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Thread: Babies Born January - March 2005 #2

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    I used to be like that with Rob, but being with shane is different. He insists a little more strongly, and well I just cave in And usually enjoy it.
    We got a letter this morning too....

    "hey dad. how are you? good I hope, hope your new family is doing well! I was wondering since you don't pay for me & Matt to live if I could have some money I need it for school $50 to be exsact and I need it by friday!!!
    I need this money and I pray that you could do this for the daughter you once loved..... please!
    Love samantha ($50or as much as you can please!)

    Isn't that charming?? this is from the child that we haven't received calls, cards, presents or thankyous from for over 3 years. And while we dont pay $700/month child support anymore (we are only paying $25/m because Shane's income last year was less than $25k on workcover) that all changes in Nov and we go back to paying about $700 a month again on a single income with us having 2 under 2!
    And we believe that since the child support was lowered, his ex wife has received more money from the govt.

    So what to do, what to do?? There are a few options. We think we will send her the money and tell her that before she asks again she maybe think about how we feel having been cut out of their life. How her grandfather feels having completely lost touch with them (and he only lives 10min drive away) and also remind her it would be nice for a thanks once in a while. Teenage girls are the pits.

    Trish - not sure what to suggest about Marks note. He does sound pretty hurt, and it takes a bit to write a note like that. Specially for a man! Are you able to doanything special with him, even if its as a family?
    The funny thing is they seem to see themselves doing the dishes maybe 2-3 times a week as a huge effort, and forget about all the things we do that they have no idea about.
    I dunno what to suggest. Poor you, and poor him. Kids suck!!!

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    New thread time girls


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