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Thread: Babies Born July 2005 #17

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    Gemma- Hahahahahahahahahahaha, whoops. Sorry about that, told everyone he was a hell beast, lmao.

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    Hi girls,

    Just back from Istanbul! Quick summary:

    FLIGHT - Al slept at the airport so was awake the 3 hours on the way and was bored and irritable. So that was rather Challenging!! Unfortunately didn't read your messages before leaving, so we didn't take the computer on board, and I also didn't have his cars, so it was all my own fault! We did much better on the way home - he slept and then played with his cars and was much nicer about the whole idea.

    PEOPLE - Everyone had to comment about Al. Usually random people in the street would just pinch his cheeks and get in his face, maybe take his photo!! But at least 50 people told me things like - he's cold, he needs tea, he needs sugar, he needs this that and everything else! Couldn't believe how forward people were in commenting! Mind you he enjoyed the attention most of the time.

    TEDDY - Als favourite comfort toy is Teddy. He still doesn't say mum or dad, but he says Teddy. Actually Teddy is always whispered. We lost Teddy today. He was with us at the airport and not in the taxi on the way home. So both DH and I have a broken heart about losing Teddy.. .. I know Al is going to be upset when he works it out later tonight. Not sure how we can overcome this, but maybe the best idea is to buy a new Teddy tomorrow that is similar looking.

    Won't go on about it any longer, but overall the trip went well. We enjoyed some sightseeing while DH worked - but now am very glad to be home again.

    Will try and catch up with you all tomorrow.

    Just wanted to say Kate - I hope they can get to the bottom of Rylee's health problems soon. How is the Losec helping?

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    New thread time girls


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