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Thread: Babies Born July 2007 #18

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    Default Babies Born July 2007 #18

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in July 2007.

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    Hey everyone,

    AMM - that is awesome that you going to try and re-lactate! I really admire that. Best of luck with it. Keep us updated!

    Nicky - Oliver is a great eater too. I am hoping he stays that way as his older brother is a fantastic eater. I can just imagine my grocery bill in years to come though!

    I have just uploaded some new pics into the gallery if anyone wants to check out my little man. Took me ages to do as I thought I could only upload one at a time.....blond moment. So there is not many there but I will do some more another day.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.

    Raels and Oliver xo

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    He's very cute Raels. I think I see a bit of mischief in those

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    Raels - Oliver looks adorable and Lexxen is a very good looking boy as well!

    I am off to the Kelly Clarkson concert tonight !!

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    Raels - your boys are both gorgeous. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you're going to have lots of girls around your house I think. Oliver is starting to look like a real little boy.

    AMM - good luck with the re-lactating, I really hope it works for you.

    Nicky - bummer about the sleeping patterns, I find anything more than 2 wakes per night is exhausting, let alone an extended run of 4+ wakes per night. But it's great that he's eating everything you put in front of him, with luck you'll soon be able to just feed him what you & Adam are having.

    Jem - I hope you enjoyed the concert. And YUM for the crayfish!

    Mel - Happy 8 months to Jack. ALthough it only seems like yesterday when I was saying happy 7 months, this parenting stuff just goes too quickly.

    Everyone's bubs seem to be doing really well, lots of words & movements which is really good. We're finally over the gastro stuff. Liam has been back to himself more or less since Friday, barring some ginormous poos, but I had a bout of vomitting on Thursday, then Pat had it really badly on Friday, so we're really only just feeling back to normal as a family unit. It was gross - one of the worst gastros I've ever had, so hopefully nobody on here gets it (although Jess, I think you said that you already had, so hope you're okay, it's not like you needed that on top of everything else). It's been a bit of a pain though, because it put a temporary stop on the whole solid thing - Liam STILL isn't particularly taken by normal food, although I did get him to swallow some banana yesterday, but today he wouldn't have a bar of it. Thank goodness I don't mind BF, although sometimes I think it would be nice to have a bit of a break, like 4 hours or so. Other than that, not much news for us, except for it's our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday, so I'm going to cook up a tasty dinner I think as a bit of a celebration, cos there's certainly no going out for dinner these days

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    Checking in BBL when I can.

    Going away for a few days, so I won't be back online until thursday night. Talk to you all then.

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    Bad bad night last night
    Lach slept for 2.5 hours between 8.30 and 11, then he woke every hour to hour and a half..... I am exhausted. He doesn't seem at all unwell, or unhappy. He's his normal cheeky happy self. When he wakes, he doesn't really want to feed or anything... just has a very small snack, and then we can eventually get him off to sleep, but OMG, Adam and I have our eyes hanging out of our heads. I have no idea what has caused t his sudden change, but I am hoping it is only temporary

    Anyway, I just thought I'd see if anyone else was having troubles with sleeping now? Thought maybe a growth spurt or soemthing to that effect, but I'll suss out how we go for the rest of the week.


    *yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnn*

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    Yes Nicky we are having lots of wake-ups. I think there is a tooth coming through today so I am putting it down to that at the moment, though really it could be any of million things.

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    Looks like it's quiet time again.

    Jem, how was the concert? I haven't been to one in years. I think the last one was probably Bon Jovi goodness knows how long ago.

    August, wish you heaps of luck with your relactating. I didn't even realise that was possible but good on you for going to the trouble.

    Jan, I hope you enjoy your anniversary tomorrow. I know what you mean about going out being hard. We are going to leave Autie with my mum for the first time on Saturday so we can go out for lunch - a bit easier for us than dinner with the whole sleeping, waking, needing a feed to get back to sleep thing. Hope you're not worrying too much about the solids, he'll just surprise you one day probably.

    Not a lot happening here apart from a tooth coming through and Autie standing up in her cot now. Dan is home today so we're going to look at cars over the next few days so that is a little bit exciting I guess. Oh, and Autie has discovered my nipple as a play thing. The first time she started flicking at it with her finger, I couldn't help laughing and now she thinks it's funny to do all the time.

