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Thread: Babies Born July 2007 #18

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    Hi there everyone.

    Megan - Lach drinks out of the plain plastic sippy cups without the handles... they are non spill, but if tipped upside down they will leak a drop or two. I am trying to keep him away from bottles now, even though he hasn't had one in so long. Will be much easier to get him on cows milk etc when he is ready

    TOJ -yay on the great appointment.9.1kgs yay! We have our tomorrow, but I doubt little Lach has quite pipped the 8kgs mark yet. He won't sit still ever,so no wonder he's not putting much on. He freaks the other mums at mother's group and playgroup out, because he just moves around so much.

    V - yay avaleigh. I am not looking forward to Lach standing... too much stuff for him to get into, that i will have to move higher.

    I caught Lach playing with my microphones for singstar the other day. Made for a great picture

    Jas - Thanks for the tips. Haven't tried the soup yet, maybe I'll give that a whirl next week too.

    Well, I am busy packing for the weekend, and madly washing and folding things for Lach for when I am not here. Have to make it easy for DP
    So we are going to try and feed EBM ( and formula if he runs out) from a cup and see how it goes... with bottles on standby. I hope the cups work out

    I have a bollywood themed birthday that I am going to and I am also going to have a few bevvies. I am really looking forward to dressing up and going out. It will be good to have some me time, although Iam not looking forward to the drive on my own.

    Must be off. Mre washing to hang out, and Adam's servicing my car before I go, so I have to take toaround to him. We get to hang out with grandma and grandad though while we are around there, so it's not a wasted trip ( I have to drive 20km's each way to Adam's garaae)

    I love this smiliey LOL

    Have a good one all


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    Hey Everyone!!

    Avaleigh is done for another sleep.She has been such a good girl today!! I have managed to wash and vacuum my car and email a whole heap of accommodation places in QLD. I cant wait to go on this holiday!! I told Jason that we have to do it cause we both need a break and havent had a holiday since Dec 05!

    I've noticed that Avaleigh's other tooth is coming out too. I cant wait to see these teeth poking through!! I was so excited that I called Jason right away and messaged my mum and sister. haha lame huh!

    Jessika - I say just go with the flow. Its easiest I reckon!! Maybe Ethans teeth really are coming through that is why there is no routine?? Avaleigh has been shocking for a few months now, cant say its cause of the teeth but I am hoping that it is!! I must book Avaleigh in for her 8 month check, thanks for reminding me!!

    I have a few questions.. Well I did, I think! I can only remember one though PMSL.. What way are your bubs facing in your car now - forward or backwards? And what weight are they at?? I still have Avaleigh facing backwards and she is always struggling to look out the front of the car. I think she is still under 9kg and I am waiting until she is 10kg before turning it around but I feel like that is forever away!!

    ARGH!! Stupid dog barking woke Avaleigh up. She is such a light sleeper but I think she has been asleep for 40mins.

    Gotta go!!

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    Hi all, I just wanted to shed a quiet tear for my little man. The poor blok is teething with 5, yes FIVE teeth at once
    No wonder he's not sleeping well
    Poor critter... it's panadol time tonight me thinks.....

    Lach is still reward facing in the car and will continue to face rearward until he reaches 12 kgs, which is the max for my seat rearward facing. SO at this rate, he will face backwards for another 5-6 months! LOL But he is much safer and very happy to still be that way, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it in my book

    ANyway, I'm off for another fun night of my poor screaming child. Wish me luck...


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    Ohhh Nicky...can you really see five teeth coming through, thats amazing, poor little lach and poor mummy and daddy!

    Lucas is forward facing....he was scary when he was backward cos he was trying to sit up and constantly twisting to see the front. He slept much better rear facing though!

    Well another battle of the bottle tonight!! Poor DH always does the last bottle and its been a nightmare all week. Need some new you think we should take away dinner for a bit? Dont really want to cos i am not convinced its the problem as he can be a pain in the morning after 12 hours without food! And, in the long run the food will be important and the bottles will go.

    Somethings up with him, he has gone back to having to have a late afternoon nap again. This afternoon he was only up for an hour and a half and needed to go back to bed when he had been going four hours in the last month and had cut out the 3rd sleep!

    Bizarre this baby stuff!! This mummy has no idea what she is doing at the moment!!!!!


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    Nicky - to your little man, and you too! Hope your night isn't too restless. Good luck!! And hope you have a great time at the party.

    Veronica - Avaleigh looks exactly like her mummy!

    Jess - hope Ethan's sleeping settles down again soon for you.

