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    Just quickly....Ethan tricked me in to thinking he was exhausted and gonna have a long sleep. 10mins!! Lol!! i forgive him, he's not well

    Sacha- Awww Autumn is just beautiful. Her hair is soo cute!

    Veronica- Wow!! You look gorgeous. You will be absolutely stunning on the day, you have nothing to worry about


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    Hi all,

    first hugs jessikah and hugs for ethan too poor little poppet, and a big slap across the face for that stupid doctor. How dare he call anyone's child a turd, report him!! I have to say after being told for months that if you are ever worried about your baby, to not worry about how trivial it may seem it's better to go to the doctor. How dare they belittle you and suggest that they who haven't even seen ethan know better than you who has spent every day with him since birth. Grr it makes me angry.

    Veronica, how exciting and wow 8cm's fantastic. You are going to look gorgeous, I'll keep my eyes open for those shots.
    jason will love how you look that day, he will be blown away.

    Sasha, I only started my facebook page about a week ago because everyone I had spoken to was on there so I thought I'd give it a bash. your still cool.
    I have a generic pharmacy brand childrens paracetomol and it is straberry flavoured, 'cause i hate cherry so I figured he would too.

    ** ooo I just looked at your dres V, wow that really suits you. will you go with or without a veil? how exciting.
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    Time for a new thread

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