    Best get some dinner I guess. BBL if anyone is around.

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    Hi girls! This is just quick because i am watching Women's Murder Club so doing this in the ad! Just wanted to say hi and see how everyone is.

    Sacha - what kind of car are you thinking of getting? I want a new one - being greedy because only got one before T was born! I can't believe Autumn is standing up in her cot. I will never get Tom to sleep when he does that!

    Nicky - about a week or 2 ago we had a really really bad patch with Tom's sleeping. I was beside myself i was sooo tired. Not sure what was going on because no teeth have popped thru or anything although he is drooling like crazy. His sleeping has gone back to normal thankgod. I have heard they go a little crazy around this time because of all the new stuff they are learning and they cant settle properly.

    Jan - Happy Anniversary and hope your family is all feeling better. Urggh - gastro. Yukky!

    Opps better go - missing my show! Hi to everyone!

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    Hi all,
    Just quickly popping in! Lucas has a cold so has been quite a sooky la la the past few days and just loves his mummy and daddy a bit too much!!! Poor little pickle!

    Will come back tomorrow to catch up!

    I hope you all get a good nights sleep, it seems the zzzzzzzz's are lacking!!

    Night night

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    Hi girls,

    Where is everyone?

    Sacha - Oliver does the nipple flicking thing too! Drives me crazy. Good luck with your car hunting. How exciting, I love getting a new car!

    Nicky - Oliver did that same thing on the weekend. It was a real shock to the system because he is usually a great sleeper. Hope tonight goes better for you guys!

    Jan - you have to stop scaring me with all this girl talk!! lol. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow.

    Jem - how was Kelly Clarkson? I like her.

    Megan - hope Lucas gets better soon.

    Well, Oliver is very close to crawling. He is up on all fours most of the day just rocking back and forth. I hate it. Ok, that sounds rediculous I know but I'm not coping with these milestones at all. I should be happy I know but I just don't want him to grow up so fast. I will just have to get over it though cause it's happening!

    My mothers group is going well. We have 9 ladies now, with bubs aged from a few weeks to 3 years! I put a post on another forum (feel like I'm having an affair lol) and found some more from my area.

    Hope all is well with everyone! Have a great night and hope those babies sleep!!

    Raels. xo

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    Hi all,

    long time no post, so I'm sorry if I have missed any improtant times

    AMM, all the best with the re-lactating

    Jan, happy aniversary tomorrow, sorry to hear about the gastro. Xavier had an upset tummy, but not gastro and he has gone off food. he will eat apples though and I think we are making some head way but it's like we are starting from scratch with a couple of spoons and working our way up again.

    Nicki, we have been going through something very similar for the last month or so and it is starting to improve, there are heaps of reason that I have considered that it might be MCHN suggested that Xav was missing me 'cause he didn't see me all day anymore and wanted to spend more time with me, I think he's been a little under the weather, plus has been farting like a trojan so I think he has had trouble with some foods, so we are cutting back, and he is kinda teething, trying to crawl, occasionally rolling over and really wants to sit up, so it's like he's building up to do everything at once and it's making him restless. Your mum was telling me Lach is rocking on all 4's a lot so maybe he really needs to crawl and it's making him unsettled??

    Ok, well update on us.
    Xavier hit 7 months yesterday, had our 6 month needles last week (had to wait for a night session) has been very unsettled lately, not too different to what some of you others have mentioned but as I said above it just feels like it's a combo of everything. My mum keeps saying we need to call this specialist lady they have locally to get us some help to settle him, which I find very insulting. I plan to just perserveer for a while, and I feel like I have made progress.

    I have a few questions for you all, what's your bub drink breast or formula and how often are the drinking now?? Because he is a creche during the day he has stretched out the daytime feeds and kinda holds on until I pick him up. So the closest thing to normal we have is

    about 3-4 am wake and feed then back to bed
    7am ish wake and feed
    hopefully followed by breakfast at about 7.30-745 ish
    he generally wants to be fed again between 10-11am and will drink anywhere from 100-180ml of ebm
    about halfway between this bottle and the next he has some lunch vegies usually
    then around 2-3pm has another 100-180ml of ebm
    we get home by about 5.45 when he goes strait on the boob, drains them and is still hungry so has some solids. Plays for a while then either wakes around 10pm for a feed or gets a dream feed in the vain attempt of mum getting more than 4 hours sleep in one hit.
    Latley we have had a few extra night feeds thrown in, but that's about the gist of it all. Because I kow what I can get out when I express (now up to min of 200ml per session) I can guestemate that he is getting at least 700ml per day which i believe is normal.