    Hi to everyone else! I am so hopeless at this personal posting, I can never remember back very far! I have a bad case of mumnesia!!

    Well all is good here. Oliver has been crawling for a few days but he looks like he has been doing it forever! He is very quick already and is getting into EVERYTHING!! Our loungeroom has carpet but there is one area in front of a bay window that is tiled. We have one of those hall tables in front of the window and that is his favourite spot to sit, under the table, looking out the window, listening to the birds. Anyway, the tiles make me nervous, I would much rather he sat on the carpet!!!

    He has been feeding like crazy the last couple of days, which I'm glad about cause it's certainly boosting my supply! I thought it might be a growth spurt but he isn't as interested in his solids as he usually is so it's making me think it's teeth! We still have none btw.

    He is sleeping great at night, in bed by 7.30 and awake at 4.30 when DF gets up for work. Then into bed with me for a feed, back to sleep and up at 7.30 to get his big brother ready for school. I must say I have a very 'routine' baby, which is good cause my first was nothing like this!! Oliver is so easy, really content and so cruisy! He eats everything I put in his mouth too. Hope it stays this way - touch wood!!!

    Just a question about meat though. How many times a week is everyone giving it? I was a vegetarian when my first was this age and I didn't give him much at all, meat that is. I eat it now but tend not to give Oliver very much. How much do they need at this age, if any?

    My little great nephew is still doing well. He sometimes has a bit of trouble digesting milk but is otherwise coping. He hasn't had any steps backwards so that is a plus!

    Well best be off, have people coming over in the morning and I need to mop the kitchen floor.

    Raels and Oliver. xo

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    Argh! Im so tired tonight and i tried to go to bed at 7.30 and i just couldnt sleep I really wish i had an off switch!! Ethan has been seriously grumpy again today and i know its his teeth thats bothering him, i know it must be painful and i feel for him, i really do but i just dont have alot of patience atm after a few days of no sleep again and a really unhappy bubba, and i feel so bad for getting frustrated, I hope he will forgive me lol.

    Ethan is foward facing in his seat too, he is more settled in the car this way and i think its because he can still see me. He has always slept well in the car except now if we go on a longish trip i have to get him out for a stretch because now he's crawling and stuff he hates to be confined, even in his pram, he doesn't like to be in there too long.

    Megan- Oh i feel llike im a mummy with no idea atm too! Im not sure what to you can do about lucas and his bottles, sorry, hopefully he will start drinking again real soon.

    Nicky- Oh your poor little man!! Hope those teeth cut real quickly with out too much pain, big hugs to you all, hope the night isn't too hard on you. Your weekend away sounds like fun, do enjoy yourself it will be great to relax hey. Have fun.

    Veronica- Glad avaleigh slept better today, hopefully she has a great night too. Your holiday plans sound exciting! I wish i could go away on a holiday too.

    Em- I want one of them books too!!

    Raels- Wow oliver is doing well, so happy for you that he is a good bubba. How is your Dh going with giving up smoking? Its great to hear that your nephews bub is doing so well, hopefully he starts to have better luck digesting his food soon, no steps backwards is great!

    Mel & Jem- Just wondering how both of your and your gorgeous children are? Hope your all doing well.

    To the other ladies who haven't been around for a while Hi to you all

    Ok im off to lurk for a bit.
    Night all.
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    Hi Everyone

    I have been a member of BB for a while now but havn't been in a group since TTC so I thoought it was about time I did.

    I have a little girl Tayah Lily who was born on the 25th July 07. I cant believe she is 8months old already, Im torn between the excitement of my baby girl now standing on her own and being so close to walking, but also the sadness that she's not so much a little baby anymore.

    We have no sign of any teeth yet, but I didnt get my first tooth til I was 13months old, so not really expecting any soon.

    And as for the car seat, we are forward facing since the long wknd. Tayah was trying to sit up everytime we put her in the car so it was becoming a bit of a fight to get her in, she would also turn her head round and watch us drive so I thought it was time to turn her forward. Our seat said they can be sitting forward from 8-18kg and Tayah is 8.5kg, but I think each seat is different.

    Anyway I look forward to getting to know all you July mums and bubs


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    Hi Emma and Tayah and welcome. You will love it in here. Everyone is very helpful and lovely. We also have Jack forward facing. He has been since he turned 8 months.

    I think our car seat says from 8kg as well, but Jack is now 10.5kg, so no problems with weight either.

    Jessikah, thanks for thinking of us. I always read just don't always have enough time or energy to sit down and catch up. I'm really starting to focus on my studies as my first client is due to give birth in 10 weeks and I can't wait. A little nervous and I'm sure I'll be fine when it all happens.

