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Thread: Babies Born July - December 2004 #4

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    Kellee, I'm sending oodles of labour vibes your way - come on bubba we all want to meet you!!!

    Tegan, LOL at Lily she sounds like a real character. Yasin likes wearing big shoes and having hyper moments too. They're such a crack up at this age aren't they.

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    Tegan, I'm such a doofus!! I forgot to say congratulations on setting a date for your wedding. I hope its a beautiful day.

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    Hi all, Wow, I have been away SOOOO long. I'm sorry. Here are my details
    Forum Name: Katkins
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 14/11/04
    Gender of Baby: FEMALE
    Baby's Name: Kaitlyn Isabella
    Baby's Website: See Signiture
    Health Concerns: Did have reflux but clearing
    Notes: Kat has a sister born 28/10/05 "jessica"

    Tegan, Congrats on the wedding date! You are going to look radient and I hope it's a wonderful day!
    Hello to everyone else. I hope things are going smoothly for you all. How many teeth do your bubs have? 3 of kat's eye teeth are coming thru atm (two just broken the gums and another very close to it) and I am having fun with the moods and tantys. Lately of an afternoon she's worse, but we have worked out a lot of the crying and moodiness is due to pain and she doesn't know how to tell us it hurts yet. I give her a bottle with a bit of panadol and she stops almost completely. If not she gets a second nap (and I actually get an hr without children crawling all over me... YAY!). Anyway, better go put Jess down to bed and get Kat up! Love and hugs to all!

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    Oh Kellee, sending heaps & heaps of labour vibes your way, you poor thing, you must be so over it! So Thursday, huh? Well, I am having my c/s on Friday, so that will make us baby buddies again! Hey, which hospital are you going to, we could even end up room mates!

    Tegan, sorry to hear your pg is not great atm...hope things improve soon. And woohoo for setting a wedding date, and getting a dress sorted, how exciting! It is so nice to have that to look forward to, keep you going through the down days. Yep, Kaleb has moments like that too, but totally randomly, some songs set him off, he is the funniest dancer.

    Jess, fingers crossed big time for your TTC this month. My DH was always like that, hated the idea of BDing to schedule, I was like duh, do you want to have a baby or not? Glad to hear Aidan is doing so well, LOL at baked beans!

    Hi Theresa, lovely to have you in here! What a legend Em is with the TT, you'll have to give us tips. Let us know how she gets on at daycare, I am thinking of doing a similar thing with Kaleb shortly...just waiting till baby is here to see how things go.

    Hi to Dach, Mooshie, Mitch and other lovely ladies!

    Well, I am just in an organisational frenzy atm, getting ready for Friday. Have been cleaning non-stop and today had a big cook up to stock the freezer for afterwards. I have zero tolerance when it comes to clutter, poor Kaleb can't put anything down anywhere! I am also trying to spend some quality time with him as I am getting quite sentimental, thinking "this is our last Tuesday just the 2 of us" etc. I can see he has recently made the developmental leap of realising he has power over himself, which is really hard and means the tantrums have increased. For eg, when I used to say "let's do this" or "come over here" he'd just do it, not realising he had a choice, but now I can practically see his brain turning over, going "I don't have to do that just cos she says so"...I'm sure everyone is going through similar atm!

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    Welcome Teresa

    Belated bday wishes Jess

    I didn't get a notification for here GRRRR!

    Michelle- was wondering how your trip went, where do you stay I am so thinking of organising a weekend away for girls and would love to go to Daylesford and do all the spa stuff.

    Dasch- glad to see things are going well.

    Kellee- WTF are you doing girl? Hope you go bf Thursday, it is very frustrating LOL Will be sending millions of LVs all day through

    Jo- you poor dear hope you don't go over....and yay at all those words/noises.
    I know I have forgotton a million people but am in a hurry
    Had gym today and have spent more time the last few days surfing the net looking for products to sell than anything else. Have a blanket to do this arvo, shoiuld have done it already but been online. Am gona have somethng to eat pick up the kids and start sewing.
    hope you are all wel
    and POP Kellee....
    cheers michelle

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    Kellee Guest


    Tegan – yes, Charlie has psycho moments like that too! We just have to laugh. We call the spinning in circles thing ‘round and round’ and Charlie performs it on cue. V. funny. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. And congrats on the upcoming nuptials! Sorry I don’t live closer – I would offer to play for you at the wedding, but NSW is a bit far away! So tell us all the details!