    and has anyone got any ideas how I can get my little boy back eating vegies. he was doning very well but he's a clever little cookie and he just won't eat them. yet offer him apple and the hatch opend up. at the moment I so want his tummy to be full at night so I can sleep that that's what he is having for tea. I tried cutting out the fruit on the weekend and seeing if he would give up and eat vegies and I'm talking like pumpkin, and carrots which are both on the sweeter side, and nope just refused and then mucked his night sleeping up again.
    I have tried whole pieces, I have tried home made, and jars, I have tried mixing a litle apple in to sweeten it. I have tried returning to plain farex with ebm so thick milk basically and he wouldn't have a barr of it. Yet has not rejected me in anyway. now that he is 7 months I bought a more exciting flavoured jar to try 'cause I can't spen the energy on food that won't be eaten, but am now wary about trying it 'cause i'm worried this fussiness might have been cause by an upset tummy because a food didn't agree with him.

    any who gotta go, gotta get up and work tomorrow. Gees I miss those mornings where xavier went back to sleep and I could too!!!

    Take care all

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    HI everyone,
    Have been MIA lately- have been really busy, have been popping in but not posting sorry!
    Bit of a sselfish post tonight as I am really exhausted.
    Kaetlyn hasnt been sleeping propperly- not settling at night- the latest she has settled has been 4.30AM!!!!!!!. We think she is teething but really arnt sure, she is showing all the signs, but we cant find any in her mouth.
    We tried her on potato tongiht- mixed in with sweet potato and zuchinni, but she hated it, every mouthful was this horrid little face. I said to DH that it is funny that potato is the blandest vege and its the one she doesnt like. Ah well, I guess she likes broc and zucc which are the ones that people most hate!!
    Okay am off to get some sleep- hopefully it will be an early night tongiht!

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    Becc - just a quick one - have you tried mixing your vegies with a little bit of apple. I wrecked Tom's veggie experience by giving him peas and then he refused to eat any veggies at all. We are slowly getting back on track by mixing say 3 cubes of sweet potato with one cube of apple. He tends to eat better that way.

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    Bec- I was feeling terrible because I have not taken Oscar for his needles yet. So at least I wasn't the only one who is a little behind. We are off today for them, I feel so bad for the little munchkin. Oscar is on formula and he has a bottle usually every 3 hours still. However, he wakes up at 8am (usually) so he has around 4-5 bottles a day depending on if we are out or if he goes to bed later. I don't have any ideas of the veges though hun, I hope he starts to eat them soon.

    Blue- to you. I hope that your princess' tooth comes through soon so you can all get back to getting some decent sleep.

    Raels- Oliver sounds like what Oscar is doing with his crawling!! Oscar is now dragging him self around the floor though and doing a bit of a commando crawl which looks hilarious!

    AMM- I wish you all the best with re-lactating. I have thought about it many times but I seem to still have an infection in my bbs so when Oscar has his Dr appt today I'm going to ask him about it.

    Jem- I hope the concert was great! Hope you guys are well!

    Jan- Sorry to hear your gorgeous family hasn't been feeling well. I'm glad you're all feeling better now.

    Nicky- I hope youre precious Lachlan is back to sleeping soon. It's so hard on you when they keep waking up

    Things here aren't too bad. I have been feeling pretty crappy the past week though. I feel really nauseous and tired all the time, it's very unlikely that I am pg again as I had AF for a week only a couple of weeks ago. I went to the Dr on Monday and he seems to think I could have a problem with my thyroid. I have been eating healthy and doing a bit of excerise and I seem to be putting weight on instead of taking it off! So I had a nightmare of a blood test yesterday and will get the results back by the end of the week. I am very excited though because in a month or so we are re-carpeting the house as well as repainting Oscar is fantastic, he is commando crawling which looks hilarious and is babbling lots and saying Dadadad.

    Sorry if I have missed anyone but I need to get going and get ready for our Dr appointment! Eek.. wish us luck! Have a great day all!!