    Nicky, OMG poor little man, 5 at once. I know Charlize can feel for him. She didn't get her first until she was nearly 12 months old, but by 12.5 months old, she had about 8. No nice for either the two of you. Hopefully they come through soon.

    Raels, I'm so glad to hear that everything is going so great for you guys and for your nephews family. He sounds like a champion.

    Megan, just had a thought when I read your message. Has lucas just had a growth spurt. Or he could be able to have one. I know when my kids have just had one, they get really fussy and unsettled and just want to sleep with little milk intake. But they are all different. It could also maybe be that his teeth are moving and giving him discomfort. And sucking on a bottle is hurting his gums. Maybe try some panadol an hour before his last bottle and see if that helps. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Veronica, where abouts are you looking at staying in qld?

    We are all well. I have been lurking around but just haven't been posting much. I have been really trying to get as much study done as possible. My first client is due to give birth in 10 weeks so I want to be as ready as possible. I'm very excited about it my very nervous as well. But hopefully I'll be o.k.

    Jack is well. His teeth are moving again too. But still not holding my breath they will make an appearance anytime soon. He is trying to pull himself up but I think all his weight is making it very difficult for him. Charlize is teething as well, just cut her eye teeth, and they are so pointy, they almost look like sharks teeth. I was told by a friend that once they come down, they will rub on the bottom ones and smooth out a little. If not, she will be a deadly biter, watch out Jack!!!

    I'm well. A little tired lately. But that's just all from a sociable easter break. But hopefully soon, I recover all my lost sleep. Does anyone follow the NRL? If so who is your team. I have always been a broncos girl, but now loving the Titans as well. I just say go all QLD teams. I love state of origin time. I'm a little bit of a tom boy always have been, I love my footy.

    Anyway I must be off. Got lots to do while the kids are asleep.

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    Hi girls! Welcome Emma - you will love our gang of girls. They are great and have kept me sane through all this mummy business! Look forward to getting to know you.

    Mel - I can't believe your cilent only has 10 wks to go. I think it is amazing what you are doing. I am looking forward to hearing all the details (or what you can tell us anyway). Is it her first baby? I am not a NRL girl - AFL for me. I occasionally watch the NRL version of the footy show if I am up that late.

    Raels - Oliver sounds like such a gorgeous little boy. I loved your description of him sitting by the window! So cute. I am a bit the same with meat - not really sure how much to give. T absolutely loves minced chicken and would eat it every day if he could. I am working on about every second day at the moment - and doing pasta etc on the alternative day.

    V - Tom is foward facing and has been for quite a while now. We turned him before he was at the weight requirement, which is a bit naughty i know, but over Xmas he developed a hatred of the car - I think because he was in and out all the time - and would scream and scream whenever we went somewhere. He loves being turned around. He sits and looks out the window and loves it when trucks go past. Avaleigh sounds like she is doing so well with all her new things she has learnt!

    Nicky - I hope you enjoy your weekend away! You will have a great time. Where abouts in Gippsland are you going? Poor poor little Lachlan with all his teeth! That is just cruel isn't it?

    Megan - hope Lucas is ok. Thanks for letting me know what he is drinking during the day. I managed to get an app at the MCH centre late yesterday but my MCHN really is a bit dippy so she wasn't a huge help. She started talking to me about giving finger foods which is absolutely no help in getting him to drink. What i could get out of her was he should roughly be on about 600ml a day, don't drop a meal because it most likely will not help ( I wondered exactly the same thing as you. I think we have the same thoughts!), and he is most likely playing up because of teeth hurting when sucking, like Mel suggested. I had a doc app this morning for Tom just to get his Losec script refilled and our doctor is fantastic. He gave him a proper check over just to make sure he didn't have sore throat, ear infection etc but said he looked good and it was most likely teeth. He suggested adding formula to all his meals just to push up the amount he is getting. It will make it a bit 'soupy' for a while but it is worth a try. Managed to get 90ml in with his cereal, and at lunch added 30ml to his sweet potato and another 30ml to some mashed banana. V messy but it's 150ml he wouldn't of had otherwise. I will be interested to see what your MCHN tells you because mine is a dope and i think she just makes things up sometimes!

