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Thread: Babies Born July 2007 #15

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    Default Babies Born July 2007 #15

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in July 2007.

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    First in :P

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    Hey Everyone!!

    We've had a pretty good day today. I went and picked up my groceries from last night and was meant to come back and do the house work but was too lazy!! I have managed a quick vacuum and wash all of Avaleigh's clothes. We then went to get fruit and vege and on the way back Avaleigh fell asleep in the car so I thought that when we get home I will put her in her bed and jump in the pool. And I did and to pool was sooooooooooooooo nice and warm!! I was in there for a lil while and Jason came home from being out on the boat.I've been boiling some carrot and pumpkin to puree up for Avaleigh's dinners.

    Avaleigh has been great today. We have managed 2 x 1.5hr sleeps YAY!! Now she is happy on the floor and trying to crawl. She is soooooooooooo close, I think she will be doing it in a few days.

    I have a question to those that have their baby on cereal for breakfast. Do you give them BM or formula as well as the cereal or just the cereal? I am planning to give BM plus the cereal but not sure how much cereal or BM to give. I still would like BM to be Avaleigh's number 1 food source so maybe I wont give her as much cereal as the back of the pack says..

    I bought Avaleigh a sippy cup last night and she has been trying to work it out today but because it have a no spill bit on it you need to suck hard to get the water out, but instead, she is biting it! LOL she'll work it out soon.

    I am going to the movies tonight to see 27 Dresses with my mum and sister. Hopefully it'll be a good movie! Got a fancy dress party tomorrow night and we are going as the pirates of caribbean. Oh and I am going for my first dive with Jason tomorrow!!! YAY Cant wait!! I better remember to bring the underwater camera.

    Well better go and get dinner organised!! Hope all is well

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    V- Breatmilk/formla should be that main part of her diet until 12 months. Always give BM or Formiula before food.
    In the mornings I feed kaetlyn BM then give her rice cereal.

    Did anyone get the email about the photographer wanting BF babies or pg women? Kaetlyn and I are going tomorrow morning, and might be in the big sydney paper Yeah! How exciting!

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    Well the devil grew wings and turned into an angel today! He slept for 1 hr 20 min this morning and then TWO hours after mothers group...unheard of! Then i got a bonus 40 min this afternoon. He went to sleep himself each time and has not grizzled all day!! So proud i just had to share, he he!! Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!

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    That's great news Megan - Lucas is a clever, taggie-loving boy Isn't it weird how they change all the time though?

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    Megan that's great news.

    V, I want to see that movie as well. Let us know how it is. I know Jem has seen it, and she really liked it.

    Thanks everyone for your nices thoughts on our anniversary. Sorry it has taken so long for me to catch back up with you all.

    We had a lovely dinner, they gave us some complimentary chocs at the end with a coffee for our anniversary, and we then won some money on the pokies. So yey all round, the night ended up only costing about $80 and thats including cabs, dinner, drinks and some gambling. It was a lovely night all round. DH and I both said it's great that we can still enjoy ourselves. I can't wait to do it again.

    I forget what everyone had wrote in the old thread, so sorry.

    Jack is still well, still eating and BF like there is no tomorrow. He loves his cruskits, an oldie but a goodie.

    Charlize is still not well, took her back to the quack today. He just said that she is still recovering from the bug she had last week. I just try and keep her dosed up on panadol. She has been miserable, the poor little thing. I hate it when either of them are sick, it breaks my heart not being able to help.

    Anyway must be off. Take care all.

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    Hi everyone

    Well, I have had the craziest day today. Ironically, Diana slept through the night last night, but I got a case of insomnia and was up most of the night reading. This morning I had a job interview, which I was quite nervous about, but I think it went well. Then when I got home and could finally relax my brain kind of switched off completely and I ended up doing dumb things like walking all around the house for 15 mins looking for my sunglasses only to realise that I was holding them in my hand, lol. Diana is still doing well. She is crawling all over the place and seems to be fascinated with rubbish bins. Wherever I put her, she always crawls to the nearest bin! We went shopping for a playpen for her today but couldn't find anything suitable. Does anyone know what shops sell them? So far we've looked in Toys'r'us and Kmart. We're after one of those you put straight on the floor, not a port-a-cot.

    Sasha - thanks for the info about the Science of Parenting book. It sounds really good. I might see if I can get a copy tomorrow from somewhere.

    Mel - yay on your fantastic night. So glad it went well for you. I love your new avatar too! I am thinking of upgrading my membership so that I can have an avatar too. They're so cute. Hope Charlize gets better really soon.

