silly seeing as how we have all just had babies and not thinking of work...I am just curious.

    Ok hope you are having a great weekend. Hope to see you all soon.

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    Hey there Ladies

    Just thought I'd pop in to say HI \/

    things have been great - Brodie is getting bigger and stronger everyday - somedays I find it hard to believe that he is only 5weeks....he really does have his own personality and loves a good wrestle - SUCH A BOY!!! - but I just love it

    He is weighing in at 4kgs now - pretty good considering he was jusst over 2.6kg when he was born - he has definately gone through a growth spurt - he eats heaps - like 120mls of formula (nor BF unfortunately - but very very very long story) every 3 hours like clock work and the cheeky monky loves to throw the odd random feed in and thinks that I have forgotten...for eg, he will eat at 7am, then may feel like a top up at 9am but then he will still expect his 10am feed (the original time he was to feed) - either way I'm not complaining - he was so little when he was born that he needed some fattening up - LOL!!

    We seemed to have skipped a "dress" size also - for a long time there he was in 00000 (I know tiny...) and then all of a sudden he is in 000 today!!! - just fantastic - but bugger about all the 0000 stuff that he never got to wear

    what more can I tell you?? there is so much to say but in all honesty I'd rather not harp on the negative stuff (food poisoning, UTI, Mastitis etc) - I'd rather talk about the Love of my Life - he is just devine and I just adore him.

    He is still sleeping in his bassinet in our room but I think that he will need to get into his cot sooner rather than later - he is out growing the bassinet in length - I'm sure he will be TALL - DH is 6ft5 and I'm 6Ft - so we aren't exactly short in this neck of the woods.

    well just wanted to say hi and touch base - you ladies all sound quite content and it is a definate change from the early days where we could chat online all day long but it is sooooooooooo worth it.

    Laura - I never thought I'd say it but I'm ready to do it all again - I think DH and I will go for No.2 in the not to distant future - but let me get past teething and see if I still feel the same (??) - besides don't think I could do MS with sleep deprivation - Brodie will have to be sleeping through the night first I think.

    Oh well gotta run - I suppose - but need to have a shower and relax before my BIG Man wakes for his next feed.

    In the mean time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEENA - Sorry it wasn't so fantastic but look on the bright side you have a ray of sunshine lighting your life everyday - besides if people forget your B-day - it will mean that you never have to get any older (oh to be 25 forever LOL - even I'm dreaming now - that was 6 years ago....)

    ciao girls

    hugs to all

    di xxx

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    PS - Hats off to TAM =D>

    I really don't know how I would cope with 2 perfect little babies - you really are quite amazing....just wanted to acknowledge the fact that I know how tough and exhausting it is with 1 - but 2 would definatley be a challenge - I'm sure you are doing a wonderful, wonderful job and are an amazing mum O

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    kerry Guest


    God but I miss you guys so much. I'm with Di, remembering the days when we could chat online for ages but still I wouldn't trade my little Bridie for all the tea in China. What does that even mean?, I know they drink tea in China and all and there are quite a few of them over there but isn't most of the tea grown in sri lanka and India?... shouldn't it be all the tea in Cylon? ... as you may have guessed I am suffering from some form of temporary insanity due to complete and utter exhaustion.

    OK... boy do i have some things to remember to chat about:

    Misty - congrats on DH's job, and the move back home. It will be great for you all to be back home with your family and jelly can grow up with her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents much closer. Hope all goes well with the move, especially seeing as DH is in charge of the packing (and unsuppervised at that).

    Tam - Ditto to what Di said.... you are an inspiration, believe or not but when I get to the point where I sit on the back step just to be away from the little screecher I think of you and Clare managing so well with 2 that It is just what I need to pick me up and realise I can do it for my 1. You just spend as much time with your pidgeon pair as you can and pop in occassionally to give us updates... we understand.

    Jillian - Your birthday was remembered... I remember looking at the clock at 12:32am and wanting to cry because it was 18/1/06 but the first thought I had was "Hey its Jillian's birthday" and it made me feel heaps better.... also Kobi made her big entrance for your birthday too... so both the werribee girls made sure you were thought of... Bridie came a week early and Kobi hung out and waited just for you. I have 3 pairs of mittens which I use all the time because as soon as Bridie gets tired she claws her face so unless I wanted a child who looked like edward scissor hands I had to glove her.