    OK - I know I have missed people but i'd better go. Mum is coming up tomorrow with Grandma and the feral foster kids, so off to do a quick tidy up and lock up all my valuables!
    Have a good weekend everyone!! I can't believe it is the weekend already. This short week stuff is great. It is DH's first weekend without cricket so I am hoping for maybe at least one sleep in over the weekend. Although he will probably expect one both days - last night he looked after T while i got my hair cut and coloured, and he also did the dishes. I think he expected a medal when I got home. Men

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    Hi all!
    SO we have 4 teeth cut, and a VERY tired mummy and daddy. We have gone back to co sleeping, so we are getting longer than 2 hours at a time... but the poor little man. I tried panadol last night, but it only gave us 3 hours. So went and got some brauers teething relief, and hoping that that, combined with bonjella and maybe more panadol, should help.

    Had our MCHN appt today, and she was very impressed. He put on 600 grams which I am very happy about and grew a bit more. He has a fat head though. LOL
    He's doing everythng and more than he's supposed to, which is good

    He also plays peek a boo on his own, and giggles his head off. He's so cheeky.
    And he's got a little 'indian' noise he makes, when he makes a continuous noise and taps his hand against his mouth.

    ANyways, I best be off, finish packing. Long trip ahead of myself tomorrow, but I am really looking forward to getting out

    Have a good one all the mumma's and bubbas

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    Hi girls,

    Nicky - OMG! 4 teeth out! Hope the concoction works. I think Em started a thread about the teething relief tablets. I haven't tried them yet cause we haven't needed to but they sound good. Glad your appointment went well. I guess I should take Oliver to get a checkup soon too. How cute are the little Indian noises? Oliver isn't quite as clever as Lach though. He will just open his mouth and make the 'aah' noise and one of us has to tap his mouth!

    Em - thanks, he is a gorgeous little boy. Regarding the meat thing, I'm still not sure. I bought some of the frozen spinach that I think Sasha mentioned and he has a lot of other green veg so I might just give meat once or twice a week. He is also having pasta every second or third night too.

    Mel - how exciting about your first client! I didn't realise that would all happen so soon. I'm sure it will go well. I don't follow the football, in fact I can't stand it!!!

    Emma - Hello and welcome to our group. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Jess - DF hasn't had a cigarette for over a month and a half now!! He's still on the patches but I think he is getting off those soon too. It's funny though cause he hasn't even been able to take the boat out - the reason he gave up in the first place!! PMSL he would kill me if he ever read this but the damn thing broke before it even hit the water and has been at the mechanics for over a month! Hopefully he gets it back very soon though. I shouldn't laugh really, we did have to spend heaps of money to get it fixed.

    Well we are getting some really great rain here today and it's a little cold! The kids and I had to put jumpers on just before. We are going to the Sunshine Coast in the morning for L's first soccer game of the season. It's gone and gotten all very serious this year!

    Have a great weekend all.

    Raels and Oliver. xo

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    evening ladys
    Jas- thanks heaps on the ebook i printed it out and am now half way through it... lookin at starting something sunday night as we have a pretty busy weekend.....

    As for carseats Bayleigh has been forward facing since the start of january he used to try n turn to look out the front windows n he could sit unaided n hold his head up pretty well so we decided he was ready to go forward but we have got it layed right back so if he does fall asleep his face wont fall forward n hurt his neck... he now makes car sounds as we drive along and thinks its great

    i had a bit of a cry last night i was undressing bayleigh for his bath and as i undress him he stands holding the egde of the bath anyway as i took his shirt off he throw his head forward n smacked his wat i thought was his forehead on to the edge of the bath but then i picked him up and comfort him as he was screaming i seen blood so i took a closer look and he has actually cut the corner of his eye .... boy did i feel bad i cryed longer then what he did of course as he isnt a big cryer even when he really hurts himself
    and this morning he woke with a slight black eye and looks like he is wearing pink eye shadow in the corner of his eye.. its not botherign him as he has been rubbing it all day with out a sound btu i still feel bad
    Someone asked about if we have got out babys on meats yet i cant remeber who it was SORRY (its gunna take me a while to learn who everyone is and so on)
    I cook bayleighs vegies (spud pumpkin carrot zucchuni couli broc sweet spud corn) He started on solids at 3 months mind you... vegies at about 4 1/2 months and since he was 6 months he has meat i just give him pie meat i make it myself (Mince onion gravy tomota sauce salt pepper to taste) and he loves it...
    i freeze his meals in baby food jars that i have had in the capboard since my DD was a baby i put half vegies n half meat into the jars then freeze them its great
    I want to give him finger food but as he deosnt have any teeth yet he chokes on all finger food you give him

    well im gunna go my dinner has just turned up and im starving ill be back later to have a chat
    sarah n bayleigh

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    time for a new thread everyone

    new thread is here -

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