    Sara - yes I got the info about the photographer, but unfortunately Penrith is too far for me to come out. Hope it goes really well for you guys. What paper is it for?

    V - hope the party goes well. You'll have to post some photos. Is Avaleigh going too?

    Hi to everyone else. Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Australia day!

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    Hi girls,

    Veronica - I always give Oliver a bf before any food that I give him. What time does she wake up? I would bf her then and maybe wait half an hour and give her the rice cereal. Have fun on your dive and at your party!

    Blueflower - I got the email but I'm a bit far away! LOL. That's awesome that you're going. I will be checking out the paper.

    Megan - wow! Your little man must have been buggered from all that devilish behaviour yesterday...hehe.

    Mel - oh I hope little Charlize feels better soon. It sounds like you had a great anniversary night.

    Starfish - we have a shop here called Baby's Galore and they sell the play pens you are talking about. Good luck with it.

    Well I'm so proud, Oliver is sitting all by himself. I put a big cushion behind him cause he does fall back every now and then though. He is loving it too!!! He just sits there with this huge gummy grin. So gorgeous. And he gets to play with more toys now, ie the ones that I would never give him if he was lying down just in case he dropped them on his face. I gave him some baby yoghurt last night. As he has his dinner quite early at 5 o'clock, he seems to want something later on when we have ours, so I figured the yoghurt could be his desert. I bought the Yoplait "My first Yoghurt", suitable from 6 months. He really enjoyed it so I gave him some more tonight. So far so good. I can't handle too much dairy and neither can Lexxen so I wasn't too sure how he would go but no sign of tummy pain or anything like that.

    Having a belated party for Lexxen tomorrow. Should be fun except they are predicting showers. Hope it doesn't rain too much as it is a pool party and I don't have a back up plan!!!

    Well it's bed for me, have a great weekend everyone.

    Raels. xo

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    Boy that went sooo fast!

    A friend of mine gave birth via c-sect on the 14th of this month to a beautiful little girl Savannah Hinetitama (middle name is Maori= Dawn Maiden) she weighed 7pd 8oz I seen her for the first time today and OMG i could not believe how clucky i got!! lol.

    Well im feeling a bit better today, no more vomiting but tummy still feels very yuck and i cant stomache food just yet! But im on the mend Ethan has shocked me, for the last three days he has had a 30 min sleep around 10am then has a 2.5hr sleep at about 3pm, it has never happened! I had a sleep with him the last two days and it did me the world of good as i haven't been eating so the sleep gives me a bit more energy.

    Raels- Well done Oliver, thats great! Hope you have a great day tomorrow and enjoy Lexxen's party, i have my fingers crossed for you that the rain holds off and you dont have to worry about a back up plan.

    Zofia- Lol @ diana going straight for the bin, the things our children find to amuse themselves If my thongs are anywhere within ethans reach i will find him munching them, and then gets upset when i take them away, Gross child lol.

    Mel- Hi! So happy for you that your anniversary went well and you and Dh enjoyed yourselves, it really is great to just get out and enjoy yourselves together occasionally. Glad jack is still going well. Poor little Charlize, i really really hope it clears up soon and she can be happy again. It is heartbreaking when they are sick and theres not much you can do.

    Megan- Glad lucas has given you a little break and decided to show mummy that he can be a little angel! Its great isn't it when they unexpectedly give you a longer sleep.

    Sara- I was reading about that in another thread, hope you and Kaetlyn have lots of fun, i wish i could see the paper when they go in!!

    V- Yay for Avaleighs sleeps today! Ethan is so close to crawling too! We are all going to be busy when they do take off! Hope you and Jason have a great time diving together and enjoy your party. I hope you dont forget to take your camera, the photo's will be great!

    Anyway ladies HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!! Have a great weekend.

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    Enchanted Guest


    Good morning everyone!!

    V- Yay for Avaleighs sleeping! I can't believe she is nearly crawling... I remember the day she was born!! Very exciting though... I think it will be another week or so and Oscarr will be off!! Hope you had a great time at the movies!

    TOJ- I'm glad you're feeling better and how exciting about your friend!!

    Megan- That is fantastic about Lucas' sleeping.. fingers crossed he keeps it up

    Mel- I'm so glad you had such a great time! You deserved it!! Poor Charlize, I hope she is better soon Your new Avi looks great!!

    Zofia- That is great about the interview. I have everything crossed for you... when do you find out?