    Lisa - Wish i could afford to go back to gym but I am settling for walking atm... and when the doctor tells me its ok I'm planning on hitting the pool for laps. There is a physio in Point Cook that lets you hire hug-a-bubs for a week to see how you like them as some people don't. I can't remember which one but Rayray knows so I'll ask her and forward the info. I have a carrier like the baby bjiorn ones (but cheaper) as P & I go bushwalking and we thought it would be good. Its fantastic as we Bridie is being wingie or when I'm doing the shoppping I just chuck her in... its great and he only way I get any housework done sometimes.

    Laura - I'm doing first time mum's group, mine starts 22nd of Feb. I'm excited also, mainly because I am getting a bit sick of not having adult conversations. I love reading your little updates as you seem so incredible happy (not that I'm not, I'm more in love than I have ever been in my life) and so in control (definately not that at my end). Hope things are going well now DH is back at work. I am all ready to do the origami cloth nappy thing but have to wait until Bridie gets the all clear on her hips (see below) according to the doctor. Oh and the lactation consultant told me that cabbage was ok but only if you had eaten it regularily during the later stages of pg. Bridies bad wind thing is chocolate, have to avoid it like the plague.

    Di - It sucks that we both had crummy pg (healthwise) and then dramas post birth, although yours seem so much worse than mine. I am glad little (well getting bigger by the day) Brodie is doing so well after his rocky start... I think you are right to expect a tall boy and he is certainly going to be a tough nut as he has already had a few little battles to overcome and done so.

    Teena - happy belated birthday.... IL can be such bunions on our lives.

    OK - I'm another one who will fall asleep while feeding.
    Things I said I wouldn't do and have:
    1. Sleep the baby in bed with me... not all the time but there have been a few occassions.
    2. Use a dummy... after 2 weeks of having her latch off then re-latch with just the tip of the nipple in so she couls suck without actually getting milk and having aweful cracked nipples I relented, tried a dummy and now I have no pain and she is settling and sleeping more. We only use the dummy at bed/nap times or to try and calm her when she is having a tantrum.. and believe me she has those.
    3. Pick my baby up every time she cries... yeah sure, I can let her go fr 5-7mins but then if I don't pick her up for cuddles I end up crying myself.

    What other news do I have.... Oh the pooing on mummy thing... only time we have had an accident was once in the bath... we have a big bath together at least once a week and showers at least twice a week... well when we were just about to get out of the bath she let a huge poo go dyed the whole bath yellow and then had to both have a shower.

    The health centre nurse wants to test Bridies hearing as she thinks there is a problem, I think she is fine just doesn't want to look at things that don't interest her. Also will need an ultrasound on her hips at 6-8w as they are both definately clicking but not all the time?!!!.... most likely she has hypermobility like me and not hip dysplacia as it isn't all the time but the physio at the hospital asked me not to put her in cloth napies until after she is checked as if they aren't folded the right way then they can actually do damage if there is a problem.

    Have had to have my hips re-set again and have had a few bad uti's but my kidneys are still doing really well.

    Bridie's latest is she lives on a 3 day cycle... day one is whinging and grizzling all day with only very small sleeps (like Saturday where she was awake for 17 hours with 10min naps every 2 hours and only wanted to be cuddled)...3 hour screaming fits.. Day 2 is 1.5hr sleeps with a feed and an hour of lying in her bouncer before she sleeps and then day 3 is 4 hour+ sleeps with a feed, quick cuddle then back to sleep... Last night she slept for 9 hours.. it was great after the weekends episodes.

    ok have to go... grandad is walking the house with princess grizzle guts and his back can't take much more... time to go home, hopefully get some housework done today. yeah like I care...

    PS... sign me up for aother one... as horrible as it is some days I am absolutely loving every minute of it... even the scarey dark ones.

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    Hi girls

    Thanks Di and Jo. It certainly keeps me on my toes. Rylee has been having farting issues lately, or lack there of, so we have had a few rough days of constant screaming. I have just started her on the Brauer colic drops, which so far seem to be proving a success as there are some good farts coming out now.

    It has been a real eye opener doing everything on my own with the 2 of them, but I love them sooooooo much and would not swap it for anything.

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    Good afternoon ladies - I thought I would come in and say a quick hello before Miss Allegra wakes up.