    Megan- I hope Lucas gets over his cold quickly, the poor little poppet.
    Last edited by Enchanted; March 5th, 2008 at 07:43 AM.

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    Hi there all.
    We had a better night last night, but still not great. Lach woke every 3 hours between 730pm and 9am... so at least i got a few stretches of sleep.
    He only had his 6mth vax's yesty too, as we have been away and live so far away it is hard to get into town to get them done. But he went really well. We just made the cut for the rotavirus vaccine, so was very happy about that.... I'm such a bad mummy.

    His Eczema started playing up again with the rise in tempreture. I know now that it is only heat related, so am trying to keep the house cool.

    I think we have top teeth coming through. Joy The bottom 2 have cut the gum, and are sharp, but they haven't come all the way through. Why must it take so long. lol.

    Yeah Lach has been on all fours, but I don't think he is majorly fussed about crawling, as he gets everywhere he wants to go rolling and commando crawling. I hope he is not like his father, who crawled at 8 months and then walked at 9 months. I have a bad feeling though.......

    Lach has an obsession with the coffee table and continually rolling underneath it. He loves being under there. Weirdo.

    Rebecca - I am not sure how u can get Xavier to eat vegies again.. Fingers crossed I don't have this problem. Lach just loves anything at the moment, and I hope it continues that way for a little while. Maybe try mixing yoghurt or custard with the vegies? Not a very appealing choice to us, but it might be the sweetness he is craving?

    Does anyone else have a chucky baby? Lach has always been a little chucky, not all the time, but mainly after a BF. He doesn't bring up any solids, but now that he just doesnt stay on a blanket on the floor, my poor carpet is starting to get bleached

    Has evryone turned their car seats around yet?
    I ony just took Lach out of his capsule on the weekend, and we have the car seat in the reverse position still. He has no probs riding reverse, so I was thinking of leaving him in longer. Apart from age and weight, when do you know that they are ready to be turned around? He is quite the compitent sitter now, and I am going to use the normal trolley instead of the ones with the baby seat next time I go shopping, to see how we go.

    Well, I better go. I have lots of cooking today to do for the little one. I am really loving cookng foods for him.... how domesticated of me. LOL

    Have a great day all

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    Megan76 Guest


    Raels - very cute boys! Well done starting up that mothers group too, its ace to have others around to share stuff with, i love my mothers group!!

    Jem - hope you enjoyed your night out at the concert!! Cant remember the last time i went to one...oh yes i do, it was Robbie Williams, love him!!

    Jan - glad the family is on the mend and have a great anniversary dinner

    Nicky - sorry you are having such a dodgy time with wake ups....thats one thing we havent had yet so i dont have any good advice. When Lach goes to bed does he go down awake and put himself to sleep? I have actually heard that at this age they know that you still exist when youre not there so during the night they know you are out there somewhere and want a bit of lovin' and reassurance! Also we turned the car seat around a week ago cos lucas was always trying to sit up and turn around, he is happy in it!

    Sacha - very clever of Autie to stand in her cot....good times for you a am sure!!

    Rebecca - you must be exhausted! Lucas is down to just 3 "meals" a day, breakfast around 7.30am...bottle (200-240ml) and cereal, lunch around 12pm....bottle (150-200ml) & vegies or fruit, dinner around 5.30pm vegies and meat and bottle before bed (200 - 240 ml) bw 7 & 7.30pm. He was fussy with his bottles so is down to 3 and this seems to be working, all the resources i have found have said this is fine after 6 months. Hope things pick up for you on the food and sleep front.

    Oshani - i hope everything with your thyoid is ok and you start feeling better!

    Well Lucas' cold just wont seem to disappear and he has been a bit of a grump! Still sleeping well at night though so i cant complain too much but he is constantly putting his arms up for me to give him a cuddle...cute but tiring! He had a massive tanty this morning when i tried to get the snot out of his nose i had to laugh at him he carried on so much! Meanwhile i am trying to get our house ready to go on the market, not easy with a sick 8 month old!! Thank god for parents! Dad has been washing windows and mum did the oven...god bless!

    Well thats it from me for now,,,oh and thanks for all the info on the crawling! I know they're all different but i think lucas would be so much happier if he was mobile but he is not even close!!

    ta ta!

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