    Theresa – yay for TT! What a good girl. That’s awesome… and learning to hold on is half the battle, I think. Hope it continues to go well. Will be coming to you for some advice in the next few months.

    Hello Katkins. I don’t think I’ve met you before, so hello, and congratulations on the birth of Jessica. I love that name. Poor little Kat with the teeth – I hope that it passes soon.

    Jo – HEY… I didn’t know it was all happening on Friday! That’s so exciting! I’m at the Royal… you’ll have to PM me tonight or tomorrow if you’re there so I can look out for you! If not, all the best, and I hope it goes really well on Friday. IKWYM about getting sentimental about the time left just you and Kaleb. I’ve been a bit the same. I hope that he doesn’t get any more ‘clever’ before you have the next one – sounds like he’s clever already! I was hoping Charlie was never going to realise that he doesn’t have to do stuff just because I ask him to, but alas, t’was not to be. Can’t wait to hear how it goes on Friday – GOOD LUCK!

    Mitch – my goodness, I could just tell you were in a rush when you were writing that! And I was in a rush reading it as a result… I thought that it said you were going to eat the kids instead of eat and pick up the kids. He he he. Hope you’re doing well and thanks for the LV, even though I’m not really holding out much hope of going naturally at this stage.

    Charlie has started doing this weird thing when I hang out the washing. He likes it when I take the pegs off the line because he can put them in the peg basket, but when I take the pegs out again to use them he has what DH and I have called “peg tantrums”. He just gets hysterical because all the pegs aren’t in the one place (the basket). He’s a bit obsessive compulsive, this one – he wants me to wipe his hands constantly when he’s eating (which I just have to ignore!) and is so fussy about where things go. I suppose this could be a good thing in a way – at least his room might be tidy when he grows up!

    Anyway, lots to do before my little man wakes up. I thought my alone time was going to be interrupted, because I heard a big bang before and I think it was him falling out of bed, the poor thing. He cried for a bit, then I tucked him back in and he grizzled a bit more, but I haven’t heard a sounds for a while so hopefully he’s nodded back off. Will try to post tomorrow, even if it might not be a long one. Hope you and your bubbas are having a lovely day.

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    kellee - i so hope you go into labour tonight but i guess at least by friday you will have your new little man - lol at charlies peg tantrums - its funny how kids get worked up over the simplist things - have a fun time in hospital!

    jo - good luck with friday - i can imagine what it would be like thinking this is the last "whatever" before bubs comes then you will be starting this is the first "whatever" hope kaleb's tantrums stay under control!!

    mitch - hope your product search was successful & that you got some blankets done - do your girls do stuff at gym or just do what they want to - i mean do they follow instruction etc - i need to get eliana into some things mainly to get her over being a bit anxious if i leave or if someone comes near her - will have to look into gym here

    katkins - hi - i know what you are going through - eliana is cutting the bottom eye teeth at the moment - seems to take ages & the top ones won't be far behind!

    theresa - sounds like the TT is going well - im looking forward to no nappies though think it will be awhile off as eliana only knows when she's done a poo but i guess that's a start

    tegan - a huge congrats on setting a wedding date & sounds like your dress will be gorgeous - sorry your pg isnt much fun at the moment - have you got any names picked out? lol at lily's hyper time at least she is getting rid of all that energy!

    jessica - how cute of aidan with all his words - they change so much each day & it would be so cute to hear him saying baked beans

    dach - lol at yasin with mr bigglesworth - would have been too funny to see him licking his bum! how is he going with imran? & how are you going with your two gorgeous boys

    mooshie - i cant get back to your post but im sure there is one in there! hope everything is going well at your place & miss lani is behaving herself!!!

    we've been busy meeting up with mums in the area though eliana is the oldest & most of them are just babies & she is a bit over affectionate - she is starting to put two words together though not always two words that make sense - ive been trying to get more scrapbooking done & the extra pair of hands arent at all helpful so i have given her a book & stickers & she thinks that is great! we're going to the beach tomorrow to meet up with some other mums for some fish & chips & of course to chase the poor seagulls!

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    Hi Everyone

    The moderating/Admin team have decided that the time has come to merge this thread the with Jan-June 2004 thread. There is only a handful of active users in each thread and it is easier Admin wise if it can go to together, both threads move reasonably slowly so we didn't think this would be a problem, and we will all have some new ppl to chat too


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    YAY! That means I'll be here officially too!

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    Hi girls,

    Just a quick one to wish Kellee and Jo lots of pain free labour/c-section vibes!!

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    Your new thread can now be found HERE


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