    Ooops too late. I can hear her now. BRB.

    OK - she just wanted to 2 minute cuddle and she is back to sleep. Thankfully she is still sleeping very well, during the day around 3-4 hours and at night the same. Last night she was up about every 2-3 hours but I think it was because she was warm and was thirsty and she is growing through a growth spirt because today DH John, my mum and I all thought she felt heavier and the ECHC nurse came for the home visit today and she has put on just over 100g since Thursday afternoon YAY!!

    Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I am kind of over it now and feel silly for even thinking along those lines but I guess Birthdays are a special thing... its the big 30 for me next year though, so there better be a LOT of fuss.... and diamonds

    Akeesha - pre bubs I worked for a PR company as a publicist. The company I work for specialises in sports and media management, so I guess you could say that my boss is like Jerry McGuire! I loved doing it and will eventually work perhaps a day from home as Allegra gets bigger. Although I am keen to start writing a novel, which is what I always intended to do when we started a family. Being a writer has always been my passion.

    GYM - weight loss hmmmm well I am back into a lot of pre-pregnancy clothes but I still have a little to lose. I dont think I will ever get back under the 50kg mark but I will be happy if I was to get in the low 50's so I can fit into a lot of lovely things that I have hanging there that just dont do up quite yet. Am starting to walk a little bit but dont want to over do it yet. I find walking loses weight for me very quick and combining breastfeeding and good diet with that I should be svelt again sooner rather than later.

    I was thinking today that everyone seems to be doing so much with their bubs every day but I dont seem to be getting anywhere much with Allegra. I guess the fact that she is so small (still only 2.3kgs) puts me off taking her out too much - do you think I am being paranoid a bit? We went to a picnic yesterday and go to the shops a little but as she is too small for her baby bjorn I have to take her pram and I am still a little uncertain. Is any other first time mum like this?

    Anyway.. going to check on dinner. DH just called and will be home soon, then its baby bath time, feed and bed and then dinner for mummy and daddy and Desperate Housewives yayayayayay

    Have a good evening ladies.
    T x

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    Lisa - Lakes Physiotherapy in Pt Cook hire hug-a-bubs so you can try before you buy, think its $15/week.

    If you want though, you could try mine and see if you like it. Milo is still not too sure about it, so I wouldn't miss it for a week. Plus I also have a ring sling that I can use if I need something (we haven't tried this one yet)

    If you want to, email me & let me know.

    Also, re getting out of the house with a new baby - my gandma watches 7th heaven, and I was over at her place and one of the daughters had a newborn. Her mum reckoned she shouldn't go outside with the baby for something like a month, because of 'germs' and the baby would get sick!

    What was good, was that she was breastfeeding - apparently this is not very common in the US?

    Hope you are all doing well with your bubs, Milo hit 12 weeks yesterday, and if his growth rate hasn't slowed yet, will possibly hit 7kg on Thursday when I get him weighed.

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    hello ladies,

    sorry i don't seem to get in here that often. Jelly has not been a very happy girl, i think she may have reflux (i hope not), and has been wanting me to hold her 24/7. plus i am in canberra at the moment, whilst DH is back in armidale packing up the house for the removalists this weekend, so i have been doing most of everything by myself (although my mum helps out when she is able). i always knew babies were a fulltime job, but i am gaining a new appreciation for single parents, like my sister, who have to do everything on their own, without a partners support.

    oh well only a couple more days until DH is back and we move into our new place.

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry i haven't been able to post in ages, things are crazy around here... Didn't realise just how much time the baby would take up, and then there are normal things to do around the house, and finally if there is any time left, i try to rest

    Anyway, my nipple thrush is a little better...DS mouth has cleared up (he loves the Daktarin gel i put in his mouth.. seriously it stops him crying straight away, and i can barely get my finger back out of his mouth)... Anyway, am taking my second course of Diflucan, so hopefully it will all clear up soon.. The swelling has gone, and my nipples aren't so red and blistered, but i still have incredible burning pains after i feed... By 10am I had already taken panadol twice today! I think i need to work on my diet a bit more, its just so hard.. Having natural yoghurt in the mornings, but i'm lucky if i get to eat lunch, and its really hard to eliminate all sweet things....