    Raels- That is sooo exciting about Oliver sitting up on his own! Oscar is getting there.. he is focusing on his crawling though My nephew who is 1 week younger than Oscar is sitting on his own but won't roll yet, whereas Oscar is rolling everywhere!! They are all so different!

    Things here a great.. Oscar is dragging himself around the floor still and is trying to crawl. He digs his head into the ground and gets his butt up in the air and pushes himself along with his knees!! I didn't cope to well the other night trying to re-settle him when he woke up during the night so I gave in I just couldn't bare to listen to him cry. Last night he only woke once though so fingers crossed we are getting back to normal.

    I better get going but HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone!

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    Hey Everyone!!

    We got back from diving not too long ago and I still feel like we are going up and down with the swell. My gosh, Jason's boat definitely isnt for the light hearted!! The amount of times I got lifted off my seat and slammed down was unbelievable. On the way back I nearly fell overboard too!! The dive was good, visibility was pretty poor but stil good to get out with Jason for the first time. We could only see about 2 or 3 metres in front and we were going up to a ledge there was the BIGGEST stingray swimming past!! From one end to the other, he could have easily been 3 metres and with visibility not being the best we could only make out the way he went. At least it wasnt a shark!!

    The movie last night was good too, not as good as Devil Wears Prada (that was the last movie I went and seen with mum). It was a very feel good movie and made me think back to my wedding and got a lil teary.

    Well party tonight, better go and paint my nails red while Avaleigh is asleep!!

    Happy Australia Day everyone!! I hope you and your families enjoy the day

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    Giving the gift of life to a friend..


    HAPPY 6mths to Zy Zy my Big boy...... MWAHHHHH

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    Happy 6 months to my gorgeous little man Oscar

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    HAPPY 6 MONTHS Oscar, Zyon and Ethan.

    Hope everyone is having a good long weekend. I'm so glad my DF has a day off tomorrow, feels like it's been ages since we had some time together.

    Well Lexxen's party went well, no rain!

    Oshani - yes they certainly are all different! Oliver hardly rolls, hates being on his tummy and now that he can sit he screams when I put him on it. I was checking out my other sons baby book and he crawled at 7 months but didn't sit until 10!

    Veronica - hope the party was fun! Thats a great pic of Avaleigh by the way. She is so clever!

    Tears - hope you are all better now and that's great that your little man let you rest like that.

    Well not much to report here, Oliver went to bed an hour earlier than he usually does tonight, poor little man was buggered. It was really hot here today so he didn't sleep for as long has he normally does.

    Oh Blueflower - did you end up going to the photo shoot?

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Raels. xo

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    Hi All

    Hope everyone has had a great weekend.
    Today I finally had to put up the playpen I bought months ago as Autie is now on the move and is naturally, most attracted to the things she can't have (mop buckets, junk mail, anything dirty on the floor that her mum isn't fast enough in cleaning up LOL) At least it's a big hexagonal one so she has lots of room to practice the unsteady crawl.

    Where is everyone's bub sleeping nowadays? (room wise, I mean) Does anyone co-sleep? Autie is still in her cot in our room and I'm thinking I'll have to start taking her into her own room to play now and then as we never use it and I don't want it to be a big drama when I move her. Makes me sad to think of her not right beside me!

    Happy 6 months Zyon, Oscar and Ethan

    Raels, glad the party went well. Did it wear him out for you?

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    Raels- No, they put a pic of renee who was pg, and willow, whose son is 12weeks old.
    It was werid the e-mail asked for breast feeding mums and bubs and pregnant women, but the article in the newspaper was only about pregnant women- here is a link to the story- Mum's diet shapes child's future | The Daily Telegraph
    Bumma cause I wanted something to put in Kaetlyns book for her- like her first 15mins of fame!

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    Ellibam Guest


    hi everyone
    its been a while since i have been in here, so i thought i would pop in!
    Arquene is crawling now and has just started pulling her self up on us(not furniture yet) which im devastated about! i want her to be a baby for a while yet! but i guess theres no stopping her now!!! still bf exclusivly until today when she had some pumpkin(im not doing rice cereal or puree foods)and she went really well she must really be ready for it!
    she feeds about 2 hourly still which doesnt bother me( im not wishing her baby times away like i did with makon)
    i am back at work 2 nights a week which i express for! but have just signed up to become an ABA councillor which is exciting
    Sasha Arquene still slleps with us her cot is up against our bed but makon usually gets it half way though the night
    well i think thats about it for the moment so ill catchya later

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