    DS is a little more settled now.. unfortauntly he is out of his good lseeping pattern (used to feed, play for 30 mins nicely and then send himself off to sleep for 3 hrs).. now i have to hold and rock him to ge him to sleep, but he doesn't cry that much, and hardly ever cries like crazy for ages (although ever couple of days he'll have a big unsettled period)...

    But he has started like feeding, playing for a bit, and then going to sleep for like an hour, and then waking up again.. He doesn't cry but he likes to be held and won't go back to sleep, and then i end up feeding him like every 3 hours, even when he probs would have held out to 3.5 or 4hrs if he was asleep.. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep longer?? Once he has done this once or twice he is so tried he sleeps for ages the next time, but he never used to do this before the thrush incident!

    Oh, i also fall sleep while feeding, although less so now cos its painful and sometimes he comes off and tries to reattach himself and if i'm not looking it will hurt so bad!!

    And i also give him a dummy.. i was told they don't really form habits until like 2 months, but anyway, he seems to need that extra sucking to be satisifed, so i don't think there is anything wrong in giving him that... He quites often spits it out when he has had enough!

    The other day my stiches were bothering me - i had 2x 1st degree tears after a vacuum extraction (the 2nd tear i had was like more on the inside of my vagina, and i can still feel the stickes knots... shouldn't they have disolved by now??)

    Anyway, so i got a mirror to check they were ok (which they were), but i noticed there was like bulges of my vagina from the inside which looked like they were coming out of me, IYKWIM?

    So i went to the dr yesterday, and she had a look and said i have a slight prolapse...

    Is it common to have this after the first baby??? I know my mum had it and had surgery to correct it, but that was after 3 kids...

    Would this limit how many children i can have??

    Has anyone else had this? She suggested pelvic floor exercises, but didn't seem to worried..

    Guess i'll wait until i see the obs in 3 weeks and ask him... But i think i shouldn't have googled it last night cos it just worried me!

    Anyway, on the positive side, my FIL is back.. He is in hospital here until Friday... I haven't been in to see him as i can't have the baby around him, but DH has gone in every day and says he is doing pretty well..

    Anyway, i'ld better go.. would like to try and eat something and then have a rest b4 his lordship wakes up!!

    Oh, i'll try and get around to making a website so i can put up all the photo's i've taken!

    Hope you are all well!


    P.S. Teena, by bday was on the 13th jan, (day after my due date), and everyone basically forgot it (even DH, but that was cos we had just found out his dad had a stroke so i forgave him this year), and everyone else just caleld to find out if i had had the baby yet.... but i know how you feel.. i get upset every year, and then later i feel stupid for feeling that way... Personally i just find birthdays a disappointment!
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    Oh, i forgot to add - we went to the MCHN last week, and my mr fattie put on 250g in one week! Apparently they said 100 - 150g is normal.. I think its cos his a pig and drains both sides at each feed!

    And last week i was so proud, he rolled from his tummy to his back - 3 times just to show me it wasn't a fluke!!!

    Also, he smiles a lot when i smile at him.. people say its just wind.. when can i be sure he is really doing it in response to me??

    Have a great day everyone!

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    yael - i'm not sure about the smiling vs wind thing. sometimes i know its just wind with jelly, but other times i think she may be smiling - but i'm not quite sure if that is just wishful thinking.

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    hi everyone!

    Sounds like there are lots of busy mums about!

    including me

    I just mind boggle at how the days seem to be fly past so quickly!!!

    Luxxe is starting to sleep longer at night and a few nights ago actually slept through from about 11pm to 6am.

    so hopefully we will get a few more of those!

    but I don't really mind the 3am wake up.

    I can feed her in bed and then put her back in the bassinette without too much trouble.

    her belly button scab still hasn't come off.... but it's getting closer. it's only hanging on by a few threads.... so maybe in the next few days.

    still putting hte antibiotic cream on it.

    bought some more nappies so now we only have to wash every second day which is great!

    Dh has been working from home a bit so that's been great!

    usually he will go in to work in the morning and then be home by 2pm ot today we was home all day excpet for a meeting at 3.30pm.

    so it was nice to have valentines with my valentine

    how was everyone else's valentine day?

    dh bought me some choccies and made me a lovely dinner!

    nothing fancy, but it was lovely and thoughtful and I got lots of lovely kisses....

    I think Luxxe smiled today!

    i was just talking to her between feeds and making funny faces and I got a few smiles!

    eyes open and looking at me..... I reckon you're right jillian... all the other smiles before now were with eyes closed and I think were wind.

    I've given up on expressing. it's just too weird and I find it makes my boobs bruised.

    well Luxxe has been sleeping for just over an hour now.... I hope she still sleeps tonight.

    I should go to bed now and get some sleep in.....

    catch you all tomorrow!


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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey everyone,

    I havent been in here at all lately. Just been caught up with Kobi and Tyra and the house etc.

    Had an uneventful valentines day yesterday. Mainly beause we dont really go in for it. That is more courtesy of DH than me but it doesnt really bother me overly. Our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks and that's something we will definitely celebrate.

    Kobi still hasnt been sleeping any better. During the day she still has more shorter sleeps but in between she is happy. She only cries when there is something really wrong like really wet or starving. She still wakes a fair bit at night but that really is my fault. I am not doing myself any favours. She tends to go down at about 9-10 and then wakes 3 to 4 hours later for a feed. My downfall is that I fall asleep or get way too tired and either fall asleep feeding her or dont feed her enough before I put her down. If I dont feed her enough she is awake again within an hour if she even settles and ends up back in bed with us. If I fall asleep she tends to wake every hour for more boob. She doesnt sleep well with us but I am so tired I cant function enough to get her back in her bed. I really have to try though because no routine is forming and her sleeping is not getting any better. I think if I refused to lay down and just sat up to feed her and make sure she really is full...then actually put her back down..then she would improve. So Its a habit I need to get out of.

    I bought a Baby Bjorn carrier the other day. I went looking at slings and hunted round on the net etc and gathered some info. I decided after looking around that the Bbay Bjorn was the one for us. I got it from Target too becuase I was given a voucher from friends at my baby shower and the voucher paid for it. So it worked out well. I havent used it yet but I only got it on the weekend and have only just worked out how to use it lol. Not that complicated when you have done it once. Kobi is a snuggly bear so she will love it and I think get loads of use out of it.

    Rayray- Thanks for the offer of borrowing your hug a bub. I had already boght the carrier when I saw your message. It was really nice of you to offer though. Thanks again.

    I have been dropping subtle hints to let DH know I want another baby. (not yet though)
    He is sooo not keen and I am sad about it. I really dont want Kobi to be my last.
    Oh well...if I am meant to have another..then I will have one. DH can't stop fate!
    I do hope though that I do get a good break in between. I'd be happy with 2-3 years.

    Ok Kobi is a little sooky now. Perhaps wants the rest of the feed she fought off earlier.

    Hope everyone is well.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Me again and typing 1 handed now as Kobi is feeding.

    Cant believe I forgot to mention this but guess what???!!!

    Kobi is 4 weeks old today! My how time flies. My little newborn isnt so much of a newborn anymore. Really quite exciting but sad at the same time.

    So at 5:53 pm this evening she will officially be 4 weeks old!

    Need cake to celebrate lol.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Oh you know what else lol...

    Kobi was weighed at the MCHN this week and she is doing really well.

    The MCHN said I am doing a fabo job and also doing a great job b/f as she is happy and healthy and putting on good amounts of weight. I was quite chuffed when she said I should be really proud of myself. Makes all the hard work worth it really..looking at her and how healthy she is and how well she is doing.

    She is now a whopping 9lb6oz (4270) and 54cms long with a HC of 37!!

    Can you believe some babies are born that size...naturally...ouch.

    So just wanted to share how she was doing.

    I cant believe I keep forgetting to tell you guys all this stuff. Must be just be being so worn out and tired I guess. Thats my excuse!! hehe

    Have a super night.

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    Jillian, 5pm is the start of Maddy's witching hours too! She's an angel for the majority of the day (most of the time) but then starts to cry and howl at 5pm onwards. Unless I feed her non-stop, she'll generally cry until she exhausts herself.

    So we do the same as you. DH arrives home at 6pm from work, takes Maddy off me and I cook dinner. Then one of us shovels the food while the other has bubs. Then we swap! *L* Last night she got herself worked up so I had a warm bubble bath and then Maddy joined me 15 minutes later. She was mesmorised by the bubbles and then after a scream (she hates getting out of the water again and getting cold!) she went down for a sleep and slept 4hrs.

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